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This instruction manual is for the Olympus Arc Illumination TIRF Set. To ensure the safety, obtain
optimum performance and to familiarize yourself fully with the use of this system, we recommend that
you study this manual thoroughly before operating the system.
As this system employs an arc light source (mercury burner or xenon burner), take special care for safety
and please also read the instruction manual for the light source.
Retain this instruction manual in an easily accessible place near the work desk for future reference.

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    INSTRUCTIONS IX2-ARCEVA ARC ILLUMINATION TIRF SET This instruction manual is for the Olympus Arc Illumination TIRF Set. To ensure the safety, obtain optimum performance and to familiarize yourself fully with the use of this system, we recommend that you study this manual thoroughly before operating
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    Printed on 100% recycled paper with soy ink.
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    IX2-ARCEVA CONTENTS Correct assembly and adjustments are critical for the system to manifest its full performance. If you are going to assemble the system by yourself, please read chapter 3, “ASSEMBLY” (pages. 8 to 11). For the assemblies of the modules for which instruction manuals are available,
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    IMPORTANT This system has been designed to enable total reflection fluorescence observation using an arc light source (mercury burner or xenon burner). Total reflection illumination is implemented by limiting the illumination projection area to the area corresponding to the objective pupil NA of
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    IX2-ARCEVA 1 Getting Ready 1. This manual pertains only to the handling of the total reflection fluorescence illumination system. Please also read the instruction manuals for the IX2 series (IX81/IX71/IX51) microscope and associated options to understand the comprehensive operating instructions of
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    13. The aperture iris diaphragm for use in ordinary fluorescence observation is not provided. If it is required to use the aperture iris diaphragm, replace the slit iris diaphragm unit of this system with the aperture iris diaphragm unit of the IX2-RFAL. 14. When the IX2-RFAC, IX2-RFACA and a
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    IX2-ARCEVA 2 Maintenance and Storage 1. Clean all glass components by wiping gently with gauze. To remove fingerprints or oil smudges, wipe with gauze slightly moistened with a mixture of ether (70%) and alcohol (30%). Since solvents such as ether and alcohol are highly flammable, they must be
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    NOMENCLATURE }The modules enclosed in belong to the Arc Illumination TIRF Set. · The illumination field in fluorescence observation is limited to the area of FN 20. · The illumination field in total reflection fluorescence observation is limited in the area of FN 11. L-shaped reflected light
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    IX2-ARCEVA CONTROLS Field iris diaphragm centering screws Arc Illumination TIRF Set IX2-ARCEVA Slit focus adjustment screw Adjustment range: ± 1.5 mm Slit iris diaphragm unit Field iris diaphragm lever Slit centering screws Adjustment range: ± 1.5 mm L-shaped reflected light illuminator IX2-RFAL
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    4-position excitation filter slider ND filter insertion slots Filter diameter: 32 mm. Thickness: 1 mm or less. Sticker attaching positions x6 Push ring driver Light source side Slider knob Light leak prevention plate Handwritten indication stickers Vacant position Objective side Excitation filter
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    IX2-ARCEVA ASSEMBLY The filters and sliders are very hot during and immediately after use. Confirm that they are cooled down enough before replacing them. # When a commercially available, non-Olympus low reflection ND filter is used, the filter may sometimes be cracked or burnt. 1 Attaching the
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    2 ³ @ ² Mounting the Excitation Filter (Figs. 2 to 4) }When the IX2-RFACEVA mirror unit cassette is used, the operation in step 1 below is not necessary because no excitation filter is provided with it. 1. Using the push ring driver ², turn the excitation filter push ring @ of the mirror unit to be
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    IX2-ARCEVA 4. Write the name (or abbreviation) of the mounted filter on one of the provided handwritten indication stickers and attach it to one of the sticker attaching positions … (position on the left or right of the position in which the filter is mounted). In the above case, attach the sticker
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    4 Mounting the IX2-RFAL 5 Mounting the UV Cut Plate }Refer to the instruction manual for the IX2 reflected fluorescence system. 6 Mounting the ND Filter }The ND filter attenuates the excitation light and helps delaying color fading of the specimen. Insert the ND filter gently into the ND filter
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    IX2-ARCEVA OPERATION 4-1 Preparation 1 (Fig. 5) }The following settings are the original settings required for this system. The details may be variable according to the instruction manual for each lamp housing. @ Field iris diaphragm: Pulled-out position (Closed) ² Slit: Pulled-out position (Slit
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    ƒ ² | ³ Fig. 7 Fig. 8 13 4. Push in the slit selector lever ² (IN position) and set the wedge prism slider ³ to the intermediate click position to engage the slit and wedge prism in the light path. (Fig. 7) 5. Using the Allen wrench (width across flats 3 mm), turn the two centering screws |
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    IX2-ARCEVA 4-2 Total Reflection Fluorescence Observation · The only objective that can be used in total reflection fluorescence observation is the PlanApoN60XOTIRFM or PlanApo60XOTIRFM. · Since the illumination intensity is lower than with the laser light source, this system is not applicable to
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    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Under certain conditions, performance of the system may be adversely affected by factors other than defects. If problems occur, please review the following list and take remedial action as needed. If you cannot solve the problem after checking the entire list, contact Olympus.
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