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For UK customers only

This 5 year guarantee is only valid when registered
directly with Morphy Richards. If you do not
register your product it is guaranteed for 2 years

To validate your 5 year
guarantee, there are 2 easy
ways to register:


Telephone our consumer helpline
0870 060 2609.
Once you have registered your
product you will receive written
confirmation from Morphy Richards,
please retain this information.


Alternatively, log on to
www.morphyrichards.com and
register online.
You will receive an email
confirmation, please print off and
retain this information.


It is important to retain the retailers
receipt as proof of purchase. Staple
your receipt to this back cover for
future reference.
Please quote the following
information if the product develops a
fault. These numbers can be found
on the base of the product.

Model no.

Serial no.

All Morphy Richards products are
individually tested before leaving the
factory. In the unlikely event of any
appliance proving to be faulty within
28 days of purchase it should be
returned to the place of purchase for
it to be replaced.
If the fault develops after 28 days
and within 24 months of original
purchase, contact your local service
centre at the address shown. You
will be asked to return the product
(in secure, adequate packaging) to
the address below along with a copy
of proof of purchase.
Subject to the exclusions set out
below (see Exclusions) the faulty
appliance will then be repaired or
replaced and dispatched usually
within 7 working days of receipt.
If for any reason this item is replaced
during the 2 year guarantee period,
the guarantee on the new item will
be calculated from original purchase
date. Therefore it is vital to retain
your original till receipt or invoice to
indicate the date of initial purchase.

To qualify for the guarantee the
appliance must have been used
according to the instructions


Morphy Richards shall not be liable
to replace or repair the goods under
the terms of the guarantee where:


The fault has been caused or is
attributable to accidental use,
misuse, negligent use or used
contrary to the manufacturers
recommendations or where the fault
has been caused by power surges
or damage caused in transit.


The appliance has been used on a
voltage supply other than that
stamped on the products.


Repairs have been attempted by
persons other than our service staff
(or authorised dealer).


Where the appliance has been used
for hire purposes or non domestic


Morphy Richards are not liable to
carry out any type of servicing work,
under the guarantee.

This guarantee does not confer any
rights other than those expressly set
out above and does not cover any
claims for consequential loss or
damage. This guarantee is offered
as an additional benefit and does
not affect your statutory rights as a




IMPORTANT: Never use the whisk
attachment for dough kneading.

Slicing & Chopping 
There is a choice of blades; slicing,
shredding and chipping (only on
certain models).


Fit the processor bowl as before on
the motor drive.


Fit detachable drive shaft.


Place the blade of your choice on
top of the detachable drive shaft,
holding the blade by the centre grip.
Ensure that the teeth are facing

WARNING: Use extreme caution
- the blades are sharp.


Fit the lid and click into place as
detailed in ‘Setting up’.


Fit the large food pusher into the
tube on the processor lid.


Use the small food pusher to add
food into the processor bowl
through the feeder tube.

Mini processor bowl
Use the mini processor bowl to
chop herbs and small quantities of


Fit the mini chopping bowl on the
processor body, as detailed
previously in ‘Setting up’.


Slot the mini processor bowl into the
main processor bowl, ensuring that
the locators on the processor bowl
align with the slots in the mini
processor bowl.


Using only the small blade, place on
top of the motor drive. This fits in
the hole in the mini processor bowl.


Add the food.


Fit the lid, ensuring that it is
correctly located.


Operate the processor for 2 to 5
seconds only.


The processor control has 1 speed
and a pulse button.

Using the pulse button allows
greater control over the texture of
the food produced. It is only
intended to be used for short
‘bursts’ of processing or blending.



Switch the processor off and unplug
from electrical socket.


All accessories and processor tools
can be washed in hot soapy water
except for the processor body.
WARNING: Extreme care must
be taken when washing the
metal blades as these are
extremely sharp.


Clean the processor body with a
damp cloth.

WARNING: Always unplug the
appliance body before cleaning.


Place the protective cover on to the
chopping blade and small blade and
place into the storage container. 


For coarser chopping, use the pulse
button for a few seconds and
monitor food texture.

Pre-cut larger pieces to make them
fit into the feed tube. When
chopping hard foods(eg meat,
cheese) cut into 1 inch/2.5cm

For shredding and chipping, place
food horizontally into the feed tube.
For slicing, place food vertically.

When slicing carrots, place 2 at a
time in the feeder tube to keep


For UK customers
If you have any difficulty with your
appliance, do not hesitate to call.
We are more likely to be able to help
than the store from where you
bought it. 

