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    Shinjuku Monolith, 3-1 Nishi-Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0914, Japan Telephone: +81 3 6901 4038 Wendenstrasse 14-18, 20097 Hamburg, Germany Telephone: +49 40 23 77 30 48 Woerd Ave Waltham, MA 02453, U.S.A. Telephone: +1 781 419 3900 KeyMed House, Stock Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2
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    Contents Introduction ............................................................................................... 1 Intended use...................................................................................................................... 1 Instruction
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    4.4 5.3 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 7 7.1 7.2 8 Performing menu operations .................................................................................. Using the live screen/freeze screen........................................................................ Menu display and functions
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    Introduction Intended use This instrument is intended for inspecting and observing the interior of machinery, equipment, materials, and other objects, without damaging the object being inspected. Instruction manual This manual contains information about instrument operations and handling, which
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    Safety precautions General safety precautions Observe the precautions described below when handling the instrument. The information is to be supplemented by the dangers, warnings and cautions given in each chapter. Safety cannot be guaranteed when the instrument is used in ways that are not
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    • Use only a power cord and AC adapter specified by Olympus. Using equipment not specified by Olympus may damage the instrument causing smoke or fire. • To ensure electrical safety, connect the power cord to a 3P power outlet. Electrical safety designed into the product by Olympus cannot be
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    • Never use an optical adapter when any of its parts are loose. Otherwise, a loose part might fall into the inspection object. • If an optical adapter cannot be mounted or removed because the nut will not turn, stop using it. Contact Olympus. • Do not allow metal or other foreign objects to enter
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    • When disposing of this product, be sure to do so in accordance with all local laws, rules, and regulations. Before disposing of this product, check your local laws, rules, and regulations and follow them accordingly. Battery precautions Should you experience any problems when using the instrument
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    • Do not allow metal or water, or any other fluid to get into the battery compartment or onto the battery terminals. Should any foreign object enter the main unit, remove the battery and disconnect the AC adapter, and immediately contact Olympus. • Do not use a commercially available travel
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    Main unit rating plate/caution plate The safety ratings, cautions, and serial number are on stickers on the battery cover and in the battery compartment. If labels are missing or if their contents are illegible, contact Olympus. Rating and caution plate CAUTION • Serial number 7 Note that the tip
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    1 Unpacking 1.1 Unpacking the instrument When unpacking the instrument, check to make sure that all of the items listed below are included. Should anything be missing or damaged, contact your original vendor or Olympus. Name Count * IPLEX UltraLite (main unit) 1 SD card 1 AC adapter 1 AC power cord
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    2 Nomenclature 2.1 Main unit/insertion tube nomenclature 1 2 15 3 14 13 12 11 4 5 16 17 18 28 27 26 25 19 24 10 6 9 8 7 20 21 22 23 No. Name No. Name 1 Main unit 15 LCD monitor 2 SD card slot 16 POWER button ( ) 3 USB connector 17 ROTATE button ( ) 4 SD card cover 18 LIGHT button ( 5 Strap 19 Strap
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    2 Nomenclature 2.2 Distal end/optical adapter nomenclature 4-mm type 6-mm type Distal end 3 2 Distal end 1 8 1 5 5 6 Optical adapter Optical adapter 7 8 5 9 7 8 7 5 9 5 9 7 11 10 5 9 10 11 11 6 4 11 10 10 Optical adapter internal view Optical adapter internal view 12 12 3 4 2 6 6 No. Name No. Name
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    2 Nomenclature 2.3 LCD monitor nomenclature Live screen 11 10 9 No. Name Logo Brightness level 3 Zoom level 4 Date/Time 8 7 5 Title 6 Temperature indicator 6 2 3 4 1 2 1 7 Number of images that can be recorded 8 SD card icon 9 Battery indicator 10 Freeze indicator 11 Movie recording indicator 12
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    3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection Be sure to finish the preparation and inspection work described in this chapter before using the instrument. At the first sign of any abnormality, immediately stop using the instrument and perform the required actions as described in "7
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    3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection Using the AC adapter AC inlet After connecting the provided AC power cord to the AC inlet of the AC adapter, plug the plug end of the AC power cord securely into a 3P power outlet. CAUTION • Always grasp the plug when unplugging it from the
