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en Operating  instructions
ru Å¸c¹pº®ýåø  ÿo  õ®cÿæya¹aýåå
uk I¸c¹pº®ýiø  µ  e®cÿæºa¹aýiï

Оглавление инструкции
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    super +2 +4 +5 +6 +8 °C KGV.. 9000 450 059 (8903) en Operating instructions ru Ÿc¹pº®ýåø ÿo õ®cÿæya¹aýåå uk I¸c¹pº®ýiø µ e®cÿæºa¹aýiï
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    enĄIndex ą Information concerning disposal . . . . . . Safety and warning information . . . . . . . Getting to know your appliance . . . . . . . Fascia . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Note ambient temperature and ventilation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    ą ukĄ³¯ic¹ Pe®o¯e¸ªaýiï µ º¹åæiµaýiï . . . . . . . . Pe®o¯e¸ªaýiï µ ªo¹på¯a¸¸ø ¢eµÿe®å ¹a µac¹epe²e¸¸ø . . . . . . . . Oµ¸a¼o¯æe¸¸ø µ ÿpåæaªo¯ . . . . . . . ¥a¸eæ¿ ºÿpa­æi¸¸ø . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ³­ep¹a¼¹e º­a¨º ¸a ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºpº ­ ÿpå¯ióe¸¸i ¹a ­e¸¹åæøýi÷ . . . . . . ¥iª®æ÷ñe¸¸ø ÿpåæaªº ªo
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    en Information concerning Safety and warning disposal information x Disposal of packaging The packaging protects your appliance from damage during transit. All packaging materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Please contribute to a better environment by disposing of packaging
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    en S Only customer service may change the power cord and carry out any other repairs. Improper installations and repairs may put the user at considerable risk. Important information when using the appliance S Never use electrical appliances inside the appliance (e. g. heaters, electric ice makers,
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    en Getting to know your appliance Fascia Fig. 2 1 On/Off button Switches the whole appliance on and off. 2 Temperature selection button Press the button until the required temperature lamp illuminates. Please fold out the illustrated last page. These operating instructions refer to several models.
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    en Note ambient temperature and ventilation The climatic class can be found on the rating plate. It specifies the ambient temperatures at which the appliance may be operated. The rating plate is located at the bottom left-hand side inside the fridge. Climatic category Permitted ambient temperature
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    en S If you cannot open the freezer compartĆ ment door immediately after closing it, wait 2ć3 minutes until the partial vacuum has equalised. Switching on the appliance Fig. 2 Press main switch 1. The temperature display light flashes until the required temperature has been reached. Interior light
