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Air to Water Heat Pump
 Hydrolution (HM)

HMS140V       / FDCW140VNX

This heat pump complies with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, 
LV Directive 2006/95/EC.
CE marking is applicable to the area of 50 Hz power supply.


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    USER’S MANUAL MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. Air to Water Heat Pump Hydrolution (HM) HMA100V(M) / FDCW 71VNX, FDCW100VNX HMS140V / FDCW140VNX This heat pump complies with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, LV Directive 2006/95/EC. CE marking is applicable to the area of 50 Hz power supply. PSA012B733A
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    Table of Contents Safety percautions   General   Installation data  Information about the installation Product information  Features of Hydrolution  Principle of operation Hydrolution  Front panel, indoor unit   How to use the front panel  Menu types  Quick movement  Key lock  Language
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    Safety precaution Safety precaution This applince is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person
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    Safety precaution Only use prescribed optional parts. The installation must be carried out by the qualified installer. If you install the system by yourself, it can cause serious trouble such as water leaks, electric shocks, fire. Do not run the unit with removed panels or protections Touching
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    Safety precaution Do not install the remote controller at the direct sunlight. It can cause malfunction or deformation of the remote controller. Do not use the unit for special purposes such as storing foods, cooling precision instruments and preservation of animals, plants or art. It can cause the
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    General General Hydrolution is a system for heating, cooling and producing hot water for small houses. The system consists of an outdoor nuit, which utilises the energy in the outdoor air and sends it to the indoor unit, which takes care of the regulation and heat distribution in the house. In
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    Information about the installation Information about the installation Principle of operation Hydrolution 3 Product information Hydrolution is a complete modern heat pump system that offers effective technical energy saving and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Heat production is safe and economical
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    Front panel, indoor module Front panel, indoor unit Hot water symbol Addition. heat symbol If the electrical addition is connected “I” Electrical step 1 “II” Electrical step 2 “I II” Electrical step 1+2 “III” Electrical step 3 Hot water charging in progress. “A” Temporary Extra hot water operation
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    Front panel, indoor module How to use the front panel All the most common settings are made from the panel such as comfort etc. that you expect from the heat pump system to fulfil. In order to make full use of it, certain basic settings must have been made (see page 10) and the installation in
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    Comfort setting heating Comfort setting heating General The indoor temperature depends on several factors. ■  Sunlight and heat emissions from people and household machines are normally sufficient to keep the house warm during the warmer parts of the year. ■  When it gets colder outside, the
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    Comfort setting heating Default Heating curve setting Setting with diagrams The basic heating is set using menu 2.1.2 and with the “Heating curve offset” knob. The diagram shows the relation between the outdoor temperature in the area and the target supply water temperature of the heating system.
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    Comfort setting heating Readjusting the default settings Comfort setting with room sensor If the room temperature does not reach the target, readjustment may be necessary. If MH-RG10 is installed, operation mode is chosen not only by outdoor temperature but also by room temperature. Cold weather
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    Comfort setting cooling / Comfort setting hot water Comfort setting cooling Comfort setting hot water General The integrated water heater is a coil model and is heated by circulating water, which is heated by the heat pump. In the default setting, cooling operation is not allowed. In order to
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    Comfort setting hot water / Maintenance Maintenance Extra Hot Water In all “Extra hot water” functions, the temperature of the hot water increases temporarily. The temperature is first increased to an adjustable level by the compressor (menu 1.5) and then the electric heater is energized until the
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    Maintenance Hot water heater safety valve The water heater’s safety valve sometimes releases a little water after hot water usage. This is because the cold water, which enters the heater to replace the hot water, expands when heated causing the pressure to rise and the safety valve to open. Also
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    Dealing with comfort disruption Dealing with comfort disruption Use the following list to find and remedy any heating or hot water problems. Symptom Low hot water temperature or a lack of hot water Cause Circuit or main MCB tripped. Action Check and replace blown fuses. Heat pump and immersion
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    Dealing with comfort disruption The phenomena mentioned below is not malfunction. The air conditioning system sounds as if water is draining from it. Sounds of rustling or gurgling may be heard from a stopped indoor unit. The air conditioning system cannot start operating again immediately after
