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O N - S C R E E N   P R O G R A M M I N G      

3 - 2

Navigation Keys


You can access the menu mode by pressing 
Menu/Set. When you enter the Menu, the 
LCD scrolls:

Then press 1 for Initial Setup Menu—OR

Press 2 for Setup Receive Menu—OR

Press 3 for Setup Send Menu

Press 0 for 



You can scroll more quickly through the each menu level by pressing 

, and 

then set an option by pressing Menu/Set when that option appears on the LCD. 

Then the LCD shows next menu level. Press 

 to scroll to your next menu 

selection, and then press Menu/Set.

When you finish setting an option, the LCD shows ACCEPTED.


* Access the Menu
* Go to next menu level
* Accept an option

* Scroll through the 

current menu level

* Back to previous menu 


* Forward to next menu 


* Exit the Menu



 to scroll backward if you passed your choices or to save keystrokes.







Оглавление инструкции
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    Navigation Keys * Access the Menu * Go to next menu level * Accept an option * Scroll through the current menu level * Back to previous menu level * Forward to next menu level * Exit the Menu You can access the menu mode by pressing Menu/Set. When you enter the Menu, the LCD scrolls: SELECT Then
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    To access the menu, press Menu/Set. to accept Stop to Exit Main Menu Menu Selections Options Descriptions Page — Enter date and time for the LCD display and the heading on fax transmissions. 4-1 — 1. INITIAL SETUP Program your name, fax number and telephone number to appear on each transmitted
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    To access the menu, press Menu/Set. to accept Stop to Exit Main Menu 2. SETUP RECEIVE Menu Selections 1. RING DELAY Options RING DELAY TOLL SAVER Descriptions Page 04 03 02 01 00 The number of rings before the fax machine answers in FAX/TEL, FAX ONLY or TAD mode. 5-3 ON Machine rings two extra
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    To access the menu, press Menu/Set. to accept Stop to Exit Main Menu 3. SETUP SEND Menu Selections 1. COVERPG SETUP Options NEXT FAX ONLY, ON OFF PRINT SAMPLE 2. COVERPAGE MSG 3. CONTRAST — AUTO S.LIGHT Descriptions Automatically sends a cover page you program. Programs a customized message for the
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    Menu/Set. To access the menu, press to accept Stop to Exit Main Menu 4. CANCEL JOB Menu Selections Options Descriptions Page — — Cancel a delayed fax or polling job. — — Send a fax now, even if you have the machine set to send a fax later, or if you have it set for polling. 6-9 — Stores dial
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    To access the menu, press Menu/Set. to accept Stop to Exit Main Menu 8. SETUP MSG CTR Menu Selections Options Descriptions 1. MSG STORAGE FAX: ON/OFF VOICE: ON/EXT/OFF Select if memory will store fax, voice or both. 2. BACKUP PRINT ON Prints a copy of faxes received into memory. Page 9-2 9-5 OFF 3.
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    4 Initial Setup Getting Started After you have assembled your machine using the Brother Quick Setup Guide, continue the initial setup by programming the rest of the initial settings. Setting Date and Time Your fax machine displays the date and time, and prints it on every fax you send. In the event
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    4 Use the dial pad to enter your name (up to 20 characters), and then press Menu/Set. (You can use the chart below to help you enter letters.) 5 Press Stop/Exit. NAME: N OT I C E The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 makes it unlawful for any person to use a computer or electronic device to
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    Making Corrections If you entered a letter incorrectly and want to change it, press to move the cursor after the last correct letter. Then press Stop/Exit; the letters above and to the right of the cursor are deleted. Re-enter the correct text and/or digits. You can also back up and type over
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    Choosing the Handset Volume (For Volume Amplify) Before you begin to use the machine, you must decide if you need to set the handset volume to AMPLIFY:ON for a user who is hearing-impaired. The AMPLIFY volume level complies with FCC standards. VOLUME AMPLIFY: OFF This default setting is appropriate
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    Setting Volume Amplify Please carefully read Choosing the Handset Volume (For Volume Amplify), page 4-4 before you do the following steps: 1 Press Menu/Set, 1, 4. 4.VOLUME AMPLIFY 2 Press or to select VOL AMPLIFY:OFF? if VOL AMPLIFY:OFF? none of the users are hearing-impaired and go to Step 4—OR—If
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    Memory Storage In the event of a power failure, all settings in the INITIAL SETUP, SETUP RECEIVE and SET AUTO DIAL plus the COVERPG SETUP and COVERPAGE MSG (from SETUP SEND) operations are stored permanently. You may have to reset the date and time. Setting Tone/Pulse Dialing Mode Your fax machine
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    5 Setup Receive Basic Receiving Operations Select Receive Mode MANUAL—You must answer all calls yourself. If you hear fax tones, press Fax Start to begin receiving the fax, then hang up. You can use this mode with Distinctive Ringing. (See Distinctive Ring, page 8-1.) FAX ONLY—The fax machine
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    09/06 15:25 FAX To select or change your Receive Mode 1 Press Receive Mode. The LCD shows your current selection. FAX ONLY FAX/TEL MANUAL Or, if Message Center mode is ON, it overrides your Receive Mode setting, so the LCD shows: MC:MSG CTR 2 5-2 Continue to press Receive Mode until your new
