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O P E R A T I O N   M A N U A L













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The product is used to display the time in hours 

and minutes. The display takes place by means of 
LEDs. The product is approved only for operation 
in dry rooms. Use other than that described above 
will lead to damage to the product and also involves 
additional risks.



The guarantee will lapse if damage is occurred as 

a result of non-compliance with these operating in-
structions! The guarantee will lapse in such cases.

For safety and licensing (CE) reasons, unauthor-

ized conversion and/or modifications to the product 
are not permitted.

The device may not be exposed to extreme tem-

peratures (<0°C/>+50°C), strong vibration or heavy 
mechanical stress. There is risk of damage!

The plug-in unit is constructed according to 

protection class II.

The product is approved only for operation in 

dry rooms.

Never pour any liquids on the appliance. You run 

the risks of causing a fire or fatal electric shock! If 
liquid or any other object penetrates the appliance, 

disconnect the main plug immediately and contact 
a specialist.

Only a specialist may replace a damaged plug-in 

or damaged connection cable. There is risk of fatal 
electric shock!

Only a 230V/50Hz socket may be used as 

the source of power for the plug-in power unit. 
Never try to operate the appliance on any other 

Always unplug the plug-in power unit out of the 

socket by the casing, never by the cable!

The plug-in power unit may never be plugged in 

or taken out with wet hands.

Always unplug the plug-in power unit from the 


– before cleaning the appliance
– during thunderstorms
– if you will not be using the appliance for a long 


The product is not a toy and must be kept out of 

reach of children. Children cannot estimate the risks 
which can arise because of incorrect handling of 
electrical appliances.

Do not leave the packing material lying around 

carelessly. Plastic foil and/or bags and polystyrene 

parts ect. can become dangerous toys in the hands 
of children.

Never switch on the device immediately after it 

have been taken from a cold to a warm room. The 
condensate can destroy the device under certain 
circumstances. Let the device to reach room 
temperature before switching it on. Wait until the 
condensate water vaporize.

Only use the supplied plug-in power unit for the 

power supply of the clock.

The unit may not be opened.
The device is not suitable for commercial use.



Plug the plug-in power unit low voltage plug (small 

plug on the cable) into the low-voltage jack, which 
is located on the side of the clock. Then plug the 
plug-in power unit into a 230V/50Hz socket. The 
display of the clock will appear.

Always withdraw the plug-in power unit first from 

the socket before you take the low-voltage plug 
out of the clock.


The adjusting buttons are located on the back 

side of the clock.

Adjusting the hours:
• Hold down the key [TIME] (the display flashes).

Now press the button [HOUR] as well. Hold down 
both keys until the desired hour is set.

Adjusting the minutes:
• Hold down the key [TIME] (the display flashes).

Now press the button [MIN] as well. Hold down both 
keys until the desired minute is set.


When setting up the device, make sure that the 

base is stable. When hanging up the device, make 

sure that the attachment is secure. If the appliance 
falls, it can injure people or break.

Wall clock:
Pay attention when mounting that no power, gas 

or water pipes are damaged by mistake! Danger 
of death!

When mounting on the wall, use screws and 

dowels which are suitable for the composition of 
the wall.

Do not place the clock near the sources of dis-

turbance such as PC, mobile phones etc. Always 
keep a distance at least 50 cm from such sources 
of disturbance.

Use the two attachment holes on the back of the 

clock as a drilling model. Drill two corresponding 
holes in the wall and insert the dowels (if they are 
necessary). For the clock to be attached correctly, 
the screws should have a distance of approximately 
4 mm between the lower side of the screw head and 
the wall. Hang up the clock on the two screws.


The outside of the device should be cleaned with 

a soft, slightly damp cloth or a dry brush. Do not 
use any aggressive cleaning liquids or chemical 
solutions, as they may damage the device.

When the device has become unusable, dispose 

it in accordance with the current statutory regula-

Note: Due to electromagnetic discharge or dis-

turbances clock may not function correctly. For 
example, the display may not change. And there 
will be «RESET» on it. To eliminate the error with-
draw the plug-in power unit from the socket. Wait 
around 10 minutes and then plug it into the socket 
again. The clock will be reset, and you’ll have to 
set the time again.

After withdrawing the plug-in power unit, the time 

will be stored for about 10 seconds after that the 
clock has to be set again.


P l u g - i n   p o w e r   u n i t   o p e r a t i n g   v o l t a g e :


Operating voltage, clock: 12 V


Model AH-1081

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