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User’s Manual

Оглавление инструкции
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    1 Preface Notebook User’s Manual
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    Preface Contents Chapter 1: Preface Content............................................................................1-2 Regulations and Statements .........................................1-4 FCC-B Radio Frequency Interference Statement .......1-4 FCC
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    Energy Saving Tips .....................................................3-8 Basic Operations............................................................3-9 Safety and Comfort Tips..............................................3-9 Knowing the Keyboard ..............................................
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    Preface Regulations and Statements FCC-B Radio Frequency Interference Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful
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    Battery Regulations European Union: Batteries, battery packs, and accumulators should not be disposed of as unsorted household waste. Please use the public collection system to return, recycle, or treat them in compliance with the local regulations. Taiwan: For better environmental protection,
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    Preface Safety Instructions Read the safety instructions carefully and thoroughly. All cautions and warnings on the equipment or user’s manual should be noted. Keep this equipment away from humidity and high temperature. Lay this equipment on a stable surface before setting it up. The openings on
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    Always keep the strong magnetic or electrical objects away from the equipment. When installing the coaxial cable to the TV Tuner, it is necessary to ensure that the metal shield is reliable connected to protective earthing system of the building. Cable distribution system should be grounded
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    Preface Optical Device Drive Notice CAUTION: This appliance contains a laser system and is classified as a “CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT.” To use this model properly, read the instruction manual carefully and keep this manual for your future reference. In case of any trouble with this model, please
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    2 Introductions
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    Introductions Congratulations on becoming an user of this notebook, the finely designed notebook. This brand-new exquisite notebook will give you a delightful and professional experience in using notebook. We are proud to tell our users that this notebook is thoroughly tested and certified by our
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    Product Overview This section provides the description of basic aspects of the notebook. It will help you to know more about the appearance of this notebook before using it. Please be aware that the notebook shown in this section may vary from the actual one that users purchased. Top-open View The
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    Introductions 1. Webcam This built-in Webcam can be used for picture taking, video recoding or conferencing, and any other interactive applications. Webcam LED indicator, next to the webcam, glows when webcam function is activated; LED goes out when this function is turned off. 2. Internal
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    Press this button to enable the TurboBattery+ function to maximize the battery running time. TurboBattery+ Press this button again to disable the TurboBattery+ function. Press this button to switch the display off instantly to economize the power consumption. Display Off Press this button again to
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    Introductions Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the F5 button + ECO Engine (Power Saving) repeatedly to switch among various power saving modes provided by ECO Engine, or to turn this function off recurrently. Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the F6 button + to turn the
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    Front Side View 1. Status LED Num Lock: Glowing blue when the Num Lock function is activated. Caps Lock: Glowing blue when the Caps Lock function is activated. Battery Status Glowing blue when the battery is being charged. Blinking amber if the battery fails and it is recommended to replace a new
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    Introductions Wireless LAN (WiFi) This LED indicator glows blue when Wireless LAN (WiFi) function is enabled. LED indicator goes out when this function is disabled. Note: Functions listed here may be optional supported depending on the model users purchased. WLAN(WiFi) Warning: For flight safety
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    Right Side View 1. USB 2.0 Ports The USB 2.0 port allows you to connect USB-interface peripheral devices, such as the mouse, keyboard, modem, portable hard disk module, printer and more. 2. Optical Drive Device This notebook is equipped with an optical drive device. The actual device preinstalled
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    Introductions 5. Kensington Lock This notebook provides a Kensington Lock hole, which allows users to secure the notebook in place with a key or some mechanical PIN device and attached through a rubberised metal cable. The end of the cable has a small loop which allows the whole cable to be looped
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    Left Side View 1. Power Connector To connect the AC/DC adapter and supply power for the notebook. 2. Ventilator The ventilator is designed to cool the system. DO NOT block the ventilator for air circulation. 3. USB 3.0 Ports USB 3.0, the SuperSpeed USB, delivers the higher interface speeds for
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    Introductions Rear Side View 1. Battery Pack This notebook will be powered by the battery pack when the AC/DC adapter is disconnected. 2-12
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    Bottom Side View 1. Battery Release Button It is a bounce-back device as a preparation for releasing the battery pack. Slide it with one hand and pull the battery pack carefully with the other. 2. Battery Pack This notebook will be powered by the battery pack when the AC/DC adapter is disconnected.