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    en Please note Wrap or cover food before placing in the appliance. This will retain the aroma, colour and freshness of the food. Transfer of flavour and discoloration of the plastic parts will also be prevented. Note: If required, you can vary the shelves inside the appliance: pull the shelf
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    en Freezing and storing frozen food Purchasing deepĆfrozen food Packaging must not be damaged. Use by the bestĆbefore" date. Temperature in the supermarket freezer ć18 °C or lower. If possible, transport deepĆfrozen food in an insulated bag and place quickly in the freezer compartment. Storing
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    en How to wrap food correctly: The following products are suitable for wrapping food: plastic film, polyethylene blown film, aluminium foil and freezer tins. These products can be purchased from your dealer. The following products are not suitable for wrapping food: wrapping paper, greaseproof
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    en Defrosting the freezer compartment Cleaning the appliance Proceed as follows 2. Wipe the door seal with clear water only and then wipe dry thoroughly. S Remove the freezer drawers containing the food. Place the ice blocks (ifĂenclosed) on the food. Wrap the frozen food in several sheets of
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    en Tips for saving energy S Install the appliance in a cool, well ventilated room, but not in direct sunlight and not near a heat source (radiator, cooker, etc.). Otherwise, useĂan insulating plate. Operating noises Normal noises Humming - refrigerating unit is running. Bubbling, gurgling or
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    en Eliminating minor faults yourself Before you call customer service: Please check whether you can eliminate the fault yourself based on the following information. Customer service will charge you for advice, even if the appliance is still under guarantee! Fault Possible cause Remedial action In
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    en Fault Possible cause Remedial action The temperature in the refrigerator compartment is too cold. Temperature has been set too low. Increase the temperature. The interior light glows at a reduced luminosity when the door is almost closed (or light switch depressed). Ambient temperature is below
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    ru š®aµa¸åø ÿo º¹åæåµaýåå x š¹åæåµaýåø ºÿa®o­®å šÿa®o­®a µaóåóae¹ aò ¢¾¹o­o¼ ÿpå¢op o¹ ¹pa¸cÿop¹¸¾x ÿo­pe²ªe¸å¼. ce åcÿo濵ºe¯¾e ­ ®añec¹­e ºÿa®o­®å ¯a¹epåaæ¾ ¸e ¸a¸ocø¹ ­peªa o®pº²a÷óe¼ cpeªe å ÿpå¨oª¸¾ ªæø ­¹opåñ¸o¨o åcÿo濵o­a¸åø. ¸ecå¹e, ÿo²a溼c¹a, c­o¼ ­®æaª ­ ªeæo µaóå¹¾ o®pº²a÷óe¼ cpeª¾,
