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This instruction manual is for the Olympus Inverted Microscopes Models IX71 and IX51. To
ensure the safety, obtain optimum performance and to familiarize yourself fully with the use
of the microscope, we recommend that you study this manual thoroughly before operating
the microscope. Retain this instruction manual in an easily accessible place near the work
desk for future reference.

Оглавление инструкции
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    INSTRUCTIONS IX71 /IX51 INVERTED RESEARCH MICROSCOPE/ INVERTED BASIC MICROSCOPE This instruction manual is for the Olympus Inverted Microscopes Models IX71 and IX51. To ensure the safety, obtain optimum performance and to familiarize yourself fully with the use of the microscope, we recommend that
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    IX71/IX51 CONTENTS Correct assembly and adjustments are critical for the microscope to exhibit its full performance. If you are going to assemble the microscope yourself, please read Chapter 9, “ASSEMBLY” (pages 55 to 65) carefully. For the modules provided with instruction manuals, also read the
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    5 OTHER OBSERVATION METHODS 32-43 5-1 Phase Contrast Observation (Using the IX2-ILL100 Column) ................................. 32-35 5-2 Phase Contrast Observation (Using the IX2-ILL30 Column) .................................... 36, 37 5-3 Differential Interference Contrast Observation (Using
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    IX71/IX51 IMPORTANT This microscope employs a UIS2/UIS (Universal Infinity System) optical design, and should be used with modules designed for the IX2 or BX2 series (as well as some of the modules designed for the Olympus IX or BX series). For the applicable modules, please consult Olympus or the
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    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ² @ Fig. 2 IX2-ILL100 ³ 1. After the equipment has been used in an observation of a specimen that is accompanied with a potential of infection, clean the parts coming in contact with the specimen to prevent infection. · Moving this product is accompanied with the risk of dropping
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    IX71/IX51 Safety Symbols The following symbols are found on the microscope. Study the meaning of the symbols and always use the equipment in the safest possible manner. Symbol Explanation Indicates that the surface becomes hot, and should not be touched with bare hands. Before use, carefully read
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    6. Restrictions in TV observation @The following combinations are not permitted in consideration of the optical performance. · IX2-SPT + PE4X + U-PMTVC on the side port · IX2-SPT + PE5X + U-PMTV1X on the side port (With the IX71, this is applicable only when the magnification changer is set to 1X.)
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    IX71/IX51 MODULE NOMENCLATURE }The modules shown below are only the representative modules. As there are other modules which can be combined with the microscope but are not shown below, please also refer to the latest Olympus catalogues or your dealer. For the modules marked *, refer to their
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    CONTROLS }If you have not yet assembled the microscope, read Chapter 9, “ASSEMBLY” (pages 55 to 65). · The illustration shows the system composed of modules enclosed in . IX71 Halogen Lamp Housing U-LH100L-3 Filter pocket (Page 23) Applicable halogen bulb: 12V100WHAL-L Field iris diaphragm lever
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    IX71/IX51 IX51 Lamp Socket U-LS30-3 Filter holder (Page 26) Applicable halogen bulb: 6V30WHAL Aperture iris diaphragm lever (Page 25) Illumination Column IX2-ILL30 Phase Contrast Slider IX2-SL Plain Stage IX2-KSP Mechanical Stage CK40-MVR Y-axis knob (Page 19) Diopter adjustment ring (Page 20)
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    Left Side View of Microscope Frame Allen wrench and optical element centering knob (x 2) storage position (Rear panel) IX71 Allen screwdriver storage position (Rear panel) Eyepieces WHN10X/WHN10X-H Binocular Observation Tube U-BI90CT Diopter adjustment ring (Page 20) Interpupillary distance
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    IX71/IX51 Other Modules Trinocular Observation Tube H U-TR30H-2 Monocular Tube U-MO Straight photo tube mount (Page 44) 10X eyepiece (Fixed) Light path selector knob (Page 21) Intermediate Tube IX-ATU Plain Stage IX2-KSP Manipulator mounting screw holes M6 screws (x 6) CK40-MVR/CK2-SS mounting
