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Carefully read the following important information regarding 
installation safety and maintenance. Keep this information 
booklet accessible for further consultations. 
The appliance has been designed for use in the ducting 
version (air exhaust to the outside – Fig.1B), fi ltering version 
(air circulation on the inside – Fig.1A) or with external motor 


1. Take care when the cooker hood is operating simultane-
ously with an open fi replace or burner that depend on the air 
in the environment and are supplied by other than electrical 
energy, as the cooker hood removes the air from the environ-
ment which a burner or fi replace need for combustion. The 
negative pressure in the environment must not exceed 4Pa 
(4x10-5 bar). Provide adequate ventilation in the environment 
for a safe operation of the cooker hood.
Follow the local laws applicable for external air evacuation. 

Before connecting the model to the electricity network:
- control the data plate (positioned inside the appliance) 
to ascertain that the voltage and power correspond to the 
network and the socket is suitable. If in doubt ask a qualifi ed 
- If the power supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced 
with another cable or a special assembly, which may be 
obtained direct from the manufacturer or from the Technical 
Assistance Centre.
- This device must be connected to the supply network 
through eiter a plug fused 3A or hardwired to a 2 fase spur 
protected by 3A fuse.

2. Warning !
In certain circumstances electrical appliances may be a 
danger hazard. 
A) Do not check the status of the filters while the cooker 
hood is operating
B) Do not touch bulbs or adjacent areas, during or straight 
after prolonged use of the lighting installation.
C) Flambè cooking is prohibited underneath the cooker 
D) Avoid free flame, as it is damaging for the filters and 
a fire hazard
E) Constantly check food frying to avoid that the 
overheated oil may become a fire hazard
F) Disconnect the electrical plug prior to any 
G) This appliance is not intended for use by young children 
or infirm persons without supervision
H) Young children should be supervised to ensure they 
do not play with the appliance
I) There shall be adequate ventilation of the room when 
the rangehood is used at the same time as appliances 
burning gas or other fuels
L) There is a risk of fire if cleaning is not carried out in 
accordance with the instructions

This appliance conforms to the European Directive EC/2002/96, 
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). By making 

sure that this appliance is disposed of in a suitable manner, 
the user is helping to prevent potential damage to the 
environment or to public health.


 symbol on the product or on the accompanying 

paperwork indicates that the appliance should not be treated 
as domestic waste, but should be delivered to a suitable 
electric and electronic appliance recycling collection point. 
Follow local guidelines when disposing of waste. For more 
information on the treatment, re-use and recycling of this 
product, please contact your local authority, domestic waste 
collection service or the shop where the appliance was 


Assembly and electrical connections must be carried out 
by specialised personnel.  

• Electric Connection
The appliance has been manufactured as a class II, therefore 
no earth cable is necessary. 
The connection to the mains is carried out as follows: 
BROWN = L line
BLUE = N neutral
If not provided, connect a plug for the electrical load indi-
cated on the description label. Where a plug is provided, the 
cooker hood must be installed in order that the plug is easily 
accessible.  An omnipolar switch with a minimum opening of 
3mm between contacts, in line with the electrical load and 
local standards, must be placed between the appliance and 
the network in the case of direct connection to the electrical 

When connecting the appliance to the electricity supply, make 
sure that the mains socket has an earth connection.
After fi tting the ducted cooker hood, make sure that the 
electrical plug is in a position where it can be accessed easily. 
If the appliance is connected directly to the electricity supply, 
an omnipolar switch with a minimum contact opening of 
3 mm must be placed in between the two; its size must 
be suitable for the load required and it must comply with 
current legislation.

•   The minimum distance between the support surfaces of 
the cooking pots on the cooker top and the lowest part of 
the cooker hood must be at least 65 cm. If a connection tube 
composed of two parts is used, the upper part must be placed 
outside the lower part. Do not connect the cooker hood ex-
haust to the same conductor used to circulate hot air or for 
evacuating fumes from other appliances generated by other 
than an electrical source. Before proceeding with the assembly 
operations, remove the anti-grease fi lter(s) (Fig.5) so that the 
unit is easier to handle.
In the case of assembly of the appliance in the suction version 
prepare the hole for evacuation of the air.