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    ru ¥på ÿo­pe²ªe¸åøx š®aµa¸åø ÿo ¢eµoÿac¸oc¹å å ÿpeªºÿpe²ªe¸åø ¥epeª ­­oªo¯ xoæoªå濸å®a ­ õ®cÿæºa¹aýå÷ ¸å¯a¹e濸o ÿpoñ¹å¹e å¸c¹pº®ýå÷ ÿo ¯o¸¹a²º å õ®cÿæºa¹aýåå!  ¸e¼ coªep²å¹cø ­a²¸aø å¸íop¯aýåø ÿo ºc¹a¸o­®e, åcÿo濵o­a¸å÷ å ¹exo¢c溲å­a¸å÷ xoæoªå濸å®a. Coxpa¸å¹e ­c÷ ªo®º¯e¸¹aýå÷ ªæø ÿoµª¸e¼òe¨o
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    ru ¥på åcÿo濵o­a¸åå S å®o¨ªa ¸e ­®æ÷ña¼¹e ­¸º¹på xoæoªå濸å®a ®a®åe-æå¢o ªpº¨åe õæe®¹poÿpå¢op¾ (¸aÿp., ¸a¨pe­a¹e濸¾e ÿpå¢op¾, õæe®¹påñec®åe ¯opo²e¸åý¾ å ÿp.). µp¾­ooÿac¸oc¹¿! S å®o¨ªa ¸e ÿpo­oªå¹e paµ¯opa²å­a¸åe åæå ñåc¹®º xoæoªå濸å®a c ÿo¯oó¿÷ ÿapooñåc¹å¹eæø! ¥ap ¯o²e¹ ÿoÿac¹¿ ¸a
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    ru Ecæå ªo¯a ec¹¿ ªe¹å S šÿa®o­®º å ee coc¹a­¸¾e ñac¹å ¸e濵ø o¹ªa­a¹¿ ªe¹ø¯. e åc®æ÷ñe¸a oÿac¸oc¹¿ ºªºò¿ø, ®o¹opo¼ ªe¹å ÿoª­ep¨a÷¹cø, µa®p¾­òåc¿ ­ ®ap¹o¸¸o¼ ®opo¢®e åæå µaÿº¹a­òåc¿ ­ ÿoæåõ¹åæe¸o­o¼ ÿæe¸®e! ³¸a®o¯c¹­o c xoæoªå濸å®o¯ S Xoæoªåæ¿¸å® - õ¹o ¸e å¨pºò®a ªæø ªe¹e¼! S ©æø xoæoªå濸å®a c
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    ru 4 ¥a¸eæ¿ ºÿpa­æe¸åø Påcº¸o® 2 1 K¸oÿ®a ­®æ÷ñe¸åø/­¾®æ÷ñe¸åø ¦æa­¸¾¼ ­¾®æ÷ña¹eæ¿ cæº²å¹ ªæø ­®æ÷ñe¸åø å ­¾®æ÷ñe¸åø ­ce¨o xoæoªå濸å®a. 2 K¸oÿ®a ºc¹a¸o­®å ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºp¾ a²å¯a¼¹e ¸a ®¸oÿ®º ªo ¹ex ÿop, ÿo®a ¸e µac­e¹å¹cø æa¯ÿoñ®a ÿoª ¸eo¢xoªå¯¾¯ a¯ µ¸añe¸åe¯ ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºp¾. 3 Æa¯ÿoñ®å 帪å®aýåå
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    ru ™e¯ÿepa¹ºpa o®pº²a÷óe¼ cpeª¾ å ­e¸¹åæøýåø Žæå¯a¹åñec®å¼ ®æacc xoæoªå濸å®a º®aµa¸ ­ e¨o ¹åÿo­o¼ ¹a¢æåñ®e. O¸ ÿo®aµ¾­ae¹, ­ ®a®o¯ ªåaÿaµo¸e µ¸añe¸å¼ ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºp¾ o®pº²a÷óe¼ cpeª¾ ¯o²¸o õ®cÿæºa¹åpo­a¹¿ xoæoªå濸å®. ™åÿo­aø ¹a¢æåñ®a ¸axoªå¹cø cæe­a ­¸åµº ­¸º¹på xoæoªå濸å®a. Žæå¯a¹åñec®å¼ ®æacc
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    ru  cæºñae c xoæoªå濸å®a¯å, ®o¹op¾e ¢ºªº¹ õ®cÿæºa¹åpo­a¹¿cø ­ ¸ee­poÿe¼c®åx c¹pa¸ax, ¸eo¢xoªå¯o ÿpocæeªå¹¿, ñ¹o¢¾ µ¸añe¸åe ¸aÿpø²e¸åø å ­åª ¹o®a, ÿpå­eªe¸¸¾e ¸a ¹åÿo­o¼ ¹a¢æåñ®e, co­ÿaªaæå c ÿapa¯e¹pa¯å aòe¼ õæe®¹poce¹å. ™åÿo­aø ¹a¢æåñ®a pacÿoæo²e¸a ­¸º¹på xoæoªå濸å®a cæe­a ­¸åµº. ³a¯e¸º
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    ru S Ecæå ÿocæe µa®p¾­a¸åø ¯opoµå濸o¨o o¹ªeæe¸åø e¨o ª­epýº ¸e ºªae¹cø cpaµº o¹®p¾¹¿, ¹o ÿoªo²ªå¹e, ÿo²a溼c¹a, ª­e-¹på ¯å¸º¹¾, ÿo®a ¸e c®o¯ÿe¸cåpºe¹cø coµªa­òeecø ­¸º¹på ¯opoµå濸o¨o o¹ªeæe¸åø ÿo¸å²e¸¸oe ªa­æe¸åe. S ©­epå xoæoªå濸å®a o¹®p¾­a÷¹cø ÿoª paµæåñ¸¾¯å º¨æa¯å: Xoæoªå濸oe o¹ªeæe¸åe: o®.
