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Acer MP-330 


User Manual 

Ver 1.0


Оглавление инструкции
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    Acer MP-330 User Manual Ver 1.0
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    Copyright Copyright 2005 by Acer Inc., All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical,
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    CONTENT Introduction 1 1.1 Product overview 1 1.2 Package contents 1 1.3 The characters of Acer MP-330 1 1.4 The index parameter 2 1.5 The system requirement of Acer MP-330 2 Installation guide of Acer MP-330 3 2.1 Windows 98 operation system 3 2.2 2.3 Windows Me/2000/XP operation system Mac OS
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    Introduction 1.1 Product Overview 1.2 Package Contents The package should include the following accessories. Please contact the dealer if any of the listed items are missing from the package. Acer MP330 User Manual Installation CD Stereo Earphones USB Host Cable USB Cable Line-in Cable AC Power
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    ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ 1.4 MP3 Encoding (80kbps~320kbps) Support lyric synchronously display. USB 1.1/2.0 Device Reading and Copying Easy to use file navigation Microsoft Win98/ME/2000/XP Play back speed adjust The index parameter Index Parameter specification Hard disk IBM PC, compatible PC, notebook with
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    Installation Guide of Acer MP-330 When the MP3 Player is connected to computer, the LCM will show the following picture: You should not disconnect the MP3 Player from the PC while it is reading or writing, or else it will cause your data lost. Please safe pop out the device before you unplug it.
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    2.2 Windows Me/2000/XP Operation System For windows Me/2000/XP OS, connect the MP-330 to the USB port of your computer, the OS will detect the device and install it automatic. And you can use it as a hard disk after the OS install it OK. 2.3 Mac OS 9.X/10.X Operation System Insert MP-330 directly
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    3.2 Uninstall in Windows Me/2000/XP 1) Double click the icon “pull out or eject the hard disk” on right bottom of the taskbar, as the follow picture. 2) Choose the dialogue frame “USB Mass Storage Device” 3) 4) Click “Stop” button. Click “Close” when the system indicates “USB Mass Storage Device
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    Functions and guide Anytime press the key mode is for entering the menu mode, any time press ESC button it will cancel the current operation. 4.1 Power ON / OFF Press “Power “to turn on the machine. It will show you the mode select interface for as this: Use Next or Previous key to select music
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    A –B repllay A –B rep ay In play mode, press the A -B key to start an A –B replay mode, and you can replay the song or paragraph you select, see the right picture: As you enter the A-B replay mode, press A-B key to set the end point. The player will replay the song snippet you select. To cancel the
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    “Speed” Mode, Select this item to change the play speed. “Language” Mode, Select this item to change the language of this machine. “Repeat” Mode, Select this item to change the repeat mode of music play. “Contrast” Mode, select this item to change the contrast of the LCM displaying. “ID3_Tag” Mode,
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    4..4 Record Mode 4 4 Record Mode In mode select interface, select REC icon to enter voice recording mode. 4..4..1 Voiice Recordiing Menu 4 4 1 Vo ce Record ng Menu In record mode, you can press mode key to enter the voice recording menu. There are 3 items in the menu as the following description:
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    4..4..4 Voiice// Liine--iin Pllay 4 4 4 Vo ce L ne n P ay In mode select interface, select Music icon and into RECORD folder, use UP/DOWN key to select the voice recorded file, then press Play key, then you can play the Voice/ Line-in recorded file. 4..5 USB Hostt Operattiion 4 5 USB Hos Opera on
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    Delete files Select the UD card or MP-330 HDD and select the file/directory. Enter file operation menu and select delete file item, press enter key to delete the selected file/directory. after deleted, it will show you a confirm interface as this: Cut Files You can cut files from the flash disk to
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    c. Press enter key to format the disk, and it will show you OK as this: Fdisk flash disk via USB Host a. Enter disk select interface and select flash disk then press “A-B “ key, it will enter the disk operation interface. b. Select Fdisk item and press enter key: c. Press enter key to fdisk the
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    c. Select HD card and then appoint the directory you want to paste in, then press A-B key to enter file operation menu, select paste item as the following: d. Press enter key to begin copy and then it will clew you as complete copying, as the following graphic: 4..7 47 Otther operattiion O her
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    Saffetty Precauttiion Sa e y Precau on See following precautions. Any violation of one or more of the following precautions may cause damage to the player and will void the warranty. - Conform that the lock switch is unlocked before you turn on the unit. - Avoid exposure to heat, moisture and
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    FAQ FAQ 6..1 6 1 The pllayer does nott tturn on:: The p ayer does no urn on - Connect the DC supply and turn on the player. - Turn on your computer, connect the player to the USB port and turn on the player. - If the above step does not resolve the problem, Please contact our servers. 6..2 6 2 LCM
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