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    3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection Turning on power Hold down the POWER button ( ) for at least 3 seconds to turn on power. Display screen and menu operations become enabled about 3 seconds after the POWER button ( ) is pressed. Turning off power Hold down the POWER button (
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    3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection 4 Turn the nut of the optical adapter clockwise until the second screw thread is screwed onto the connecting screw thread. Tighten the nut until it stops. Removing the optical adapter To remove the optical adapter, repeat the above
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    3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection Attaching the tripod adapter Attach the tripod adapter to the instrument to use a tripod to do observations. Perform the following steps to install the tripod adapter. 1 2 3 Check the orientation of the tripod adapter (as shown in the
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    3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection 3.3 Pre-operation/post-operation inspections CAUTION • The distal end may become hot due to illumination or internal heating by electrical parts, etc. Before attaching or detaching the optical adapter, turn the LIGHT button ( ) off and wait
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    3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection Inspection location Optical adapter Item Any dirt or water on the inner or outer of the objective lens surfaces or the inner electrodes? Using the optical adapter inner surface electrodes while dirt or water is present can damage the
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    4 Basic operation 4.1 Viewing an observation object WARNING • The distal end will be hot immediately after use in a high-temperature environment. Do not touch it directly. Doing so creates the risk of burn injury. 1 2 3 4 5 Turn on optical adapter illumination. While watching the display screen,
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    4 Basic operation 4.2 Adjusting the image display Still image display (Freeze) 1 2 While a live image is displayed, short-press the [FRZ/REC] button. This will freeze the observation screen image and display the freeze indicator ( ) in the upper right corner of the LCD monitor. Do not insert or
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    4 Basic operation 4.3 Recording images Still images and movie images can be recorded during observation. Data can be stored on the provided SD card. Use either the provided SD card or a recommended Class 6 or higher SDHC card for storage. Use of SDXC cards is not supported. Loading an SD card
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    4 Basic operation File names File names are generated and assigned automatically as images are stored on an SD card. You can change a file if you want (up to 30 alphanumeric characters and symbols). IV0?????.*** File name extension ".JPG" for still image files, ".AVI" for movie files. 5-digit file
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    4 Basic operation 4.4 Replaying an image Recorded images can be displayed using either of two screen views: a full-screen view of a single image (retrieve screen) or a multi-image view of thumbnail images (thumbnail screen). The thumbnail screen shows multiple images at a single glance, which makes
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    4 Basic operation Multi-image view (thumbnail screen) 1 The thumbnail screen shows multiple recorded movie and still images on a single screen (nine images per screen). You can use the thumbnail screen to search for a desired image, or to select multiple images to move them or delete them. While
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    4 Basic operation 4.5 Using images on a PC Use the provided USB cable to import recorded images directly from the instrument to your computer. 1 2 3 On the live screen, use the SETUP menu to select [PC] to configure the instrument's PC settings. Use the USB cable to connect the instrument to a PC
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    5 Menu operations and functions 5.1 1 Performing menu operations Long-press the [ENT/ MENU] joystick. This displays the main menu. 2 3 Tilt the [ENT/MENU] joystick up, down, left or right to select the menu item you want to execute. Short-press the [ENT/ MENU] joystick to apply the setting and
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    5 Menu operations and functions 5.2 Using the live screen/freeze screen Menu display and functions The settings described in the table below can be configured using the live screen/freeze screen menu. *: Initial default Available settings Menu Title input A title can be displayed in the live screen
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    5 Menu operations and functions Available settings Menu Display information setting Specifies whether display information (date and time, title, etc.) should be shown on the LCD monitor. This setting can also be used to specify the type of information to be displayed. • ALL : Show the date, time,
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    5 Menu operations and functions Inputting a title The following are the two methods that can be used to input a title. • Input text from the on-screen keyboard • Select a preset title Input text from the on-screen keyboard 1 1 2 2 3 Select the input mode and then press the [ENT/MENU] joystick.