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    Long WD Universal Condenser IX2-LWUCD UCD Adapter IX-ADUCD }This is a manually controlled condenser. Aperture iris diaphragm lever (Page 27) Condenser height fine adjustment knob (Page 28) Turret (Page 27) Index mounting holes Centering knob insertion holes (x 2) Universal Condenser U-UCD8 ULWCD
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    IX71/IX51 Power Supply Unit TH4 }The applicable halogen bulb is the 12V100WHAL-L. For details, refer to the separate instruction manual. Hand Switch TH4-HS }The IX71 does not need this module because its functions are incorporated in the microscope frame. Light intensity control knob POWER LED
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    TRANSMITTED LIGHT BRIGHTFIELD OBSERVATION PROCEDURE }The following flow shows the operating procedure for the transmitted light brightfield observation which is the basic observation method of this microscope. The operating procedures for phase contrast observation and DIC observation will be
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    IX71/IX51 | ™ Œ ‹ š † ‰ ƒ With the IX51 Š … ƒ With the IX71 ³ ² ‡ Hand Switch TH4-HS ³ Power Supply Unit TH4 @ ² ³ When the TL4 power supply unit is used ³ @ } Make a photocopy of the observation procedure pages and post it near your microscope. 13
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    USING THE CONTROLS 4-1 Power Supply Unit and Microscope Frame }The power supply unit to be used is variable depending on the illumination column in use. · IX2-ILL100: TH4 power supply unit. · IX2-ILL30: TL4 power supply unit. 1 ³ | ² @ Fig. 4 Turning Power On, Adjusting the Brightness (Figs. 4 & 5)
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    IX71/IX51 When the TH4-HS Hand Switch is Used (Fig. 7) ƒ }The illumination brightness can be adjusted from the hand switch in the same way as on the IX71 microscope frame. The hand switch is provided with double-sided adhesive tape, so it can be adhered to an easy-to-use position. … Fig. 7 2 IX71
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    4 Frame Clamping Plate }This is the module for clamping the microscope frame onto an anti-vibration platform. The applicable anti-vibration platforms are the following four models · 25 mm pitch and 50 mm pitch anti-vibration platforms. · 1-inch pitch and 2-inch pitch anti-vibration platforms. For
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    IX71/IX51 3 Detaching the Fine Adjustment Knob (Fig. 11) }The fine adjustment knob is designed detachable in order to prevent interference between the knob and the operator’s hand manipulating the X- and Y-axis knobs. · Loosen the clamping screw ³ using the Allen screwdriver and remove the fine
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    4-3 Stage 1 @ Placing the Specimen (Figs. 13 to 16) With the IX2-SFR or IX-SVL2 Stage (Fig. 13) Place the specimen on the center of the stage. }In the case of a slide glass specimen, place the specimen with the cover glass facing down. }If the specimen is prone to slide on the stage, attach the
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    IX71/IX51 2 Moving the Specimen (Fig. 17) With the IX2-SFR or IX-SVL2 Stage ³ To move the specimen to a desired position, rotate the X-axis knob @ and Y-axis knob ². }When the index mark on the upper stage is aligned with the index line ³ provided on the substages, the center of the stage center
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    4-4 Observation Tube 1 Adjusting the Interpupillary Distance (Fig. 20) While looking through the eyepieces, adjust the binocular vision until the left and right fields of view coincide completely. The index dot · indicates the interpupillary distance. }Note your interpupillary distance so that it
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    IX71/IX51 4 @ Using Eyepiece Micrometer Disks (Fig. 24) Eyepiece micrometer disks can be inserted into the WHN10X-H (or WHN10X) eyepieces. Use 24 mm dia. x 1.5 mm micrometer disks. Following Fig. 24, turn the built-in micrometer mounting frame ² counterclockwise to remove it from the eyepiece and
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    7 Adjusting the Tilt (U-TBI90 Only) (Fig. 27) }Adjust the height and tilt of the observation tube to obtain the most comfortable viewing position. Holding the binocular section with both hands, raise or lower it to the desired position. # Never attempt to force the binocular section past the upper
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    IX71/IX51 2 Mounting the Filters (Figs. 29 to 31) }45 mm diameter, maximum 6 mm thick filters can be mounted. Various filters, such as the provided frost filter, color temperature conversion filter (LBD), green interference filter (IF550) and ND filter can be mounted. 1. Place a finger on the
