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We guarantee compatibility of our 3G modems:  
Due  to  the  fact  that  modem  manufacturers’  technical 
specifications may change we recommend our customers to 
verify compatibility before purchasing any modem. 


How to check modem compatibility with GOCLEVER tablet ? 

1) Go to Settings,  tap Wi-Fi 


2) Turn Wi-Fi off, set switch to OFF. 

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    3G MODEM SUPPORT We guarantee compatibility of our 3G modems: GOCLEVER GCM01 and GOCLEVER GCM02. Due to the fact that modem manufacturers’ technical specifications may change we recommend our customers to verify compatibility before purchasing any modem. How to check modem compatibility with
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    3) Tap More… and then Mobile networks. Now connect modem to tablet and wait about 1 minute. 4) Tick Data enabled and then tap Access Point Names 2
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    5) Tap settings 6) Tap New APN 3
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    7) Scroll down the list 8) If parameters MMC and MNC are available tablet works with the modem correctly, now input your network provider’s settings: Name, APN and Username also Password if needed. Tap your settings. to save 4
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    9) After saving correct settings modem will connect to 3G network. 5
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