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Sevilla MP38



7 648 003 310

Bedienungs- und Einbauanleitung 
Operating and installation instructions
Mode d’emploi et de montage
Istruzioni d’uso e di installazione
Gebruiksaanwijzing en inbouwhandleiding
Bruks- och monteringsanvisning 
Instrucciones de manejo e instalación 
Instruções de serviço e de montagem 
Betjenings- og monteringsvejledning
Instrukcja obsługi i montażowa
Návod k obsluze a k montáži 
Návod na obsluhu a inštaláciu
Инструкция по эксплуатации и установке


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    www.blaupunkt.com Radio CD MP3 WMA Sevilla MP38 7 648 003 310 Bedienungs- und Einbauanleitung Operating and installation instructions Mode d’emploi et de montage Istruzioni d’uso e di installazione Gebruiksaanwijzing en inbouwhandleiding Bruks- och monteringsanvisning Instrucciones de manejo e
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    Controls button to open the detachable control panel (flip-release panel). 2 SRC button Source selection between radio and CD and (if connected or switched on) CD changer and AUX. 3 TRAF button Short press: Switches traffic information standby on/off. Long press: Switches convenient RDS function
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    Contents About these instructions .................. 38 Symbols used................................ 38 Use as directed.............................. 38 Declaration of conformity................ 38 For your safety ................................ 39 If you are installing device yourself.... 39
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    CD-changer mode ............................ 58 Switching to CD-changer mode ........ 58 Selecting CDs................................ 58 Selecting tracks ............................. 58 Fast searching (audible).................. 58 Configuring the display ................... 58 Repeating
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    About these instructions About these instructions Use as directed These instructions contain important information to easily and safely install and operate the device. • Read these instructions carefully and completely before using the device. • Keep the instructions at a location so that they are
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    For your safety The device was manufactured according to the state of the art and established safety guidelines. Even so, dangers may occur if you do not observe the safety notes in these instructions: If you are installing device yourself You may only install the device yourself if you are
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    Scope of delivery Warranty Scope of delivery Warranty The scope of delivery includes: 1 car sound system 1 support frame 2 disassembly tools 1 guide pin 1 operating instructions We provide a manufacturer's warranty for products bought within the European Union. Devices purchased outside the
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    Detachable control panel Theft protection The device is equipped with a detachable control panel (flip-release panel) as a way of protecting your equipment against theft. The device is worthless to a thief without this control panel. Protect your device against theft by taking the control panel with
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    Detachable control panel Switching on/off Switch-off time (OFF TIMER) Switching on/off After opening the control panel, the device is switched off after an adjustable time. You can set this time from 0 to 30 seconds. u Press the MENU•OK button 5. u Press the or button 4 repeatedly until the
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    Volume You can adjust the volume in increments from 0 (off) to 66 (maximum). To increase the volume, u turn the volume control 7 clockwise. To decrease the volume, u turn the volume control 7 counterclockwise. Setting the power-on volume You can set the power-on volume. u Press the MENU•OK button
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    Volume Telephone Audio/Navigation Audio Muting during telephone mode If your car sound system is connected with a cell phone or navigation system, "picking" up the phone or a voice output of the navigation system automatically mutes the car sound system. The call or the voice output is played back
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    Radio mode Switching to radio mode This device is equipped with an RDS radio receiver. Many of the receivable FM stations broadcast a signal that not only carries the programme but also additional information such as the station name and programme type (PTY). The station name appears on the display
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    Radio mode When you have finished making your changes, u press the ESCAPE button <. Switching the RDS function on/off To switch the RDS functions AF and REGIONAL on or off, u press and hold the TRAF button 3 for longer than two seconds. If the RDS comfort function is active, the RDS symbol appears
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    Radio mode Setting the sensitivity of station seek tuning You can choose whether the radio should only tune into stations providing good reception or whether it can also tune into those with a weak reception. u Press the MENU•OK button 5. u Press the or button 4 repeatedly until "SENS HI" or "SENS
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    Radio mode Starting SCAN u Press and hold down the MENU•OK button 5 for longer than two seconds. The radio scans the next receivable station. "SCAN" and the current frequency or the station name appear intermittently on the display. Cancelling the SCAN and continuing to listen to a station u Press
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    Radio mode Switching PTY on/off u Press the MENU•OK button 5. u Press the or button 4 repeatedly until "PTY" appears on the display with the current setting. u Press the or button 4 to switch PTY ON or OFF. When you have finished making your changes, u press the ESCAPE button <. u Press the or
