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Model: TB03

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    Model: TB03 internet tablet www.acme.eu
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    GB Thank You Congratulations on your purchase of an ACME Internet Tablet. This guide is provided to help you quickly become familiar with your tablet; please read it carefully and save it for future reference. For detailed instructions, up-to-date information, and helpful tips, please visit the
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    GB Getting to know acme tb03 4 2 1 6 3 5 3 11 10 12 9 8 7 3
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    GB No. Name Volume + key Press to increase the volume level 2 Volume – key Press to decrease the volume level 3 Power key Press and hold the Power key until the LCD screen turns on. 4 Speaker Plays sound. 5 Camera Front-facing camera 6 Back soft key Tap to return to the previous screen. If the
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    GB 11 Headphone jack 12 HDMI jack (mini Type C) Audio output connection for headphones. The headphones must have a 3.5 mm (1/8 in) plug Note: Speaker output is automatically disabled when headphones are connected to the player. Connect to a TV or other display An HDMI cable (Type A-to-Type C) is
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    GB • Enjoy your media library anywhere Portable powerhouse plays popular music, video, and photo formats • microSD memory card reader Increase your storage capacity (up to 32 GB supported) • Built-in camera Convenient front-facing camera • Automatic orientation detection Read any way you want; the
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    Protective Film GB A thin film has been applied to the touchscreen to protect it during shipping. The protective film should be removed before use. To remove it, simply take a corner of the film and peel it away from the screen. Touchscreen Actions To control the tablet with the touchscreen, use
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    GB Swipe: Doubletap: Swipe up/down on the screen to scroll through a list. On some screens, you may be able to swipe left/right to change the view. To swipe, touch the screen and then quickly move your fingertip across the screen without lifting your fingertip. Do not pause on the screen with your
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    Basic Operation GB To turn ON/OFF the device Long press (1.2s) POWER button to turn on the device. Long press POWER button and choose “Power off” to turn off the device Device Standby and Wakeup Short press (0.3s) POWER button, then the device turns to Standby mode and screen will be off. Short
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    GB Homepage Homepage functions • • • • • 10 Change wallpaper. Long press blank space of home page to choose various wallpapers. Add / Delete application icons. Long press application icons to move into / out of homepage. Preview multiple tasks. View time / network / battery information. Check USB
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    Icons descriptions GB Application icons Back key Homepage key Multiple tasks viewer USB connection information Time & Date information Battery & Network information 11
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    GB USB Connection Device connected to PC The device can be connected to PC to make data exchange via USB cable. Please note not to disconnect the device from the PC when data exchanging. Data exchanging (Files copy & delete) Click to choose USB connection. Choose “USB connected”, then “Turn on USB
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    Applications Management GB Applications installation Copy APK installation package into the device. Run File Manager, find the package and click it. Choose install to continue. If the application already exists in the device, choose OK to replace it with the latest versions of package. Applications
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    GB System Settings Click Settings icon to enter system settings, then you can access Wireless&networks, Sound, Display, Storage, Battery, Apps, Accounts&sync, Location services, Security, Language&input, Backup&reset, Date&time, Accessibility, Developer options and About tablet. How can I change
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    I already installed some applications, but I cannot find them now, why? GB Some applications are installed in external TF card, so if you have ejected the TF card from the device, you will not see these applications. There are system problems, many popup errors. Restart the device with the POWER
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    GB Note: If the product suddenly has no response or powers off, an electrostatic discharge may be the cause. In this circumstance, please follow the procedures below for recovery: • Turn off the unit by pushing and holding the slide button on the right (Power off position) for 15 seconds. • Turn on
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    GB 9. Power Sources: This product should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the rating label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply to your home, consult your product dealer or local power company. For products intended to operate from battery power or other
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    GB Warranty card www.acme.eu/warranty Product Product model Product purchase date Seller name, address Failures (date, description, position of the person who accepts the product, first name, last name and signature) 1. Warranty period Warranty enters into force starting with the day when the buyer
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    Model: TB03 internet tablet www.acme.eu
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