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    Setting Ring Delay The Ring Delay setting determines the number of times the fax machine rings before it answers. If you have extension phones on the same line as the fax machine, keep the Ring Delay default setting of 4. (See Easy Receive, page 5-4, Operation from External or Extension Telephone,
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    Record FAX/TEL Outgoing Message (F/T OGM) This is the announcement played by your FAX (not an external TAD) when someone calls and your machine is set to FAX/TEL mode. Although callers hear your announcement, they cannot leave a message. To erase the announcement, see Erasing Outgoing Message
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    Printing a Reduced Incoming Fax You can always reduce the size of an incoming fax to a fixed percentage, regardless of the size of the paper (up to legal) in your fax machine. If you choose AUTO, your machine chooses the level of reduction for you. 1 Press Menu/Set, 2, 5. 2 Press or to select the
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    Advanced Receiving Operations Operation from External or Extension Telephone If you answer a fax call on an extension phone or on an external phone in the EXT. jack, you can make your fax machine take over by using the Fax Receive Code. When you press the Fax Receive Code 5 1, the fax machine
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    Polling Polling is the process of retrieving faxes from another fax machine. You can use your fax machine to “poll” other machines, or you can have someone poll your machine. All parties involved in polling need to set up their fax machines to accommodate polling. When someone polls your machine to
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    6 Setup Send Before You Begin Before you begin sending faxes, make sure you read all the instructions and cautions for placing originals in the automatic document feeder. Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) I Originals must be between 5.8 and 8.5 inches wide and between 5.9 and 23.7 inches long. Your
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    Manual Transmission Manual transmission lets you hear the dial tone, ringing and fax receiving tones before sending the fax. 1 2 Place the original face down in the ADF. 3 Enter the fax number you want to call. (You can enter the digits using the dial pad, or you can enter a One Touch or Speed Dial
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    Quick-Scan Fax Transmission You can scan a fax into the fax machine’s memory to be sent as soon as the scan is complete. This way, you don’t have to wait for the entire fax to be transmitted before you retrieve your original. If you get an OUT OF MEMORY message while scanning the first page of a
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    Cover Page for Next Fax Only Make sure the Station ID is set up (See Setting Station ID, page 4-1). This feature does not work without the Station ID. You can set the fax to send a cover page with a particular original. This cover page will include the number of pages in your original. 1 2 3 Place
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    4 If you selected ON, you must select a 1.COMMENT OFF comment. Press or to view possible 2.PLEASE CALL selections. (You can select your custom comment.) 3.URGENT 4.CONFIDENTIAL 5.(USER DEFINED) 6.(USER DEFINED) 5 Press Menu/Set when the LCD shows your selection. The LCD shows: 6 Press 1 if you want
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    Contrast If your original is very light or very dark, you might want to set the contrast accordingly. Use S.LIGHT to send a very light original. Use S.DARK to send a very dark original. 1 2 Place the original face down in the ADF. 3 Press or to select AUTO, S.LIGHT or Press Menu/Set, 3, 3.
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    Call Reservation / Call Back Message You can send a fax and let the other person know that you want to have a conversation after the fax transmission is complete. The receiving fax machine will ring as if it were receiving a telephone call and shows CALL PICKUP. If the other party picks up the
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    Delayed FAX You can use this setting to send a fax up to 24 hours later. 1 2 Place the original face down in the ADF. 3 4 Press Menu/Set, 3, 7. 5 6 Press Menu/Set. 7 8 You can press Quick-Scan/Reports to use memory transmission—OR— Leave the original in the ADF to be scanned at the specified time.
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    Canceling a Scheduled Job You can cancel tasks you’ve scheduled, such as Delayed Fax or Polling Transmit. 1 Press Menu/Set, 4. Any waiting jobs appear on the LCD. If there are no jobs waiting, the LCD shows NO JOB WAITING. 2 If you have more than two jobs waiting, press or to select the job you
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    7 Auto Dial Numbers and Dialing Options Storing Numbers for Easy Dialing You can set up your fax machine to do three types of easy dialing: One Touch, Speed Dial and Groups for Broadcasting of faxes. If you lose electrical power, auto dial numbers in memory will not be lost. Storing One Touch Dial
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    6 Return to Step 2 to store another One Touch number—OR—Press Stop/Exit. When you dial an AUTO DIAL number the LCD shows the name you’ve stored, or if you haven’t stored a name, the number you’ve stored. If you must wait for another dial tone at any point in the dialing sequence, store a pause at
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