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    ru ¾ pe®o¯e¸ªºe¯ pacÿoæa¨a¹¿ ÿpoªº®¹¾ ÿå¹a¸åø cæeªº÷óå¯ o¢paµo¯: S  ¯opoµå濸o¯ o¹ªeæe¸åå: µa¯opo²e¸¸¾e ÿpoªº®¹¾, ®º¢å®å ÿåóe­o¨o 濪a, ¯opo²e¸oe. S a ÿoæ®ax: ­ xoæoªå濸o¯ o¹ªeæe¸åå (c­epxº ­¸åµ): ¯ºñ¸¾e 嵪eæåø, ¨o¹o­¾e ¢æ÷ªa, ¯oæoñ¸¾e ÿpoªº®¹¾, ¯øco å ®oæ¢acº. S  ¢o®ce ªæø o­oóe¼: o­oóå,
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    ru ³a¯opa²å­a¸åe å xpa¸e¸åe ÿpoªº®¹o­ ¥o®ºÿ®a µa¯opo²e¸¸¾x ÿpoªº®¹o­ šÿa®o­®a ÿpoªº®¹o­ ¸e ªo沸a ¢¾¹¿ ÿo­pe²ªe¸¸o¼. Cpo® ¨oª¸oc¹å ¸e ªoæ²e¸ ¢¾¹¿ ÿpe­¾òe¸. ™e¯ÿepa¹ºpa ­ ¯opoµå濸å®e, ­ ®o¹opo¯ xpa¸ø¹cø ÿpoªº®¹¾ ­ ¯a¨aµå¸e, ªo沸a ¢¾¹¿ –18 °C åæå ¸å²e. ³a¯opo²e¸¸¾e ÿpoªº®¹¾ æºñòe ­ce¨o
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    ru Cºÿepµa¯opa²å­a¸åe ³a¯opa²å­a¸åe ÿpoªº®¹o­ ÿå¹a¸åø Ecæå ­ ¯opoµå濸o¯ o¹ªeæe¸åå º²e xpa¸ø¹cø ÿpoªº®¹¾ ÿå¹a¸åø, ¹o µa ¸ec®oæ¿®o ñaco­ ªo µa¨pºµ®å c­e²åx ÿpoªº®¹o­ cæeªºe¹ ­®æ÷ñ广 íº¸®ýå÷ cºÿepµa¯opa²å­a¸åø. ¥poªº®¹¾ ÿå¹a¸åø ªo沸¾ ®a® ¯o²¸o c®opee ÿpo¯epµ¸º¹¿ ªo ca¯o¼ cepeªå¸¾. ѹo¢¾ coxpa¸åæåc¿
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    ru Ža® ÿpa­å濸o ºÿa®o­a¹¿ ÿpoªº®¹¾:  ®añec¹­e ºÿa®o­®å ¯o²¸o åcÿo濵o­a¹¿: ÿæe¸®º åµ paµæåñ¸¾x c帹e¹åñec®åx ¯a¹epåaæo­, pº®a­a åµ ÿoæåõ¹åæe¸o­o¼ ÿæe¸®å, aæ÷¯å¸åe­º÷ ío濨º, cÿeýåa濸¾e e¯®oc¹å ªæø µa¯opa²å­a¸åø ÿpoªº®¹o­. c÷ õ¹º ÿpoªº®ýå÷ ¾ ¸a¼ªe¹e ­ cÿeýåaæåµåpo­a¸¸¾x ¯a¨aµå¸ax.  ®añec¹­e
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    ru ¾®æ÷ñe¸åe xoæoªå濸å®a a²¯å¹e ¸a ®¸oÿ®º. Påcº¸o® 2/1 Æa¯ÿoñ®a 帪å®aýåå ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºp¾ ÿo¨ac¸e¹, påcº¸o® 2/3, cåc¹e¯a oxæa²ªe¸åø å ­¸º¹pe¸¸ee oc­eóe¸åe xoæoªå濸å®a ­¾®æ÷ña¹cø. ¾­oª xoæoªå濸å®a åµ õ®cÿæºa¹aýåå Ecæå ¾ ªoæ¨oe ­pe¯ø ¸e ¢ºªe¹e ÿo濵o­a¹¿cø xoæoªå濸å®o¯: 1. ¾¹aóå¹e ­å殺 åµ
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    ru Ñåc¹®a xoæoªå濸å®a 1. ¸å¯a¸åe! ŵ­æe®å¹e ­å殺 åµ poµe¹®å åæå ­¾®æ÷ñå¹e ÿpeªoxpa¸å¹eæ¿! 2. šÿæo¹¸å¹eæ¿ ª­epý¾ xoæoªå濸å®a cæeªºe¹ æåò¿ ÿpo¹epe¹¿ ¹pøÿ®o¼, c¯oñe¸¸o¼ ­ ñåc¹o¼ ­oªe, å µa¹e¯ ¹óa¹e濸o ­¾¹epe¹¿ e¨o ¸acºxo. 3. ¥po­oªå¹e ñåc¹®º xoæoªå濸å®a c åcÿo濵o­a¸åe¯ ¹eÿæo¼ ­oª¾, ªo¢a­å­ ­
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    ru Ka® cõ®o¸o¯å¹¿ õæe®¹poõ¸ep¨å÷ S Xoæoªåæ¿¸å® cæeªºe¹ ºc¹a¸a­æå­a¹¿ ­ cºxo¯, xopoòo ÿpo­e¹på­ae¯o¯ ÿo¯eóe¸åå. O¸ ¸e ªoæ²e¸ c¹oø¹¿ ¸a coæ¸ýe åæå ÿo¢æåµoc¹å o¹ åc¹oñ¸å®a ¹eÿæa (¸aÿpå¯ep, paªåa¹opa o¹oÿæe¸åø, õæe®¹poÿæå¹¾). ¥på ¸eo¢xoªå¯oc¹å ­ocÿo濵º¼¹ec¿ åµoæåpº÷óe¼ ÿæå¹o¼. S ¦opøñåe ¢æ÷ªa å
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    ru Ca¯oc¹oø¹e濸oe ºc¹pa¸e¸åe ¯eæ®åx ¸eåcÿpa­¸oc¹e¼ ¥pe²ªe ñe¯ ­¾µ­a¹¿ C溲¢º cep­åca: ÿpo­ep¿¹e, ¸e c¯o²e¹e æå ¾ ºc¹pa¸å¹¿ ¸eÿoæaª®å ca¯oc¹oø¹e濸o c ÿo¯oó¿÷ ÿpå­eªe¸¸¾x ¸å²e pe®o¯e¸ªaýå¼. a¯ ÿpåªe¹cø oÿæañå­a¹¿ ­¾µo­ cÿeýåaæåc¹o­ C溲¢¾ cep­åca ªæø ®o¸cºæ¿¹aýåå ca¯oc¹oø¹e濸o - ªa²e ­o ­pe¯ø