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    5 Menu operations and functions 2 Select the preset title you want from the list and then press the [ENT/MENU] joystick. The text string you select appears in the title input box. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to complete input of the title. NOTE • The preset title list has two pages. To change pages,
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    5 Menu operations and functions Changing the display language Use the procedure below to select the language for menus and error messages that appear on the display. SETUP > LANGUAGE > Select a language. Selecting a language displays the message to let you know that the process is being performed.
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    5 Menu operations and functions 5.3 Using the thumbnail/retrieve screens Menu display and functions The menu displayed on the thumbnail/retrieve screen can be used for the following settings. Available settings Button Image delete • CANCEL : Do not delete image. • EXECUTE : Delete image. On the
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    6 Storage and maintenance 6.1 Replacing the battery Though the battery life depends on the operating environment and frequency of use, replacement of the battery is recommended whenever the battery operation time becomes very short. Contact Olympus about changing the battery. For details about how
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    6 Storage and maintenance Cleaning the distal end Dirt or water droplets on the objective lens or electrodes of the distal end Grasping the rigid portion of the distal end, use a clean, soft piece of gauze or a cotton swab to wipe off the dirt or water. You could also use the brush to brush away
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    6 Storage and maintenance Cleaning the LCD monitor LCD monitor viewing problems due to fingerprints and dirt Wipe the LCD monitor with a soft cloth dampened with clean water. Next, lightly wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. CAUTION • Never use a chemically treated cloth or strong detergent, such as
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    7 Troubleshooting WARNING • Never use the instrument if there is any abnormality. Otherwise, the instrument may malfunction and the user may also be injured fatally, critically or seriously. Inspect the equipment as described in "3 Pre-observation/pre-operation preparation and inspection" (P. 12),
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    7 Troubleshooting Message Cause and recommended action HIGH TEMPERATURE (DISTAL END). PLEASE IMMEDIATELY PULL OUT THE INSERTION TUBE. This message prompts you to stop inspection because the self-check function was triggered because the distal end was overheating. ➝Immediately withdraw the insertion
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    7 Troubleshooting Problem Cause and recommended action The optical adapter cannot be attached to the insertion tube. A foreign object is stuck to the screws. ➝Wipe with a clean piece of gauze or a cotton swab. The optical adapter in use is not a designated optical adapter for this system. ➝Use the
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    7 Troubleshooting 7.2 Requesting repair of this product WARNING • Olympus is not liable for any accidents or instrument damage that occurs as a result of repairs attempted by non-Olympus personnel. CAUTION • Olympus will not repair an instrument contaminated by noxious substances. Contact Olympus
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    8 Specifications 8.1 Operating environment Operating temperatures Insertion tube In air : -25 to 100°C In water: 10 to 30°C Other parts than above In air : -10 to 40°C (Battery-powered operation) 0 to 40°C (AC adapter-powered operation) Operating atmospheric pressure Insertion tube In air : Normal
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    8 Specifications Main unit Dimensions Weight (including battery) LCD panel Input/Output connector USB connector Power supply Battery AC adapter Battery charger Power consumption Recording media Still image recording Resolution Recording format Still image retrieval Restrictions Moving image
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    8 Specifications External application standard Low Voltage Directive and This product conforms with the following directives. EMC Directive • Directive 2006/95/EC concerning electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits. • Directive 2004/108/EC concerning electromagnetic
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    8 Specifications 8.3 Optical adapter specifications For 4-mm type insertion tube When the optical adapter is mounted on the insertion tube. AT120D/NF -IV84 AT120D/FF -IV84 AT120S/NF -IV84 AT120S/FF -IV84 Product abbreviation 120DN V84 120DF V84 120SN V84 120SF V84 Character color Red Green Red
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    Appendix System chart Rigid sleeve (optional) Optical adapter (optional) 4-mm type • AT120D/ NF-IV84 • AT120D/ FF-IV84 • AT120S/ NF-IV84 • AT120S/ FF-IV84 4-mm type • MAJ-1737 (For IV84) 6-mm type • MAJ-1253 (For IV86) 6-mm type • AT40D-IV86 • AT80D/ NF-IV86 • AT80D/ FF-IV86 • AT120D/ NF-IV86 •
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