Инструкция для M-AUDIO Evolution MK-261

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Evolution MK-261 








Soundcard as power source 


Using the supplied self powered connector cable, connect the 5 pin male plug to the MK-261 MIDI keyboard and the 
15 pin male plug to the MIDI port on your PC soundcard. 



1-2 AC 


You can also use an AC adapter (not included) with the following specification: 9-12V DC output, 250-300mA, 
centre positive. 

Note: Do not leave the adapter plugged in for long periods of time if the unit is not in use. 

Оглавление инструкции
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    MK-261 Evolution MK-261 www.evolution.co.uk MIDI KEYBOARD MANUAL 1. POWER SUPPLY 1-1 Soundcard as power source Using the supplied self powered connector cable, connect the 5 pin male plug to the MK-261 MIDI keyboard and the 15 pin male plug to the MIDI port on your PC soundcard. IMPORTANT – DO NOT
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    2. Preparation 2-1 Connect the unit with other MIDI equipment you may have: MIDI IN MIDI IN MIDI Sound Module MIDI Keyboard MIDI IN MIDI OUT Computer 2-2 2-3 Turn on the POWER switch. Turn all other equipment on. 3. Setting the MIDI Transmit Channel There are 16 MIDI transmit channels available.
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    6-2 Press numeric keys 0-9 to select a new MIDI controller. You can also use decrease the value of the number. the +/- switches to increase or Note: * If you do nothing for 5 seconds, the LED will return to show the current PROGRAM CHANGE number. * If the number you press is not in the range of
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    11. PROGRAM & BANK CHANGE MEMORY You can assign a selected PROGRAM CHANGE as well as a BANK LSB and a BANK MSB to one of ten numeric keys (09). Once stored, simply pressing one of the numeric keys will send the desired PROGRAM and BANK CHANGES. 11-1 Select the desired PROGRAM CHANGE, BANK LSB and
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    3. Control: Sliders: (PITCH BEND WHEEL, MODULATION WHEEL, CHANNEL VOLUME) 4. Display: 3 digit LED 5. Jack: DC IN (DC 9V), MIDI OUT, SUSTAIN 6. Dimension: 1205 x205 x84 (mm) 7. Weight: 3.5 kg Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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    APPENDIX MIDI IMPLEMENTATION CHART Function Basic :Default Channel:Changed :Default Mode :Messages :Altered Note Number:True Voice Velocity: Note ON : Note OFF After :Key’s Touch :Ch’s Pitch Bend 0,32 1 Control 6 Change 7 64 1-31 33-95 102-121 Program Change:True Number System Exclusive :Song
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