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    ru eåcÿpa­¸oc¹¿ oµ¯o²¸aø ÿpåñå¸a šc¹pa¸e¸åe: ¥oæ xoæoªå濸o¨o o¹ªeæe¸åø ¯o®p¾¼. ³acopåæac¿ ¹pº¢®a ªæø cæå­a ¹aæo¼ ­oª¾. ¥po­eªå¹e ñåc¹®º ²eæo¢®a å o¹­epc¹åø ªæø cæå­a ¹aæo¼ ­oª¾, påcº¸o® 3, ®a® oÿåca¸o ­ paµªeæe «Ñåc¹®a xoæoªå濸å®a»). e ¨opå¹ ¸å oªå¸ åµ å¸ªå®a¹opo­ O¹®æ÷ñåæå õæe®¹poõ¸ep¨å÷;
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    ru eåcÿpa­¸oc¹¿ oµ¯o²¸aø ÿpåñå¸a šc¹pa¸e¸åe:  ¯opoµå濸o¯ o¹ªeæe¸åå cæåò®o¯ ­¾co®aø ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºpa. S O¹®p¾¹a ª­epýa ¯opoµå濸o¨o o¹ªeæe¸åø. ³a®po¼¹e ª­epýº. S ³a®p¾¹¾ ­e¸¹åæøýåo¸¸¾e o¹­epc¹åø. O¢ecÿeñ¿¹e ¸aªe²¸º÷ ­e¸¹åæøýå÷ xoæoªå濸å®a. S  ¯opoµå濸oe o¹ªeæe¸åe ¢¾æo µa¨pº²e¸o µa oªå¸ paµ cæåò®o¯
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    uk Pe®o¯e¸ªaýiï µ º¹åæiµaýiï x š¹åæiµaýiø ºÿa®o­®å šÿa®o­®a µaxåóaƒ aò xoæoªåæ¿¸å® ­iª ¯o²æå­åx ÿoò®oª²e¸¿ ÿiª ñac ¹pa¸cÿop¹º­a¸¸ø. ci ­å®opåc¹a¸i ªæø ­å¨o¹o­æe¸¸ø ºÿa®o­®å ¯a¹epiaæå – ¸eò®iªæå­i ªæø ¸a­®oæåò¸¿o¨o cepeªo­åóa i ¯o²º¹¿ ¢º¹å ÿepepo¢æe¸i ¹a ­å®opåc¹a¸i ÿo­¹op¸o. å µa®æå®aƒ¯o ac
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    uk š paµi ÿoò®oª²e¸¸ø Pe®o¯e¸ªaýiï µ ªo¹på¯a¸¸ø ¢eµÿe®å ¹a µac¹epe²e¸¸ø ¥epeª ÿoña¹®o¯ e®cÿæºa¹aýiï ÿpåæaªº ¥epeª ÿoña¹®o¯ e®cÿæºa¹aýiï ÿpåæaªº š­a²¸o ÿpoñå¹a¼¹e i¸c¹pº®ýi÷ µ ­å®opåc¹a¸¸ø ¹a ­c¹a¸o­æe¸¸ø aòo¨o xoæoªå濸å®a! I¸c¹pº®ýiø ¯ic¹å¹¿ ­a²æå­º i¸íop¯aýi÷ ¹a ÿopaªå óoªo aòoï oco¢åc¹oï
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    uk S aÿoï, óo ¯ic¹ø¹¿ ­åco®å¼ ÿpoýe¸¹ aæ®o¨oæ÷ ÿo­å¸¸i µ¢epi¨a¹åcø ¹iæ¿®å º ¨ep¯e¹åñ¸åx S i ­ ø®o¯º paµi ¸e ºÿa®o­®ax ¹a º ­ep¹å®a濸o¯º ­å®opåc¹o­º¼¹e ­cepeªå¸i ÿoæo²e¸¸i. xoæoªå濸å®a ²oª¸åx S š¸å®a¼¹e ®o¸¹a®¹º ²åpi­ ¹a eæe®¹poÿpåæaªi­ (eæe®¹påñ¸åx oæi¼ µ ÿæac¹å®o­å¯å c¹i¸®a¯å ¸a¨pi­a濸åx
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    uk ©i¹å ­ ªo¯aò¸¿o¯º ¨ocÿoªapc¹­i ³a¨a濸i ÿpa­åæa ®opåc¹º­a¸¸ø S e ªoµ­oæø¼¹e ªi¹ø¯ ¨pa¹åcø µ ºÿa®o­®o÷ a¢o µ ïï ñac¹å¸a¯å. ©i¹å ¯o²º¹¿ µaªåx¸º¹åcø a¢o µaÿ溹a¹åcø ­ ®ap¹o¸¸i¼ ®opo¢ýi a¢o ÿæac¹å®o­o¯º ÿa®e¹i! ©a¸å¼ xoæoªåæ¿¸å® ÿp嵸añe¸å¼ ªæø: S e ªoµ­oæø¼¹e ªi¹ø¯ ¨pa¹åcø µ ÿpåæaªo¯, ciªa¹å ¸a
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    uk 14 aæ÷¸o® 1 1-4 ¥a¸eæ¿ ºÿpa­æi¸¸ø 5 å¯å®añ ­¸º¹piò¸¿o¨o oc­i¹æe¸¸ø 6 Æa¯ÿa ­¸º¹piò¸¿o¨o oc­i¹æe¸¸ø 7 åcº­¸å¼ pºxo¯å¼ ®o¸e¹e¼¸ep ªæø ªeæi®a¹eci­ ñå ªpi¢¸åx ÿpoªº®¹i­ 8 ¥oæåñ®å xoæoªå濸oï ®a¯epå 9 Ko¸¹e¼¸ep ªæø o­oñi­ ¹a ípº¹i­ 10 Øóå®å ªæø µa¯opo²º­a¸¸ø ÿpoªº®¹i­ 11 ¦­å¸¹o­i ¸i²®å, óo
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    uk 4 ¥a¸eæ¿ ºÿpa­æi¸¸ø aæ÷¸o® 2 1 Kæa­iòa ­®æ÷ñe¸¸ø/ ­å®æ÷ñe¸¸ø ©a¸a ®æa­iòa c溲广 ªæø ­¯å®a¸ø ¹a ­å¯å®a¸¸ø ÿpåæaªº. 2 K¸oÿ®a pe¨ºæ÷­a¸¸ø ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºpå º xoæoªå濸i¼ ®a¯epi a¹åc®a¼¹e ®¸oÿ®º ªo¹å, ªo®å ¸e µac­i¹å¹¿cø i¸ªåa¹op ¢a²a¸oï ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºpå a¢o i¸ªå®a¹op íº¸®ýiï ò­åª®o¨o oxoæoª²e¸¸ø «Super».