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    3 Using the Field Iris Diaphragm (Figs. 32 & 33) }The field iris diaphragm is used to adjust the diameter of the illumination beam in accordance with the objective in use. Adjust the diaphragm so the field of view is circumscribed by the field iris diaphragm to exclude stray light and improve the
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    IX71/IX51 4-6 Illumination Column IX2-ILL30 }This illumination column is provided with a condenser as standard. The applicable objectives range from 4X to 40X objectives. The field iris diaphragm is fixed. It is not equipped with a condenser holder so no condenser can be attached to this
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    3 ² Mounting the Filters (Figs. 38 & 39) }Wait until the filters have cooled down enough before replacing a filter. Take out the filter holder @ and insert the required filter ². # Insert the filter so that it comes at the bottom without tilting, as shown in Fig. 39. If the filter is titled or not
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    IX71/IX51 4-7 Condenser 1 ³ ƒ | Centering the Condenser (Fig. 40) With the IX2-LWUCD/IX2-LWUCDA2 Universal Condenser or IX-ULWCD Condenser 1. Rotate the turret @ (either manually or electrically) to select the “BF” brightfield observation (with no optical element engaged in the light path). ² @
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    With the U-UCD8 Universal Condenser ƒ ² … | @ ³ Fig. 41 28 (Fig. 41) # For operation of the U-UCD8, refer to the instruction manual provided with it. Since this condenser is used upside down, it may drop when the optical element is subject to a shock. Be careful particularly when flipping up the
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    IX71/IX51 70-80% 2 30-20% Fig. 42 3 Fig. 43 (Fig. 42) }In general, the potential resolving power of an objective is fully utilized if the diaphragm is stopped down to correspond with the numerical aperture (N.A.) of the objective. }Depending on the specimen, image contras or focal depth in
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    4-8 Objectives 1 @ Oil-Proof Cap (UIS Series only) (Fig. 44) }By mounting the oil-proof cap (Type C1 or Type C2) on the tip of the applicable objective, you can prevent penetration of immersion oil or water into the objective. This will enable the objective to achieve its original performance, so
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    IX71/IX51 2 Adjusting the Correction Collar 1. Correction is possible according to the vessel bottom thickness. (See page 53,54 when the correction collar objective is used.) When the thickness of the vessel bottom is known, match the scale reading of the correction collar to the thickness of the
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    OTHER OBSERVATION METHODS 5-1 Phase Contrast Observation (Using the IX2-ILL100 Column) }A phase contrast objective, phase contrast optical element and the U-CT30 centering telescope (which is not required when the U-BI90CT binocular observation tube is used) are required for phase contrast
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    IX71/IX51 With the IX-ULWCD Condenser (Note) The IX-PHCU or IX-PH1U can be attached only in the Ph1 or PhC position. Do not remove the built-in elements. UIS2 Series Optical Element PHL (Built in) IX-PHCU IX-PH1U PH2 (Built in) Indication PhL Ph1 PhC Ph2 Applicable Objectives UPlanFLN4XPh
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    … ƒ Fig. 48 ‰ † Š Fig. 49 ‡ Fig. 50 34 4. Hold a phase contrast ring and, while pushing the spring ƒ inside the turret with the edge of the phase contrast ring …, insert the ring completely in the turret position until the ring frame contacts the bottom of the position. (Fig. 48) # Be careful not
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    IX71/IX51 3 @ ² Fig. 51 | ³ Fig. 52 Centering the Phase Contrast Ring Slit (Figs. 51 to 53) }Before proceeding to the following, open the aperture iris diaphragm because flare would be observed at the center when it is stopped down. 1. Engage the phase contrast objective in the light path and bring
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    5-2 Phase Contrast Observation (Using the IX2-ILL30 Column) }A phase contrast slider, phase contrast objective, phase contrast optical element and the U-CT30 centering telescope (which is not required when the U-BI90CT binocular observation tube is used) are required for phase contrast observation.