•   We recommend the use of an air exhaust pipe with a 
diameter of 150. If a pipe with a smaller diameter is used, the 

  ciency of the product may be reduced and its operation 

may become noisier.

• Fixing to the wall
Drill the holes A respecting the distances indicated (Fig.2). Fix 
the appliance to the wall and align it in horizontal position 
to the wall units. When the appliance has been adjusted, 

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    tasten D stanses funksjonen “clean air” og motoren startes øyeblikkelig på hastighetsnivå 2; ved å trykke på tasten B stanses funksjonen). (*) Med funksjonen “tidsur automatisk stopp” utsettes stans av ventilatoren, som vil fortsette å gå i 15 minutter på samme hastighet som da funksjonen ble
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    gaisa pieplūdes telpā un kuros tiek izmantots kurināmais, nevis elektroenerģija. Tvaiku nosūcējsizvada no telpām gaisu, kurš nepieciešams šādu ierīču normālai darbībai. Negatīvais spiediens telpās nedrīkst nokristies zemāk par 4 Pa (4 x 10-5 bāriem). Lai tvaiku nosūcējs varētu normāli pildīt savas
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    vēl kādas 15 minūtes, lai pilnībā izvadītu no telpām tvaikus uz smakas. Lai iekārta varētu sekmīgi darboties, jāveic regulāras apkopes procedūras. Īpaša uzmanība jāpievērš aktīvās ogles filtru stāvoklim. • Prettauku filtri uzver gaisā esošās taukvielu daļiņas un šī iemesla dēļ tie atkarībā no
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    Kad tīrais filtrs ir pareizi uzstādīts, lai atiestatītu elektronisko atmiņu, nospiediet A pogu uz apmēram piecām sekundēm, līdz displeja vienumā C pārtrauc mirgot F vai A burts. Prietaisas atitinka Europos direktyvą EC/2002/96 dėl elektrinės ir elektroninės įrangos atliekų (EEĮA). Užtikrindamas
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    apatinį dūmtakį prie garų surinkėjo, naudodami pateiktus varžtus B (4 pav.), ištraukite viršutinį dūmtakį iki laikytuvo ir pritvirtinkite varžtais B (3 pav.). Jei norite dūmtraukį iš vamzdinio transformuoti į filtruojantį, agento paprašykite anglies filtrų ir vadovaukitės montavimo instrukcijomis.
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    • Aktyvuota anglies / riebalų filtro koncentracija: - Kai ekrane mirksi simbolis “C“, varikliui dirbant tokiu greičiu, kuriame užsidega raidė “F“ (pavyzdžiui, 1 ir F), riebalų filtrus reikia išvalyti. - Kai ekrane mirksi simbolis “C“, varikliui dirbant tokiu greičiu, kuriame užsidega raidė “A“
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    kinnitama hakkate. • Dekoratiivse teleskoopilise lõõri kinnitamine Paiguta elektritoide dekoratiivse lõõri ulatusse. Kui paigaldate seadme õhutoru või välise mootoriga versiooni, siis valmistage ette väljalaskeava. Reguleerige ülalõõri (Joon.3) toe laius. Siis kinnitage kruvide A abil lakke
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    Surunupp D = lülitab tõmbekapi sisse. Suurendab mootori kiirust. Vajutades nuppu kolmandal kiirusel, käivitub kümneks minutiks intensiivne funktsioon, seejärel naaseb seade endisele kiirusele. Selle funktsiooni töötamise ajal vilgub ekraan. Klahv E = Taimer ajastab funktsioonid 15 minutiks ning
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    навантаженню, вказаному на етикетці з характеристиками. За наявності вилки забезпечте її легку доступність, після монтажу установки. У разі безпосереднього підключення до електричної мережі, необхідно помістити між установкою і мережею двуполюсний вимикач з мінімальним зазором між контактами 3 мм,
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    • Засоби управління: (мал.9) Свiтловi систему символів розшифровано нижче: A= клавіша ОСВІТЛЕННЯ B= клавіша ВИМКН C= клавіша ПЕРША ШВИДКІСТЬ D= клавіша ДРУГА ШВИДКІСТЬ E= клавіша ТРЕТЯ ШВИДКІСТЬ F= клавіша ТАЙМЕР АВТОМАТИЧНА ЗУПИНКА 15 хвилин (*) • Якщо ваша витяжка має функцію ІНТЕНСИВНОЇ