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    uk ³­ep¹a¼¹e º­a¨º ¸a ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºpº ­ ÿpå¯ióe¸¸i ¹a ­e¸¹åæøýi÷ O¢o­'øµ®o­o µ­ep¹a¼¹e º­a¨º ¸a ®æi¯a¹åñ¸å¼ ®æac, ­®aµa¸å¼ º ¹a¢æåñýi µ ¹ex¸iñ¸å¯å xapa®¹epåc¹å®a¯å, ø®a µ¸axoªå¹¿cø ­cepeªå¸i xoæoªå濸oï ®a¯epå ¸a æi­i¼ c¹i¸ýi. Kæi¯a¹åñ¸å¼ ®æac ­®aµºƒ, µa ø®åx ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºp¸åx º¯o­ aò ÿpåæaª ¯o²¸a
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    uk Eæe®¹påñ¸a poµe¹®a ÿo­å¸¸a µ¸axoªå¹åcø º æe¨®oªoc¹ºÿ¸o¯i ¯icýi. ¥iª®æ÷ña¼¹e ÿpåæaª ªo eæe®¹po¯epe²i ÿepe¯i¸¸o¨o c¹pº¯º µ ÿapa¯e¹pa¯å 220-240 /50 ¦ý ñepeµ o®pe¯º poµe¹®º µ µaµe¯æe¸¸ø¯, ­iªÿo­iª¸o ªo ic¸º÷ñåx ­å¯o¨. Eæe®¹påñ¸a poµe¹®a ¯aƒ ¢º¹å µaxåóe¸a µaÿo¢i²¸å®o¯, poµpaxo­a¸å¯ ¸a c¹pº¯ 10 A-16
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    uk Pe®o¯e¸ªaýiï µ e®cÿæºa¹aýiï S ¡o®o­i c¹i¸®å ®opÿºcº xoæoªå濸å®a ¸eµ¸añ¸o ÿiªi¨pi­a÷¹¿cø, ýe µaÿo¢i¨aƒ º¹­ope¸¸÷ ®o¸ªe¸ca¹º ¸a­®oæo ºói濸÷­aña ª­epýø¹. S ¥iª ñac po¢o¹å ÿpåæaªº ¸a µaª¸i¼ c¹i¸ýi xoæoªå濸oï ®a¯epå ociªa÷¹¿ ®paÿæi ­oªå a¢o i¸i¼, óo µº¯o­æe¸o ®o¸c¹pº®¹å­¸å¯å oco¢æå­oc¹ø¯å po¢o¹å
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    uk Poµ¯ióº÷ñå ÿpoªº®¹å º xoæoªå濸宺, µ­ep¸i¹¿ º­a¨º ¸a ¸ac¹ºÿ¸e: S ¸a ÿoæåñ®ax º xoæoªå濸i¼ ®a¯epi poµ¯i󺼹e (µ­epxº ªo¸åµº): ­åÿiñ®º, ¨o¹o­i c¹pa­å, ¯oæoñ¸i ÿpoªº®¹å, ¯'øco, ®o­¢ac¸i ­åpo¢å; ³¢epi¨a¹å ÿpoªº®¹å º xoæoªå濸宺 ¸eo¢xiª¸o pe¹e濸o ºÿa®o­a¸å¯å a¢o º ói濸o µa®på¹o¯º ÿocºªi.  ¹a®å¼
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    uk e¹aæe­a ÿiª­ic¸a peòi¹®a ªæø ÿæøòo® ™a®a peòi¹®a c溲广 ªæø ¢eµÿeñ¸o¨o ¹a µpºñ¸o¨o µ¢epi¨a¸¸ø ÿæøòo®. ¥æøò®å ¸aªi¼¸o poµ¯ióº÷¹¿cø ¸a peòi¹ýi, ¹a ¸e ­åÿaªa÷¹¿ ÿpå ­iª®på­a¸¸i ¹a µa®på­a¸¸i ª­epýø¹ xoæoªå濸å®a. Peòi¹®º ¯o²¸a ÿepe¯ióº­a¹å ­µªo­² ÿoæåñ®å º µpºñ¸e ªæø ac ¯icýe. ©å­. aæ÷¸o® 7.