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    IX71/IX51 3 Attaching the Phase Contrast Slider (Fig. 55) 1. Attach the phase contrast slider @ to the illumination column so that the slider’s indication surface faces upwards and the finger hook position comes on the right. 2. Be sure to set the aperture iris diaphragm lever ² to the open
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    5-3 Differential Interference Contrast Observation (Using the IX2-ILL100 Column) }If a plastic petri dish is used, the normal optical performance of DIC observation cannot be manifested due to the polarization characteristic of the petri dish. Use a glass bottom dish. }For simultaneous observation
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    IX71/IX51 UIS Series * Usable regardless of the model number (3, 2, nore). DIC Slider *Applicable Objective CPlanFl LCPlanFl LUCPlanFl SLCPlanFl UPlanFl UPlanApo PlanApo UPlanApo UApo 10X 20X 40X 60X 40X 40X 10X 20X 40X 60XOI3 100XO3 10X 10XO3 20X 20XO3 40X 40XOI3 60X 100XOI3 60XO3 10XW3 60XW3
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    2 ² (Fig. 59) }The attaching method is identical to that for the phase contrast optical elements (pages 33-34), except that the positioning pin and positioning groove should be aligned when attaching each DIC optical element. · Align the positioning index @ on the DIC prism with the positioning
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    IX71/IX51 @ 4 Fig. 63 5 @ Fig. 64 ² ³ Fig. 65 (Fig. 63) # The polarizer can be mounted only on the IX2-LWUCD or IX2LWUCDA2. }This polarizer has been designed for being mounted on a universal condenser in case of DIC observation or simplified polarizer light observation. 1. Loosen the polarizer
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    6 Observation Method 1. Rotate the condenser turret to engage the suitable optical element for the objective in use in the light path. 2. Engage the objective to be used in the light path. 3. Place the specimen on the stage and bring the specimen into focus by moving the objective up or down. 4.
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    IX71/IX51 5-4 Simplified Polarized Light Observation (Using the IX2-ILL 100 Column) }An analyzer and polarizer are required for simplified polarized light observation. The applicable condenser is the IX2LWUCD or IX2-LWUCDA2. When the IX-ULWCD is used, the simplified polarized light observation is
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    PHOTOMICROGRAPHY AND TV OBSERVATION 6-1 Photomicrography }Use the U-TR30H-2 trinocular observation tube or the side port for photomicrography. Photomicrography can be performed using the PM-10, PM-20 or PM-30 photomicrographic system. For how to use the photomicrographic system, refer to the
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    IX71/IX51 3 Attaching the Photomicrographic System (Fig. 71) · Attach the photomicrographic system directly onto the photomicrographic system mount on the straight photo tube. Align indices · @ on the straight photo tube and photomicrographic system and clamp. The photomicrographic system can also
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    6 Adjusting the Illumination Correct illumination is more crucial for photomicrography than for observation because flawless pictures cannot be obtained unless the illuminating light is properly adjusted. To avoid uneven illumination, especially with high contrast films, adjust the illuminating
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    IX71/IX51 6-2 TV Observation }The following five methods are available for TV observation. 1. Attaching the video camera onto the side port 2. Attaching the video camera to the U-TR30H-2 trinocular observation tube H 3. Attaching the video camera to the U-MO monocular tube 4. Attaching the video
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    @ 3 Attaching the Camera on the Monocular Tube (Fig. 75) 1. Using the Allen screwdriver provided with the microscope frame, loosen the clamping screw ² on the intermediate section of the U-MO monocular tube @ and remove the top section. 2. Attach the IX2-SPT straight photo tube + TV system for BX
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    IX71/IX51 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Under certain conditions, performance of the microscope may be adversely affected by factors other than defects. If problems occur, please review the following list and take remedial action as needed. If you cannot solve the problem after checking the entire list,
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    Problem Cause Remedy Page Magnification selector knob is in an Engage the knob all the way in or at a click stop according to the observation intermediate position. method. 15 Revolving nosepiece or magnification Engage the revolving nosepiece or selector knob is in an intermediate knob at a click
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    IX71/IX51 Problem g) Image is blurred. Cause Remedy Page Objective is engaged incorrectly in the Make sure that revolving nosepiece light path. clicks into place correctly. – Specimen is tilted with respect to the Place the specimen correctly on the stage. stage and secure it with the specimen
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    SPECIFICATIONS Module Specification Microscope IX71S8F-3 Frames IX71S1F-3 IX51S8F-3 IX51S1F-3 * The IX51 series does not use an intermediate magnification changer. Light path selection Illumination Columns IX2-ILL100 Column for installing the lamp housing for 100 W halogen bulb, precentered. With