Please have the following
information ready to enable our staff
to deal with your enquiry quickly:

Name of the product

Model number as shown on the
underside of the appliance or rating

Serial number

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    Delar · ⁄ ¤ ‹ › fi fl ‡ · ‚ „ ‰ Â Ê Á ‡ ‚ fl Matberedarenhet På/av pulsknapp Huvudenheten Mixerskål Liten hackningsskål Mixerlock Stor påmatare Liten påmatare Liten hackskiva Degskrapa Degblad Hackningskniv Löstagbart drivskaft Strimmelskiva (endast vissa modeller) „ Á fi Ë › ‰ È ‹ Â Í ¤ ⁄ Ê Ë Tjocka
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    SNABBGUIDE Montering Tillbehör och redskap NamnFunktion Typ av mat Maxvolym Tid Särskilda anteckningar HACKNINGSKNIV Hackning Kött, grönsaker, ost, choklad 700 g 15-20 sek Soppor, drinkar Tillagade grönsaker, potatis, och frukt 700 g 20 sek 600 g 10-15 sek Kakdeg, scones 350 g 1 min max Kakor
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    1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 Anpassa mixerskålen enligt ovanstående beskrivning under “Installation”. Sätt fast vispskivan på enheten. Lägg ingredienserna i skålen. Anpassa locket, påmataren och sätt på plats enligt beskrivningen i avsnittet “Installation”. Anslut matberedaren. Sätt på matberedaren. VIKTIGT:
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    Istotne uwagi dotyczące bezpieczeństwa } Bezpieczeństwo osób • Użytkowanie każdego urządzenia elektrycznego wymaga przestrzegania następujących podstawowych, zdroworozsądkowych zasad bezpieczeństwa. SPIS TREŚCI Istotne uwagi dotyczące bezpieczeństwa 82 Wymogi elektryczne 84 Wyposażenie 85
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    Wymogi elektryczne Upewnij się, że napięcie podane na tabliczce znamionowej urządzenia odpowiada napięciu w gniazdku sieciowym doprowadzającym prąd zmienny. Jeżeli wtyczka urządzenia nie pasuje do gniazdek sieciowych w danym miejscu użytkowania urządzenia, należy zmienić wtyczkę na inną. należy ją
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    KRÓTKA INSTRUKCJA Przystawki i narzędzia Nazwa Montaż Funkcja Typ produktu Czas Uwagi Mięso, warzywa, sery, czekolada OSTRZE DO SZATKOWANIA Szatkowanie Maks. ilość 700 g 15-20 sek. Tryb pulsacyjny pozwala uzyskać kontrolę nad konsystencją 700 g 20 sek. 600 g 10-15 sek. 2 Â Miksowanie
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    Sprawdź, czy noże są skierowane w górę. produktów, a jeszcze przed wyciągnięciem ich z miski, wyciągnij ostrze. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 2 3 88 Ostrze do wyrabiania ciasta Zamontuj miskę robota na swoim miejscu zgodnie z opisem w rozdziale “Przygotowanie robota kuchennego”. Zamontuj ostrze do
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    6 ramach niniejszej gwarancji. Gwarancja nie obejmuje elementów eksploatacyjnych, np. worków, filtrów czy szklanych karafek. Niniejsza gwarancja nie nadaje żadnych praw innych niż te wyraźnie określone powyżej oraz nie pokrywa roszczeń związanych ze stratami lub uszkodzeniami wynikającymi z
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    Меры предосторожности При использовании любого электроприбора необходимо соблюдать следующие основные правила безопасности. Личная безопасность Кроме этого, мы даем следующие очень важные советы по мерам безопасности. Не прикасайтесь к движущимся частям прибора. Во время работы не подставляйте
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  • Страница 50 из 54
    Хранение комбайна, как было описано выше в разделе “Подготовка к работе” . • 2 Вставьте чашу для измельчения в основную чашу кухонного комбайна, убедившись, что центраторы чаши комбайна совмещены с желобами в чаше для измельчения. Важные Рекомендации • 3 Возьмите только малый нож и закрепите его на
  • Страница 51 из 54
    2 Изделие использовалось под напряжением, отличающимся от указанного на изделии. 3 Предпринимались попытки ремонта изделия лицами, которые не являются нашим обслуживающим персоналом (или персоналом официального дилера). 4 Прибор использовался на условиях аренды или применялся для не бытовых целей.
  • Страница 52 из 54
    g For electrical products sold within the European p Para produtos eléctricos vendidos na Comunidade Community. At the end of the electrical products useful life it should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for
  • Страница 53 из 54
    g Morphy Richards products are intended for household use only. Morphy Richards has a policy of continuous improvement in product quality and design. The Company, therefore, reserves the right to change the specification of its models at any time. The After Sales Division, Morphy Richards Ltd,
  • Страница 54 из 54