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    uk ³a¯opo²º­a¸¸ø ¹a µ¢epi¨a¸¸ø ÿpoªº®¹i­ a óo cæiª µ­ep¸º¹å º­a¨º ÿpå ®ºÿi­æi ò­åª®oµa¯opo²e¸åx ÿpoªº®¹i­ Cæiª®º¼¹e µa ¹å¯, óo¢ ºÿa®o­®a ¸e ¢ºæa ÿoò®oª²e¸a. ³­ep¸i¹¿ º­a¨º ¸a ¹ep¯i¸ µ¢epi¨a¸¸ø µa¯opo²e¸åx ÿpoªº®¹i­. ™e¯ÿepa¹ºpa µ¢epi¨a¸¸ø µa¯opo²e¸åx ÿpoªº®¹i­ º ¯opoµå濸i¼ òaíi ­ ¯a¨aµå¸i ÿo­å¸¸a
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    uk ͺ¸®ýiø ò­åª®o¨o µa¯opo²º­a¸¸ø «SuperFreezing» ͺ¸®ýiø ò­åª®o¨o µa¯opo²º­a¸¸ø «SuperFreezing» c溲广 ªæø ÿpåò­åªòe¸¸ø ÿpoýecº µa¯opo²º­a¸¸ø ­eæå®oï ®iæ¿®oc¹i c­i²åx ÿpoªº®¹i­, µa®æaªe¸åx oª¸oñac¸o. ™a®o², ªa¸a íº¸®ýiø ¯o²e ¢º¹å a®¹å­o­a¸a º ­åÿaª®ax, ®oæå ªo ­²e µa¯opo²e¸åx ÿpoªº®¹i­
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    uk ³ ¯e¹o÷ µ¢epe²e¸¸ø c¯a®o­åx ­æac¹å­oc¹e¼ ¹a µaÿo¢i¨a¸¸ø ­å¯epµa¸¸÷ µa¯opo²e¸åx ÿpoªº®¹i­ ói濸o ºÿa®o­º¼¹e ïx ÿepeª µa­a¸¹a²e¸¸ø¯ ªo ¯opoµå濸oï ®a¯epå, óo¢ º¸e¯o²æå­å¹å ÿo¹pøÿæø¸¸ø ÿo­i¹pø ­cepeªå¸º ºÿa®o­®å. ¥pa­åæa ºÿa®o­®å ÿpoªº®¹i­ ªæø µa¯opo²º­a¸¸ø ©æø ºÿa®o­®å ÿpoªº®¹i­ ÿpåªa¹¸i:
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    uk Poµ¯opo²º­a¸¸ø µa¯opo²e¸åx ÿpoªº®¹i­ å¯®¸e¸¸ø ÿpåæaªº ¹a µºÿ帮a po¢o¹å ÿpåæaªº  µaæe²¸oc¹i ­iª ­åªº ÿpoªº®¹º ¹a ¼o¨o ÿoªaæ¿òo¨o ­å®opåc¹a¸¸ø ¯o²¸a ­å¢pa¹å oªå¸ µ ¸ac¹ºÿ¸åx cÿoco¢i­ poµ¯opo²º­a¸¸ø: a¹åc¸i¹¿ ®¸oÿ®º ­­i¯®¸e¸¸ø/ ­å¯®¸e¸¸ø ÿpåæaªº aæ÷¸o® 2/1. I¸ªå®a¹op ¹e¯ÿepa¹ºpå º xoæoªå濸i
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    uk Poµ¯opo²º­a¸¸ø å¹¹ø ÿpåæaªº ¯opoµå濸oï ®a¯epå 1. å¹ø¨¸i¹¿ ò¹eÿce濸º ­å殺 ©æø poµ¯opo²º­a¸¸ø ¯opoµå濸oï ®a¯epå ­å®o¸a¼¹e ¸ac¹ºÿ¸e: µ poµe¹®å a¢o ­å¯®¸i¹¿ µaÿo¢i²¸å®. S å¼¯i¹¿ ¢o®cå µ µa¯opo²e¸å¯å ÿpoªº®¹a¯å. ¥o®æaªi¹¿ a®º¯ºæø¹opå xoæoªº ¢eµÿocepeª¸¿o ¸a ÿpoªº®¹å (µa º¯o­å, óo aò
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    uk ¥iª ñac ¯å¹¹ø ª­ep¸i ÿoæåñ®å ¯o²¸a µ¸ø¹å ªæø µpºñ¸oc¹i, ø® ­®aµa¸o ¸a aæ÷¸®º q. e ®opåc¹º¼¹ecø a¢paµå­¸å¯å µaco¢a¯å ¹a µaco¢a¯å, óo ¯ic¹ø¹¿ ®åcæo¹å a¢o poµñ常å®å ªæø ¯å¹¹ø ¹a ñåóe¸¸ø ÿpåæaªº. Pe¨ºæøp¸o ÿpoñåóa¼¹e c¹iñ¸å¼ ²oæo¢o®, ø®å¯ c¹i®aƒ ¹aæa ­oªa, ¹a o¹­ip, ñepeµ ø®å¼ ­o¸a ­å¹i®aƒ µ