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    Alarm indications Alarm indications Different types of alarms There are many monitoring functions integrated in Hydrolution. To alert you to any malfunctions, the control computer transmits alarm signals that can be read from the front panel display. What happens in the event of an alarm? ■  The
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    Control Control Display Changing parameters Operating symbols Value of the current parameter I II III AB 1.0 Menu name Menu number Key lock Clock Menu types Control is classified into different menu types depending on how “deep” into the controls you need to go. 3. Increase or decrease using 13.43
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    Control Menu tree 1.0 [N] Hot water temp. 1.1 [N] Max HW/Peroid time 1.2 [N] Start temperature HW 1.3 [N] Stop temperature HW 1.4 [U] Stop temperature XHW 1.5 [U] Heat pump stop XHW 1.6 [U] Max heat p. time XHW 1.7 [U] Interval XHW 1.8 [U] Next XHW action 1.9 [U] HW run time 1.12 [N] Return 2.0 [N]
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    Control 3.0 [N] Supply temp. 2 4.0 [N] Outdoor temp. 3.1 [N] Offset heating/Tot 2 4.1 [N] Outdoor avg. temp. 3.2 [N] Heating curve 2 4.2 [U] Outdoor filter time 3.3 [U] Min supply temp. 2 4.3 [U] Outdoor avg. 1min. 3.4 [U] Max supply temp. 2 4.4 [N] Return 3.5 [U] External adjust. 2 3.6.0 [U] Own
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    Control 7.0 [N] Clock 8.0 [N] Other adjustments 7.1 [N] Date 8.1.0 [N] Display settings 7.2 [N] Time 7.3.0 [U] Temp set back 8.1.1 [N] Menu type 8.1.2 [N] Language 7.3.1 [U] Set back time 8.1.3 [N] Display contrast 7.3.2 [U] Set back temp +/- 8.1.4 [N] Light intensity 7.3.3 [U] Heating system 8.1.5
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    Control Main menus Menu 1.0 [N] Hot water temp. The current hot water temperature in the vessel is shown here. Figure on left shows the one in the middle and right one in brackets shows the one on the bottom. Menu 2.0 [N] Supply temp. The current supply temperature for the heating system is shown
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    Control 1.0 [N] Hot water temp. Menu 1.1 [N] Max HW/Period time Menu 1.12 [N] Return Return to menu 1.0. The time of the hot water period and the time for the whole period are shown here. Whole period is shown in brackets. Shown for both hot water charging and heating when necessary: Time for
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    Control 2.0 [N] Supply temp. Menu 2.1.4 [U] Min supply heating Menu 2.1.0 [N] Heating settings The set minimum level for the supply temperature to the heating system is shown here. Heating settings are made in the sub-menus for this menu. Menu 2.1.1 [N] Offset heating/Total The selected heating
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    Control Menu 2.2.4 [N] Min supply cooling The set minimum level for the supply temperature to the cooling system is shown here. The calculated flow temperature never drops below the set level irrespective of the outdoor temperature, cooling curve or its offset. Setting range: 7 – 25 °C (18 – 25 °C
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    Control 3.0 [N] Supply temp. 2 Menu 3.6.1 [U] Supply temp.at +20 Menu 3.1 [N] Offset heating/Tot 2 The supply temperature at an outdoor air temperature of +20 °C is selected here. The heating curve offset 2 is selected here. The total offset of heat curve 2 is also shown here. It includes schedule,
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    Control 4.0 [N] Outdoor temp. 5.0 [N] Heat pump Menu 4.1 [N] Outdoor avg. temp. Menu 5.1 [N] Number of starts This menu shows the average outdoor temperature according to the set value in menu 4.2 (factory setting: 24h). The accumulated number of starts with the compressor in outdoor unit is shown
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    Control Menu 5.16 [N] Return 6.0 [N] Room temperature* Return to menu 5.0. *Requires accessory and activation in menu 9.3.6. Menu 6.1 [U] Room compensation A factor is selected here that determines how much the calculated supply temperature is affected by the difference between the room temperature
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    Control 7.0 [N] Clock Menu 7.1 [N] Date The current date is set here. Menu 7.2 [N] Time Here the current time is set. Menu 7.3.0 [U] Temp set back Settings, e.g. for night reduction can be selected in the submenus to this menu. Menu 7.5.0 [U] Vacation set back Holiday settings are made in the
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    Control 8.0 [N] Other adjustments Menu 8.1.0 [N] Display settings Menu 8.2.3 [U] Stop temp. heating The average outdoor air temperature at which the heat pump (in auto mode) is to stop heat production. Settings concerning language and menu type are set in the submenus to this menu. When the average
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    Control Menu 8.3.7 [U] Return Return to menu 8.3.0. Menu 8.5.0 [U] Period settings Time periods for heating and hot water production are set in the sub-menus for this menu. Menu 8.5.1 [U] Period time You can set the length of cycle time for hot water production and heating in case there is demand
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    Control Checklist: Checks before commissioning Hot water Notes Non-return valve Is it installed in right direction ? Safety valve Is it installed in cold water line ? Mixer valve Is it installed in right direction ? Heating Notes System volume Tank ______ℓ+ System ______ℓ= Total ______ℓ Safety
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    AIR-CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS HEADQUARTERS 3-1, Asahi, Nishibiwajima-cho, Kiyosu, Aichi, 452-8561, Japan http://www.mhi.co.jp MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES EUROPE, LTD. AIR-CONDITIONER DIVISION 3rd Floor Thavies Inn House 3-4 Holborn Circus London EC1N 2HA, ENGLAND Tel: +44-20-7842-8171
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