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  Attaching the Lamp Housing

1. Using the Allen screwdriver, loosen the two clamping screws @ on

the lamp housing mount hole.

2. Fit the lamp housing all the way as shown in Fig. 43.
3. Tighten the clamping screws @ using the Allen screwdriver.
# The surroundings of the lamp housing become very hot during

and after operation. When installing the microscope system,
ensure sufficient space around the lamp housing, particularly
above it. Also do not mount the lamp housing obliquely.

Fig. 43


Place the stage plate (white, black on back side) or a stage glass into the
mounting hole on the base.
To remove, press the stage plate at the edge nearest to the pillar with

your fingertip. The opposite end will rise from the base so the stage plate
can be picked up easily.

  Attaching the Specimen Holder

}Use the specimen holder when a specimen is hard to be fixed.

Insert the specimen holder @ into the two holes ² on the top surface of
the base.

Fig. 44

Fig. 45



Mounting (Removing) the Stage Plate

(Fig. 44)


Оглавление инструкции
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    Main modules described in this manual MVX10 MVX-2RE MVX-CA2X SZX-STAD1 SZH-STAD1 SZX-STAD2 SZ2-FO SZH-SG SZH-SC INSTRUCTIONS MVX10 RESEARCH MACRO ZOOM SYSTEM MICROSCOPE This instruction manual is for the Olympus MVX Research Macro Zoom System Microscope. To ensure the safety, obtain optimum
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    This device complies with the requirements of directive 98/79/EC concerning in vitro diagnostic medical devices. CE marking means the conformity to the directive.
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    MVX10 CONTENTS Correct assembly and adjustments are indispensable for the microscope to manifest its full performance. If you want to assemble the microscope by yourself, refer to Chapter 11, “ASSEMBLY” before other chapters. (P. 36 to P. 44) IMPORTANT 1 2 — Be sure to read this section for safe
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    6 TRANSMITTED LIGHT OBSERVATION 20 7 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE 21 8 SPECIFICATIONS 22 9 OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS 23 10 OPERATION OF OTHER MODULES 24-35 10-1 Revolving Nosepiece MVX-2RE .....................................................................................................................
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    MVX10 IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. After observation of a specimen that involves the risk of infection, be sure to clean the positions that contacted the specimen to prevent infection. · To avoid the risk that the specimen drops and splatters, be sure to remove the specimen before moving the
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    Caution indications Caution indications are affixed at parts where special precaution is required when handling and using the microscope. Always heed the cautions. Caution indication positions 1 · Lamp housing [High temperature caution] (U-LH100HG, U-LH10HGAPO) · Power supply unit [High voltage
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    MVX10 6. Observe the following cautions when operating the coarse focus adjustment knobs or the zooming knobs. Operation Focusing Manipulated Controls Coarse focus adjustment knobs @ (Fig. 2) ³ | Zooming Fig. 2 1. If the knob hits the upper or lower limiting mechanism violently or it is rotated
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    3 Caution If the microscope is used in a manner not specified by this manual, the safety of the user may be imperiled. In addition, the microscope may also be damaged. Always use the microscope as outlined in this instruction manual. The following symbols are used to set off text in this
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    MVX10 1 NOMENCLATURE }The module names listed below are typical ones that can be used with the system, and the illustration shows the system composed of modules marked {. Certain other modules are also usable even when they are not mentioned below. For these modules, refer to the latest catalogues
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    CONTROLS }If the microscope is not yet assembled, go to Chapter 11, “ASSEMBLY” (pages 36 to 45). The following illustration shows the systems with the modules enclosed in . For other ancillary modules, see subsequent pages. C-Mount Adapter MVX-TV 1XC Tilting Trinocular Head MVX-TTRS Light path
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    MVX10 Fluorescence mirror units U-MCFPHQ/XL U-MGFPHQ/XL U-MYFPHQ/XL U-MRFPHQ/XL U-MGFP/XL U-MGFPA/XL Power Supply Unit U-RFL-T }Up to three fluorescence mirror units can be mounted by placing them in every other dovetail of the six dovetails of the MVX-RFA. # Each fluorescence mirror unit is
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    SUMMARY OF REFLECTED FLUORESCENT LIGHT OBSERVATION PROCEDURE }For the observation procedures of other methods, see page 20. 3-1 Preparation 1. Set the shutter knob to “{” to close the shutter. 2. Mount the fluorescence mirror unit(s) that match the desired observation. 3. Turn the mirror unit
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    MVX10 … ƒ † ‡ | @ ³ ² Š ‰ }Make a photocopy of this spread and post it near the microscope for quick reference. 9