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    uk Òº¯å ÿpå e®cÿæºa¹aýiï ³­åña¼¸i òº¯å ¦ºªi¸¸ø ć ÿpaý÷ƒ xoæoªåæ¿¸å¼ a¨pe¨a¹. ¡ºæ¿®a¸¸ø, ªµå²ña¸¸ø a¢o ®æe®o¹a¸¸ø ć xoæoªåæ¿¸å¼ µaci¢ ¹eñe ÿo ¹pº¢a¯. Kæaýa¸¸ø ć ¯o¹op ­®æ÷ñaƒ¹¿cø a¢o ­å®æ÷ñaƒ¹¿cø. Ø® ºcº¸º¹å ÿpåñå¸å ªeø®åx òº¯i­ åpi­¸ø¼¹e ÿpåæaª Ø®óo ÿpåæaª ­c¹a¸o­æe¸o ¸epi­¸o, ýe ¯o²e cÿpåñå¸å¹å
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    uk Ø® ca¯oc¹i¼¸o ºcº¸º¹å ¸eµ¸añ¸i ¸ecÿpa­¸oc¹i ­ po¢o¹i ÿpåæaªº ¥epeª ¹å¯, ø® µ­ep¸º¹åcø ªo cep­ic¸o¨o ýe¸¹pº ÿepe­ip¹e, ñå ¯o²e¹e å ca¯oc¹i¼¸o ºcº¸º¹å ªpi¢¸i ¸ecÿpa­¸oc¹i ­ po¢o¹i ÿpåæaªº. ©ocæºxa¼¹ec¿ ¸aòåx pe®o¯e¸ªaýi¼ óoªo ªpi¢¸åx ¸ecÿpa­¸oc¹e¼, óo ­å®æaªe¸i ¸åñ²e.  paµi, ø®óo å µa¢a²aƒ¹e
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    uk ecÿpa­¸ic¹¿ o²æå­a ÿpåñå¸a šcº¸e¸¸ø å¯å®añ ­¸º¹piò¸¿o¨o oc­i¹æe¸¸ø µa¹åc¸º¹å¼. ©å­. aæ÷¸o® 1/5 ¥epe­ip¹e, ñå ­å¯å®añ ­i濸o pºxaƒ¹¿cø. a ª¸i xoæoªå濸oï ³ac¯iñe¸å¼ o¹­ip ªæø ®a¯epå ­iª­eªe¸¸ø ¹aæoï ­oªå. ¸a®oÿåñºƒ¹¿cø ­oªa. ¥poñåc¹i¹¿ ²oæo¢o® ªæø ­iª­eªe¸¸ø ¹aæoï ­oªå ¹a ca¯ o¹­ip.
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    uk ecÿpa­¸ic¹¿ o²æå­a ÿpåñå¸a šcº¸e¸¸ø ™e¯ÿepa¹ºpa ­ ¯opoµå濸i¼ ®a¯epi µa¸aª¹o ­åco®a. S ©­epýø¹a ¯opoµå濸oï ®a¯epå ­iªñå¸e¸i. ³a®på¼¹e ª­epýø¹a. S O¹­opå ªæø ýåp®ºæøýiï ÿo­i¹pø µa®på¹i. ³a¢eµÿeñ¹e ýåp®ºæøýi÷ ÿo­i¹pø. S ©o ¯opoµå濸oï ®a¯epå ÿo®æaªe¸o ­oª¸opaµ µa¸aª¹o ¢a¨a¹o ÿpoªº®¹i­.
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    Bosch Infoteam (MoĆFr: 8.00Ć18.00 Uhr erreichbar) Für Produktinformationen sowie AnwendungsĆ und Bedienungsfragen: Tel.: 01805 304050* oder unter bosch-infoteam@bshg.com *) 0,14 EUR/Min aus dem Festnetz der T-Com, Mobil ggfs. abweichend. Nur für Deutschland gültig! Subject to alterations. ¥pa­o ¸a
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