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Blinking Display/PM Indicator/Alarm 


When the clock is plugged in, the display 

will blink on and off meaning that incorrect 
time is being displayed. You should always 
check the time, when this is indicated. The 
clock will automatically indicate AM/PM, but 
you must be sure to set the indicator for the 
time of alarm correctly. When the PM indicator 
is on, it is “PM”, when it is off, it indicates “AM”. 
When the Alarm indicator is on, the alarm will 
sound at the time set.


Press and hold the [TIME]  button and the 

[HOUR] button until the correct hour is displayed 
(and the AM/PM is correct), then release the 
[HOUR] button and press the [MINUTE] button 
until the correct minutes are displayed.


Press and hold the [ALARM] but-

ton and the [HOUR] or the 
[MINUTE] button as above. Be sure the set the 
AM/PM properly too.


Slide the [ALARM ON/OFF] switch to the “ON” 

position. The alarm will sound at the time set. To 
shut off  the alarm, slide the [ALARM ON/OFF] 
switch to the “OFF” position.


Press the [SNOOZE]  button and get extra 8~9 

minutes of sleep.


If more intense display is preferred, slide 

the  [DIMMER HI/LOW] switch to the “HI” po-
sition. If less intense display is desired, slide 
the  [DIMMER HI/LOW] switch to the “LOW” 


Insert one 9V battery into the battery compart-

ment on the back side of the clock. The battery will 
hold the alarm and time setting until the power is 
restored. If there is no battery and the power is in-
terrupted, the display will fl ash and the alarm and 
the time will need to be reset.


A soft cloth or a paper towel may be used to 

clean the clock. Do not use any corrosive cleansers 


– 2 –



1. ALARM indicator
2. PM indicator
3. [SNOOZE] button
4. [HOUR] button
5. [MINUTE] button
6. [TIME] button
7. [ALARM] button
8. [ALARM ON/OFF] switch
9. [DIMMER HI/LOW] switch



– 3 –


or chemical solutions on the clock. Keep the clock 
clean and dry to avoid any problems.


- The device should not be exposed to water or 


- No objects fi lled with liquids, such as vases, 

shall be placed on the device.

- Ventilation: The device should be situated so 

that its location or position does not interfere 
with proper ventilation. For example, the appli-
ance should not be placed on a bed, sofa, rug, or 
similar surfaces that may block the ventilation 

- The device should be situated away from heat 

sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or 
other appliances (including amplifi ers) that pro-
duce heat.

- Power cord protection: Power supply cords 

should be routed so that they are not likely to 
be walked on pinched by items placed upon or 
against them, paying particular attention to cords 
at plugs, convenience receptacles and the point 
where they exit from the device.

- Disconnect the device from the mains supply 

when not in use.

- To avoid the risk of eclectic shock, do not re-

move the cover of the device. There are no ser-
viceable parts inside.

- Do not operate this product, if the mains lead 

is damaged. The mains lead should be replaced by 
the manufacturer or its appointed agent.

- Please, read this operation manual before use 

and retain for future reference.

- During the electro static discharge the product 

may auto reset, then adjust the mode to return to 
the normal operation.


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Model AH-1023



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