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    Traffic information Traffic information Your device is equipped with an RDS-EON receiver. EON (Enhanced Other Network) ensures that whenever a traffic announcement (TA) is broadcast, the system switches automatically from a station that does not provide traffic reports to the appropriate traffic
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    CD mode You can use this device to play standard audio CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs with a diameter of 12 or 8 cm. Caution! • • Labelled or shaped CDs can damage the CD drive. Do not insert any shape CDs. Do not attach labels to CDs since the label may detach during operation. Note: Label CDs only by
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    CD mode Random track play (MIX) Repeating tracks (REPEAT) u Press the 5 MIX button 9. "MIX CD" appears briefly on the display and the MIX symbol is displayed. The next randomly selected track will then be played. If you want to repeat a track, u press the 4 RPT button 9. "RPT TRCK" appears briefly on
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    CD mode Ejecting a CD Some CDs include CD text. The CD text might contain the names of the artist and the album. The CD text is shown as scrolling text on the display with every track change. u Press the button 1. The control panel opens to the bottom. Switching CD text on/off u Press the MENU•OK
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    MP3/WMA mode MP3/WMA mode You can also use this car sound system to play CD-Rs and CD-RWs that contain MP3 music files. You can also play WMA files. This chapters deals only with playing MP3 files since the operation for MP3 and WMA files is identical. Notes: • WMA files with Digital Rights Management
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    MP3/WMA mode Notes: To ensure uninterrupted playback: • Do not try changing the file extension to ".MP3" of any files other than MP3 files and then attempt to play them! The device will ignore these invalid files during playback. • Do not use "mixed" CDs containing both non-MP3 data and MP3 tracks (the
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    MP3/WMA mode • File name ("FILE NAME") Note: Artist, track and album name are part of the MP3-ID tag of version 1 and can only be displayed if they have been saved with the MP3 files (for further information, please read the instructions that came with your PC’s MP3 software or burner software). To
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    MP3/WMA mode Cancelling SCAN and continuing listening to a track u Briefly press the MENU•OK button 5. The currently scanned track will then continue to be played normally. Interrupting playback (PAUSE) u Press the button 3 9. "PAUSE" appears on the display. Cancelling pause u During the pause,
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    CD-changer mode CD-changer mode Note: Information on handling CDs, inserting CDs and operating the CD changer can be found in the operating instructions supplied with your CD changer. Switching to CD-changer mode u Press the SRC button 2 repeatedly until "CHANGER" appears on the display. A border
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    CD-changer mode To play the tracks on the current CD in random order, u briefly press the 5 MIX button 9. "MIX CD" appears briefly and MIX lights up on the display. To play the tracks on all inserted CDs in random order, u press and hold down the 5 MIX button 9 for longer than two seconds. "MIX ALL"
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    Clock – Time Clock – Time Setting the time To set the time, u press the MENU•OK button 5. u Press the or button 4 repeatedly until "CLOCK SET" appears on the display. button 4 to open the u Press the menu. The time appears on the display. The minutes are flashing and can be adjusted. u Set the time
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    Sound You can adjust the sound settings (bass, middle and treble) separately for each source (radio, CD, CD changer, AUX, traffic announcement, telephone/navigation). The volume distribution settings (balance and fader) and X-BASS apply to all the audio sources except for traffic announcements and
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    Sound Adjusting treble frequency and level u Press the AUD button >. "BASS" appears on the display. u Press the or button 4 repeatedly until "TREBLE" appears on the display. u Press the button 4 once to reach the TREBLE submenu. u Press the or button 4 repeatedly until the desired treble frequency
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    X-BASS X-Bass allows you to increase the bass at low volume. The selected X-Bass setting is effective for all audio sources (radio, CD, CD changer or AUX). The X-BASS increase can be set in increments of 1 to 3. "XBASS OFF" means that the X-BASS function is switched off. Adjusting the X-BASS boost
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    Display Adjusting the display settings Adjusting the display brightness If your car sound system is installed as described in the installation instructions and your vehicle features the corresponding connection, the display brightness for day and night is switched by switching on the vehicle
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    Activating/deactivating demo mode In demo mode, the functions of the device are shown on the display as scrolling text. The constant colour change demonstrates the setting options of the display colours. Pressing any button interrupts the demo mode for approx. 10 seconds. Switching on the demo mode
