Инструкция для GIGABYTE GSmart G1355

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G1355│  1

Your Phone 

This section introduces you to the hardware of the device. 


















1  Earphone jack 

Use a headset for hands-free 
conversation or listening to 


• Press and hold for several 

seconds to turn the phone 
on or off. 

• To set your phone to the 

sleep mode, press the 
power button briefly. Press 
again to turn on the display. 


The source of voice. 

4  Touch screen  Display screen. 


• Power status notification. 
• Other notification. (New   

message / New email / 
Missed call). 

P-sensor /   

Light sensor 

• P-Sensor: The screen will 

turn off automatically when 
the device is close to the 
face during a phone call.   

• Light Sensor: Adjust the 

brightness of the screen 
according to the 

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    Your Phone This section introduces you to the hardware of the device. 1 6 1 No. 3 5 2 3 4 4 5 2 7 11 6 8 9 10 G1355│ 1 Items Functions Use a headset for hands-free Earphone jack conversation or listening to music. • Press and hold for several seconds to turn the phone on or off. Power • To set your
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    No. Items 7 Menu 8 Home 9 MIC 10 Search 11 Return Functions Press to view the options of the menu. • Go back to Home Screen. • Press and hold to bring up recent activities. Sound Receiver. Connect to the website or find features in the phone. 12 Return to the previous page. Press upward or downward
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    17 Fo to u PI XE LS / A 14 ME GA 15 5. 0 16 Items Functions The camera on the back of the 5 Megapixels device supports 5-mega-pixel Camera photo and high-quality video. You need to open the cover to Back cover install or uninstall the battery and the SIM card. Speaker The source of music and voice.
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    2. Please remove the back cover from the top. Installing or uninstalling SIM Card, Battery, and Memory Card To remove the back cover 1. Please turn over your phone with the back cover facing up. G1355│ 4
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    3. Pull the back cover with your fingertip and remove it. SIM card The SIM card contains your phone number, memory storage, and details of network service. To install the SIM card Make sure the gold contacts are facing down and the cut-off corner is facing toward the SIM card slot. There are two
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    To remove the SIM card 1. First, remove battery. 2. Use your finger to slide the SIM card out of card slot. Battery Your phone comes with a rechargeable battery. Battery life varies depending on the network, used applications, and the type of connections attached to your phone. To install the
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    To replace the back cover 1. Please insert the hook on the bottom of back cover into the slot. 2. Then, press four points of back cover fully until hear clicks. G1355│ 7
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    Memory card You may need a microSD card to store photos, music, videos and other data. To install the memory card 1. Insert the memory card with the gold contact facing down. 2. Push the memory card until it clicks into slot. To remove the memory card 1. For safe removal, tap Application Drawer >
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    NOTE: • The battery can also be charged when you connect your phone to a computer. • To ensure safety, do not remove the battery from the phone while the AC adapter is connected or while it is being charged. Notification LED Types Solid red light Descriptions Battery is charging. Solid green light
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    The following instructions are only provided with the original headset of the original manufacturer: Types Descriptions • When you receive an incoming call, press the button to answer the call. If you are having a call conversation, press the button to mute, and press again to Press the button
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    Battery is full. 3G is in progress. Battery is low. HSDPA is in progress. Battery Battery is very low. Airplane mode. Battery is charging. Call is in progress. No network signal / No SIM card inserted. Maximum signal strength. Fewer bars indicate lower signal strength. Network and Connection Your
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    The device is connected to PC via the USB cable. Downloading an application. New text message. Android Manager New e-mail. You can use Android Manager on your PC to synchronize data in your device. Please download Android Manager from GSmart’s official website and install it in your PC. Alarm.
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    : Connection between PC and your device is disconnected. Use Android Manager on your PC Contacts: Allows you to back up contacts, as well as organize your contacts. Messages: Allows you to edit and send messages. Photos: Allows you to import photos from PC or the device and to organize them in
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    NOTE: Only Windows XP Service Pack 3 and higher versions support the installation. Standby time Specifications System Information Platform Processor Memory Display Size Resolutions Size Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight Power Battery Rechargeable Power Adapter AC input DC output Android 2.3 Qualcomm
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    External Memory Memory Card Temperature Operating SIM Card Slot Dual SIM card slot. microSD supports up to 32GB -15°C to 55°C NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without the prior notice. They may vary in some regions also. NOTE: Network supporting: (a). SIM 1: 3G/2G(WCDMA/GSM) (b). SIM 2:
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