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    OPERATION 4-1 Base 1 Using the Stage Plate 1. When performing reflected light observation, place the stage plate with the white or black side up according to the specimen. 2. When performing transmitted light observation, use the transparent stage glass. 2 Placing the Specimen Place the specimen on
  • Страница 15 из 53
    MVX10 3 Engaging and Disengaging the Zooming Knob Click Stop Position (Fig. 4) }When the click stop knob is engaged to ON, the click stop function is engaged for each zoom ratio indicated with the zooming knob. When the knob is disengaged to OFF, the zoom magnification can be varied continuously
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    4-3 Coaxial Fluorescence Illuminator 1 Selecting the Fluorescence Mirror Unit }Use the fluorescence mirror unit that is optimum for each purpose of observation. Mirror unit name Dichroic mirror Excitation filter Barrier filter Application U-MCFPHQ/XL DM450HQ BP425-445HQ BA460-510HQ ECFP U-MGFPHQ/XL
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    MVX10 U-MGFP/XL 6. IB excitation filter (wide band) U-MGFPA/XL Transmittance % Transmittance % 5. IB excitation filter (wide band) Wavelength nm Wavelength nm 13
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    2 Turning the Burner ON # The burner should be centered before the first use after it has been mounted or replaced. (see page 45) When resetting the burner hour counter, press and hold the reset button until the reading becomes “0.0”. Set the main switch of the power supply unit to “ ” (ON). The
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    MVX10 5 Switching the Filter Slider Knob (Fig. 9) }Hold the filter slider knob @ of coaxial fluorescence illuminator and move it toward the left or right to select one of the two filter pockets or idle position. The idle position is selected when the knob is pulled to the rightmost stop position.
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    2 @ Adjusting the Interpupillar Distance (Fig. 11) # Be sure to hold the binocular assembly @ with both hands to make this adjustment. While looking through the eyepieces, hold the left and right of the binocular assembly @ and adjust by opening or closing it for binocular vision until the left and
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    MVX10 4 Using the Eye Shades (Fig. 13) When Wearing Eyeglasses Use with eye shades in their normal folded-down position. This will prevent eyeglasses from being scratched by the eyepieces. When Not Wearing Eyeglasses Extend the folded eyeshades in the direction of the arrow. This makes observation
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    TV OBSERVATION AND PHOTOMICROGRAPHY }When TV observation or photomicrography is required, use the MVX-TTRS tilting trinocular head or MVX-TLU tilting lens unit. The MVX-TV1XC/TV0.63XC exclusive C-mount adapter can be installed on this microscope. }When the MVX-TV0.63XC C-mount adapter is used,
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    MVX10 @ ² | Fig. 17 Adjusting the Parfocality Between Observation Image and Monitor Image (Figs. 17 & 18) }The parfocality adjustment makes correction of focusing unnecessary when the observation image is switched to the image monitored with the TV camera. 1. Looking into the eyepieces, select a
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    TRANSMITTED LIGHT OBSERVATION }When an SZX series transmitted illumination base is used, the microscope can be used in transmitted light brightfield/ darkfield, focal light and simplified transmitted polarized light observations. To perform these observations, rotate the mirror unit turret on the
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    MVX10 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Under certain conditions, performance of this unit may be adversely affected by factors other than defects. If a problem occurs, please review the following list and take remedial action as needed. If you cannot solve the problem after checking the entire list, please
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    SPECIFICATIONS Item Specification 1. Zoom microscope body MVX-ZB10 2. Objective MVPLAPO 0.63X: NA 0.15, WD 87 mm, FN 22. MVPLAPO 1X: NA 0.25, WD 65 mm, FN 22. MVPLAPO 2XC: NA 0.5, WD 20 mm, FN 22., with correction collar. 3. Eyepiece * 24 mm dia., 1.5 mm thick eyepiece micrometer disk can be
  • Страница 27 из 53
    MVX10 OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS Total Magnification/Actual Field · Total magnification = Objective power x Zoom ratio x Eyepiece magnification · Actual field area = Eyepiece FN Objective power x Zoom ratio Eyepieces Objective WHN10X-H (Field number: 22) Total magnification MVPLAPO 0.63X MVPLAPO 1X
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    OPERATION OF OTHER MODULES 10-1 Revolving Nosepiece MVX-2RE }The revolving nosepiece accepts two MVPLAPO series objectives to enable observation using a wider variety of magnifications. The objectives can be switched quickly by simply rotating the revolving nosepiece horizontally. 1 External View
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    MVX10 ƒ … | ³ Fig. 20 4. Place the nosepiece mount ³ (with its objective mounts | facing upward) where the objective has been by aligning the screw holes. Using the Allen wrench (for M3 screws), clamp the nosepiece mount with the provided four clamping screws (M3, 6 mm long) ƒ. (Fig. 20) # As the
  • Страница 30 из 53