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    Introductions Specification The Specification may change without notice. The actual products sold are different from areas. Please check the detailed Specification with your local dealers. Physical Characteristic Dimension 349.7 (W) x 234.8 (D) x 32 (H) mm Weight 2.0 kg (with 6-cell battery) CPU
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    Storage (items listed here may very without notice) HDD form factor 2.5” HDD Optical Drive Device Super Multi / Blu-ray (optional) I/O Port Monitor (VGA) D-Sub x 1 USB x 2 (version 3.0) x 2 (version 2.0) Mic-in x1 Headphone-out x1 RJ45 x1 HDMI x1 Card Reader x 1 (SDHC/ SD/ SDXC/ MMC) The supported
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    Introductions Audio Internal Speaker 2 speakers Sound Volume Adjust by K/B hot-key & SW Software & BIOS USB Flash Boot Yes, USB floppy boot up DOS only BIOS Fast Boot Support --- Yes Others Compliance 2-16 WHQL
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    3 Getting Started
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    Getting Started Begin to Use the Notebook For a new user of this notebook, we would like to suggest you follow the illustrations below to begin to use the notebook. 3-2
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    Power Management AC Power It is strongly recommended to connect the AC/DC adapter to the notebook and use the AC power while using this notebook for the first time. When the AC power is connected, recharging the battery will start immediately. Note that the AC/DC adapter included in the package is
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    Getting Started Installing the Battery Pack 1. Locate the steady gutter of the battery pack, and the battery bolt on the battery tray as shown right. 2. Align the steady gutter and battery bolt with correct orientation and make sure they are joined properly. 3. Overturn the battery pack with the
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    Releasing the Battery Pack 1. Make sure the notebook is turned off, and the AC power is disconnected. 2. Press the lock/unlock button to the unlocked position. 3. Locate the battery release button on the bottom side. 4. Push and hold the release button to the battery releasing direction as shown on
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    Getting Started Battery Safety Tips Replacing or handling the battery incorrectly may present a risk of fire or explosion, which could cause serious injury. Only replace the main battery pack with the same or equivalent type of battery. Do not disassemble, short-circuit or incinerate batteries or
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    Power Management in Windows OS Power management of personal computers (PCs) and monitors has the potential to save significant amounts of electricity as well as deliver environmental benefits. To be energy efficient, turn off your display or set your PC to standby/hibernate mode after a period of
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    Getting Started The Shut Down Computer menu will present the options to Sleep (S3/S4), Shut Down (S5), or Restart your computer. The computer should be able to wake up from power saving mode in response to a command from the power button. Energy Saving Tips Activate the ECO power saving function to
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    Basic Operations If you are a beginner to the notebook, please read the following instructions to assure your own safety, and make yourself comfortable during the operations. Safety and Comfort Tips The notebook is a portable platform that allows you to work anywhere. However, choosing a good
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    Getting Started 1. Your work area should have enough illumination. 2. Choose the proper desk and chair and adjust their height to fit your posture when 3. When sitting on the chair, adjust the chair’s back (if available) to support your back 4. Place you feet flat and naturally on the floor, so
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    Knowing the Keyboard This notebook provides a full-functioned keyboard. This keyboard can be divided into four categories: Typewriter keys, Cursor keys, Numeric keys and Function keys. 1. Typewriter keys 2. Numeric keys 3. Cursor keys / Function keys 3-11
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    Getting Started Typewriter Keys In addition to providing the major function of the keyboard, these typewrite keys also provide several keys for special purposes, such as [Ctrl,] [Alt,] and [Esc] key. When the lock keys are pressed, the corresponding LEDs will light up to indicate their status: 1.
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    Decrease the LCD brightness. + Increase the LCD brightness. + Decrease the built-in speaker’s volume. + Increase the built-in speaker’s volume. + Disable the computer’s audio function. + Force the computer into sleep state (depending on the system configuration). + Quick Launch [Fn] Keys Use the
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    Getting Started Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the F8 button + WLAN (WiFi) repeatedly to turn the Wireless LAN (WiFi) function on or off recurrently. Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the F9 button + Bluetooth (Optional) 3-14 to turn the Bluetooth function on. Press again
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    Knowing the Touchpad The touchpad integrated in your notebook is a pointing device that is compatible with standard mouse, allowing you to control the notebook by pointing the location of the cursor on the screen and making selection with its two buttons. 1. Cursor Movement Area This
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    Getting Started Point and Click When you have moved and placed the cursor over an icon, a menu item or a command that you want to execute, simply tap slightly on the touchpad or press the left button to select. This procedure, called as point and click is the basics of operating your notebook.
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    About Hard Disk Drive Your notebook is equipped with a 2.5-inch hard disk drive. The hard disk drive is a storage device with much higher speed and larger capacity than other storage devices, such as the floppy disk drive and optical storage device. Therefore, it is usually used to install the
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    Getting Started Inserting the Disk 1. Confirm that the notebook is turned on. 2. Touch the EJECT quick launch button nearby the keyboard and the disk tray will slide out partially. Note that the ODD EJECT button is functional under pure DOS system. However, in an Operating System without the S-Bar
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    Connecting the External Devices The I/O (input/output) ports on the notebook allow you to connect peripheral devices and communication devices. All functions and devices listed here are for reference only. Peripheral Devices The functions listed here are supported optionally, depending on the model
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    Getting Started Communication Devices The functions listed here are supported optionally, depending on the model users purchased. Contact the local dealer for detailed information. 3-20
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    Components Replacement and Upgrade Please be noticed that the memory, hard disk drive, wireless LAN / Bluetooth module and battery pack preinstalled in the product users purchased may be upgradable or replaceable by user’s request depending on the models users purchased. This notebook is equipped
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    Getting Started This notebook is equipped with a hard disk drive, and this storage device may be upgradable and replaceable by the authorized dealer or service center. Additional memory module may be installed, by the authorized dealer or service center, to increase the performance of this
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