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Warm Tips 


Dear Customer, 

Thank  you  for  your  purchase  of  our  device.  We  sincerely  hope  you  will  gain  the  best 

multimedia  experience  from  this  device.  Due  to  our  constant  upgrading  and  improving  on  the 
device, software, appearance or functions might be a little different from the descriptions in this 


If you have any doubt or query during usage, please feel free to contact our after service 

staffs. We will offer the best technical support. 



Charging Operation 



Use only our approved charger. Using unapproved charger might lead to battery explosion or 
damage to the device.



To charge the product, please plug the charger into an electrical outlet and connect with the 
device’s mini USB port.



It  is  normal  phenomenon  that  the  device  become  warm  during  charging,  which  will  not 
affect its service lifetime or performance. 



If the device can not be charged normally, please contact our service center.










Replacing wrong battery might lead to potential explosion. 

Need to dispose of batteries by following strict guidelines. 

Оглавление инструкции
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Warm Tips Dear Customer, Thank you for your purchase of our device. We sincerely hope you will gain the best multimedia experience from this device. Due to our constant upgrading and improving on the device, software, appearance or functions might be a little different from the
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Appearance and Buttons ⑴Screen: the window for operation and display. ⑵Back Button: Press to return to the previous screen. ⑶Microphone: Used to record audio. ⑷Mini USB Port: Used for charging or connecting with a computer with a USB cable. ⑸Headset Jack (3.5mm): Connects the
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Parental Main Screen In parental apps screen, the device own apps, preinstalled apps and all other apps installed in kids mode are listed. You can operate the touch screen to use all the functions of the device, and view the notifications of messages and events. Tap the “Cappsu”
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Parental Settings In parental setting, anti-addiction time and rest time can be edited. System update advice and child-rearing knowledge will be sent to the bundled email account non-periodically. The default parental password is 1234, which is for switching to parental mode
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Apps Management All the own apps and preinstalled apps are listed in apps management screen, where parents can authorize suitable apps to kids mode one by one or batch by batch. Parents can select specific category in the kids mode to put the apps. Also parents can uninstall
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Kids Main Screen The status bar at the top of kids main screen includes user name, WiFi signal and battery indicator. Tap user’s portrait to edit personal information. WiFi and battery indicator are to supervise real-time WiFi signal intensity and battery consumption. At the
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Kids Mode Settings 1、 WiFi Setting 2、 Brightness Setting 3、 Volume Setting 4、 Wallpaper Setting In kids main screen, tap setting icon at the bottom right corner to relative kids setting box. You can connect, disconnect or ignore the WiFi network. The settings of brightness and
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Editing User Tap the portrait in kids main screen to open kids user information editing screen, where you can edit user information. User name, password and hobby are required. Adding Apps in Kids Mode 7
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Tap the bottom left “+” icon at any category of kids mode, password verification screen appears. After correct password is put, all the apps in parental mode will be listed, where wanted apps can be added to kids mode. Switching Users In kids main screen, press the menu button,
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    GOCLEVER PlayTAB 01 Creating Category In kids main screen, press the menu button on the left side of the device, and the creating-category dialog box appears. Apps in kids mode can be managed in order conveniently by creating category. 9
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