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    Преди да свържете модела към електрическата мрежа: - вижте табелката с данните (от вътрешната страна на уреда), за да се уверите, че напрежението и мощността съответстват на мрежовите и свързващият контакт е подходящ. При съмнение консултирайте се с квалифициран електротехник. - Ако захранващият
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    • Версия филтър Инсталирайте уреда и двете свързващи части така, както е посочено в параграфа за монтаж на уреда във версия аспиратор. За монтажа на отклонението за филтриран въздух следвайте инструкциите, съдържащи се в комплекта. Ако комплектът не е включен в доставката, поръчайте го при Вашия
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    • Управление (Фиг.10): Бутон A = включване/изключване на осветлението. Бутон B = включване/изключване на уреда. Уредът се включва на 1-ва степен. Ако абсорбаторът е включен, натиснете бутона за 2 сек, за да изключите. Ако уредът е на 1-ва степен, не е необходимо да държите натиснат бутона, за да
  • Страница 45 из 57
    alebo obchod, v ktorom ste výrobok zakúpili. operácie v súlade s pokynmi pre inštaláciu. POKYNY PRE INŠTALÁCIU • Filtračná verzia Nainštalujte odsávač pár a dva spoje spôsobom znázorneným v odstavci, ktorý sa týka montáže odsávača v odsávacej verzii. Pri montáži odchyľovača filtrujúceho vzduch sa
  • Страница 46 из 57
    • Ovládacie prvky: (obr.8 ) mechanického typu; ich symboly sú uvedené následne: A= tlačidlo OSVETLENIA B= tlačidlo VYPNÚŤ C= tlačidlo PRIAMEJ RÝCHLOSTI D= tlačidlo DRUHEJ RÝCHLOSTI E= tlačidlo TRETEJ RÝCHLOSTI • Ovládacie prvky: (obr.9) Svetelné ch symboly sú uvedené následne: A= tlačidlo
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    - Ukoliko je energetski kabl oštećen, treba ga zameniti novim ili posebnim sklopom koji se može nabaviti kod proizvođača ili kod službe tehničke podrške. - Povežite uređaj za napajanje preko utikača sa osiguračem 3A ili na dva dvofazna kabla zaštićena osiguračem 3A. 2. PAŽNJA! U određenim
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    koji se oslanja na rešetku, kada natpisi, vidljivi kroz rešetku, promene boju i crnilo se proširi; novi filter treba postaviti tako da natpisi budu vidljivi kroz rešetku sa spoljne strane aspiratora. U slučaju da akrilni filteri nemaju natpise, ili postoje metalni ili aluminijumski filteri, da bi
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    МАКЕДОНСКИ опрема (WEEE). Фрлајќи го апаратот на соодветен начин, корисникот помага да се спречи потенцијалната штета за животната средина и здравјето. MK Прочитајте ги внимателно следните важни информации за местењето, безбедноста и одржувањето. Чувајте ја брошурата на достапно место за подоцнежна
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    • Прицврстување на украсниот продолжен ќунк Поставете го напојувањето со електрична енергија во склад со димензиите на украсниот ќунк. Ако вашиот апарат треба да се намести како верзија за во вентилација или со надворешен мотор, подгответе го отворот за излез на воздухот. Приспособете ја широчината
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    копчето не престане да трепка. • Команди: (слика 10) Копче A = прекинувач за светлото Копче B = вклучување и исклучување на аспираторот. Апаратот се вклучува со брзина 1. Доколку аспираторот е вклучен, држете го копчето притиснато 2 секунди за да го исклучите. Доколку аспираторот е на брзина 1,
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    AR 5 - 54 -
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