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    IX71/IX51 List of Objectives (UIS2/UIS Series) – The UIS series objectives that are not listed below can also be used in combination with this microscope. – Objectives UIS2 Series Specifications Plan achromat for phase contrast observation CPlanN10XPh CPlanFLN10XPh LCAchN20XPh LCAchN40XPh NA NA NA
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    Objectives UIS Series Specifications For phase contrast observation SLCPlanFl40XPh NA 0.55, WD 7.7 mm, ring slit IX-PH2, with correction collar For DIC and brightfield observation SLCPlanFl40X NA 0.55, WD 7.7 mm, with correction collar For reflected UApo20X3/340 fluorescence Fura 2 UApo40X3/340
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    IX71/IX51 ASSEMBLY 9-1 Assembly Diagram The diagram below shows the sequence of assembly of the modules. The numbers indicate the order of assembly. The module numbers shown in the following diagram are merely the typical examples. For the modules with which the module numbers are not given, please
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    9-2 Detailed Assembly Procedures System Using the IX2-ILL100 Illumination Column 1 Mounting the Illumination Column (Fig. 76) ² 1. Aligning the two guide holes on the illumination column with the two protruding positioning pins @ on the microscope frame, gently fit the column onto the microscope
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    IX71/IX51 System Using the IX2-ILL30 Illumination Column 1 Mounting the Illumination Column (Fig. 76 on the previous page) }The IX2-ILL30 illumination column can be attached in the same manner as the IX2-ILL100. 2 @ ² ³ Fig. 80 | ² @ ³ Attaching the Halogen Bulb (Figs. 80 to 82) }The applicable
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    @ 4 @ Attaching the Stage (Figs. 83 to 85) }The following stage mounting procedures are commonly applicable to the IX2-SFR, IX-SVL2, IX2-SP and IX2-KSP. }When mounting the IX-MVR or CK40-MVR mechanical stage, first attach it the specified plain stage in advance (see the description on the bottom of
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    IX71/IX51 << Attaching the Scales >> … }The IX-MVR mechanical stage is provided with the scales for use with a 96-well microtiter plate. 1. Loosen the two clamping knobs … at the top of the stage’s X-axis guide. Positioning the scale numerals correctly, plate the X-axis scale † on the guide. Then
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    5 @ Attaching the Objectives (Fig. 91) Remove the stage center plate and attach the objectives to the revolving nosepiece through the hole on the stage left by the plate. }Attach the objectives in such a manner that the magnification increases from low to higher powers in the clockwise direction. #
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    IX71/IX51 Universal Condenser (U-UCD8) (Figs. 94 & 95) << Attaching onto the UCD Adapter >> @ 1. Using the Allen screwdriver, loosen the two setscrews @ on the IX-ADUCD UCD adapter. (Fig. 94) 2. Push in the U-UCD8 universal condenser horizontally into the adapter until the condenser’s positioning
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    7 @ Attaching the Observation Tube U-BI90CT, U-BI90 or U-TBI90 Binocular Tube (U-MO Monocular Tube) (Figs. 96 to 99) (Figs. 96 & 97) 1. Using the Allen screwdriver, loosen the observation tube clamping screw @ on the observation tube mount. (Fig. 96) 2. Attach the circular dovetail mount of the
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    IX71/IX51 8 Attaching the Eyepieces (Fig. 100) 1. Remove the eyepieces’ dust caps. 2. Insert the WHN10X-H eyepiece with helicoid into the eyepiece sleeve without helicoid (shown on the left in the figure). 3. Insert the WHN10X eyepiece without helicoid into the eyepiece sleeve with helicoid (shown
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    9 ƒ … |³ ² @ Fig. 102 @ ² … ƒ Fig. 103 † Fig. 104 64 ‡ Connecting the Cables (Figs. 102 to 104) Cables and cords are vulnerable when bent or twisted. Never subject them to excessive force. Make sure that the main switch of the power supply is set to “ ” (OFF) before connecting cables. 1. Connect
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    IX71/IX51 Using the Frame Clamping Plates Rubber foot seats Rear plate (x 4) Front left/right plates 10 (IX2-FP) (Figs. 105 & 106) }The microscope frame clamping method is variable depending on whether the frame stabilizing feet on the rear of the frame are used or removed for system expansion. #
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    PROPER SELECTION OF THE POWER SUPPLY CORD If no power supply cord is provided, please select the proper power supply cord for the equipment by referring to “Specifications” and “Certified Cord” below: CAUTION: In case you use a non-approved power supply cord for Olympus products, Olympus can no
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    IX71/IX51 Table 2 HAR Flexible Cord APPROVAL ORGANIZATIONS AND CORDAGE HARMONIZATION MARKING METHODS Approval Organization Alternative Marking Utilizing Printed or Embossed Harmonization Black-Red-Yellow Thread (Length Marking (May be located on jacket of color section in mm) or insulation of
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    10 LAMP HOUSING INSPECTION SHEET {Study the instruction manual for the lamp housing before inspection. {For safe use of the lamp housing, we recommend performing the following inspection periodically (every time you replace the lamp bulb and at least every 6 months). {The table below identifies the
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