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    Technical data Technical data Amplifier Output power: 4 x 18 watts sine at 14.4 V and 1% distortion factor at 4 ohms. 4 x 26 watts sine in accordance with DIN 45324 at 14.4 V at 4 ohms. 4 x 50 watts max. power Tuner Wavebands: FM : 87.5 - 108 MHz MW : 531 - 1 602 kHz LW : 153 - 279 kHz FM frequency
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    Einbauanleitung • Installation instructions • Notice de montage • Istruzioni di installazione • Inbowhandleiding • Monteringsanvisning • Instrucciones de instalación • Instruções de montagem • Monteringsvejledning • Instrukcja montażowa • Návod k montáži • Montážny návod • Инструкция по установке
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    If the information provided here is not suitable for your specific installation requirements, please contact your Blaupunkt dealer, your vehicle manufacturer or our telephone hotline. When installing an amplifier or changer, you must first connect the device earth connections before connecting the
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    di adattamento richiesto per il vostro modello di autovettura. • A seconda del modello il Suo veicolo può differire da questa descrizione. Non forniamo garanzia per danni derivanti da errori di montaggio o di collegamento e per danni conseguenti. Se le indicazioni qui elencate non sono adatte al
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    • Se till att inga av fordonets komponenter skadas i samband med borrning av hål. • Plus- och minuskabelns ledningsarea måste vara minst 1,5 mm2. • Fordonets stickkontakt får inte anslutas till radion! Din BLAUPUNKT fackhandel tillhandahåller för resp fordonstyp erforderlig adapterkabel. • Beroende
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    Instruções de montagem Instruçõesdesegurança Durante a montagem e a ligação do aparelho, queira respeitar as seguintes instruções de segurança. • Separar o pólo negativo da bateria! Respeitar ao mesmo tempo as instruções de segurança do fabricante do automóvel. • Quando se procede à furagem de
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    først tilsluttes, før stikkene for tilslutningerne Line-In eller Line-Out sættes i. Eksterne enheders stelforbindelse må ikke sluttes til bilradioens stelforbindelse (kabinet). Instrukcja montażowa Wskazówki bezpieczeństwa Podczas montażu i podłączania należy przestrzegać poniższych wskazówek
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    Pokud zde uvedené pokyny pro montáž neodpovídají vašemu vozidla, obraťte se na specializovaného prodejce Blaupunkt, výrobce vozidla nebo naši horkou linku. Při montáži zesilovače nebo měničů, předtím než budou konektory zapojeny do zdířek Line-in nebo Line-out, musí být nejprve bezpodmínečně
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    • Не включайте в аудиосистему автомобильные штекеры! Необходимые для Вашего типа автомобиля адаптерные кабели Вы можете приобрести в авторизованном сервисном центре Blaupunkt. • Ваш автомобиль может - в зависимости от конструкции - отклоняться от данного описания. Завод-изготовитель аудиосистемы не
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    Mitgelieferte Montage- und Anschlussteile Supplied Mounting Hardware Materiel de montage fourni Componenti di fissaggio comprese nella fornitura Meegeleverde montagematerialen Medföljande monteringsdetaljer Ferretería de montaje suministrada Elementos de fixação fornecidos Medleverede monterings- og
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    Einbausätze Installation kits Kits de montage Set di montaggio Inbouwsets Monteringssatser Juegos de montaje Kits de montagem Indbygningssæt Zestawy montażowe Montážní soupravy Montážne súpravy Установочные комплекты 1. 12V 2. ca. 10 mm 7 608 . . . . . . 3. 0°- 30° +/– 10° +/– 10° 432
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    4. 6. Ausbau / Removal / Démontage / Smontaggio / Demontage / Urmontering / Desmontaje / Desmontagem / Udbygning / Demontaż / Demontáž / Demontáž / Демонтаж 1. antenna connection 5. 182 2. 165 53 2. B 1-20 8 613 150 002 A 3. 7. 12V 433 14_EA_SevillaMP38_eu_ges.indd 433 02.11.2007 11:35:44 Uhr
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    8. C-1 6 3 2 10 7 4 1 C C-2 8 11 * 13 16 19 12 9 5 Aut. antenna C-3 15 18 Summe Sum Somme Somma Som Summa Suma Soma Celkem Súčet Сумма 14 17 20 B 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8 A 1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8 10 Ampere A B 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 NC Radio Mute NC Permanent +12V Aut. antenna * Illumination Kl.15/Ignition 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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    9. Preamp./Sub./Center - out cable 7 607 001 512 Relais +12V Amplifier A +12V 7 1 35 Kl. 15 +12V 8 24 6 Radio Mute RadioMute LR F LF RR R + + + + - 4 Ohm 4 Ohm 4 Ohm 4 Ohm Änderungen vorbehalten! Subject to changes! Sous réserve de modifications! Modifiche riservate! Wijzigingen voorbehouden!
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    © 2007 All rights reserved by Blaupunkt. This material may be reproduced, copied or distributed for personal use only. This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft. Use or distribution of such technology outside of this product is prohibited without a license from
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    Bitte den ausgefüllten Gerätepass sicher aufbewahren! Please keep the filled-in radio pass in a safe place! Prière de conserver soigneusement la carte d’autoradio remplie ! Tenete per favore il libretto di apparecchio, debitamente riempito, in un posto sicuro! Bewaar de ingevulde apparaatpas op een
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    Germany Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Great Britain Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Czech. Rep. Hungary Poland Turkey USA Brasil (Mercosur) Malaysia (Asia Pacific) Phone: Fax: (D) (A) (B) (DK) (FIN) (F) (GB) (GR) (IRL) (I) (L) (NL) (N)
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