    10-2 Magnification Changer MVX-CA2X }When the magnification changer has been installed on the MVX-TTRS tilting trinocular head by the dealer, the observation magnification can be switched between 1X and 2X with a selector lever. Pushed-in position: 1X Pulled-out position: 2X Be sure to push in or
  • Страница 31 из 53
    MVX10 10-3 BX Stage Adapter Type 1 SZX-STAD1 }This adapter is for installation of a U-SRG or U-SRP rotary stage on the SZX-STL large base or a SZX series illumination base. When the U-SRP rotary stage is used together with the U-FMP mechanical stage, X-Y directional movement becomes possible, which
  • Страница 32 из 53
    2 Assembly Mechanical stage U-FMP Rotary stage U-SRG Rotary stage U-SRP Clamping screws Allen wrench 2 Clamping screw BX stage adapter type 1 SZX-STAD1 1 Base Attaching hole Mounting threaded hole Mounting the Polarizer (SZX-PO) When simplified transmitted polarized light observation is required,
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    MVX10 Simplified Transmitted Polarized Light Observation ² @ ³ }The SZX-AN analyzer is required. 1. Loosen the analyzer clamping knob @, fit the analyzer into the front of the objective ² and tighten the clamping knob (by placing it on the right side of the microscope body). 2. With no specimen
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    10-5 BX Stage Adapter Type 2 SZX-STAD2 This adapter is for installing the U-SIC4 large stage* on the SZX-STL large base**. When this stage adapter is used, the provided SZH-P400 auxiliary pillar should be used to cover the height of the stage adapter. * The U-SVL or U-SVR BX stage can also be used
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    MVX10 3 Caution # Do not project the image of the external light source filament on the frosted surface of the frosted filter. Otherwise the frosted filter may deteriorate. # Use neutral detergent to clean the frosted filter. # In transmitted light observation at a total magnification of no more
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    2 External View & Specifications Focus adjustment knobs Stroke: Approx. 21 mm Rotation tension adjustable. Clamping screw holes Stage Load capacity: 1 kg Clamping knob 3 Assembly 1. Attach the SZ2-FO vertical-movement stage inside the stage plate mounting hole of an applicable base by using the
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    MVX10 Adjusting the Focus (Fig. 27) Set to the middle of stroke. ² @ 1. Rotate one of the focus adjustment knobs @ of the SZ2-FO verticalmovement stage to set the stage in the position corresponding to the middle of the focusing stroke. 2. Place a specimen on the stage and rotate the focus
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    2 Assembly Stage plate Stage plate mounting hole Use the one provided with the base. ³ Gliding stage Mount Gliding surfaces ² Stage plate mounting threaded hole @ 3 Note 1) If dirt or metallic powder is attached on the gliding surfaces, be sure to clean them. Note 2) When placing the gliding stage
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    MVX10 2 Assembly # Before assembly, remove dirt and dust from the parts and perform the operation cautiously. Specimen holder Stage plate ³ | Specimen holder mounting hole Cup stage Gliding surfaces ² Stage plate mounting hole 3 @ Operation Mount Applicable base @ Fit the cut stage mount into the
  • Страница 40 из 53
    ASSEMBLY 11-1 Assembly Diagram The diagram below shows how to assemble the various modules. The numbers indicate the order of assembly. # When assembling the microscope, make sure that all parts are free of dust and dirt, and avoid scratching any parts or touching glass surfaces. C-Mount Adapter
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    MVX10 11-2 Detailed Assembly Procedures 1 Mounting the Focusing Assembly (Fig. 30) 1. First loosen the focusing assembly clamping knob @ completely and, while holding the focusing assembly with both hands, insert the pillar ³ into the mounting hole ² from below. (Fig. 30) # Insert slowly. Do not
  • Страница 42 из 53
    4 ² Attaching the UV Shield Plate (Fig. 34) Align the mounting groove ² of the UV shield plate with the two mounting pins @ on the lower part of the zoom microscope body and fit the groove with a strong force. @ Fig. 34 5 @ Fig. 35 ³ | ƒ ² Fig. 36 38 Mounting the Fluorescence Mirror Units (Figs. 35
  • Страница 43 из 53
    MVX10 How to Fabricate an Optional Mirror Unit }A custom ordered or commercially available mirror unit can be fabricated by assembling a barrier filter, excitation filter and dichroic mirror, all of which are available commercially, in the U-MF/XL mirror unit frame. However, the barrier filter and
  • Страница 44 из 53
    6 Mounting the Coaxial Fluorescence Illuminator (Fig. 37) 1. Using the Allen screwdriver, loosen the illuminator clamping screw @. 2. Fit the round dovetail ² at the bottom of the illuminator into the mount dovetail ³ on the microscope body, and tighten the clamping screw @. }To prevent the
  • Страница 45 из 53
    MVX10 8 ² Mounting the Tilting Trinocular Head (Fig. 39) 1. Using the Allen screwdriver, loosen the clamping screw @ of the coaxial fluorescence illuminator. 2. Fit the round dovetail ² on the bottom of the trinocular head into the mount dovetail ³ of the illuminator and tighten the clamping screw.
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    Mounting the Lamp Housing for @ ² 10 Mercury Burner (Figs. 41 to 43) }For the lamp housing for xenon burner, refer to the instruction manual provided with the lamp housing. The centering method is identical to that for the mercury burner. Attaching the Mercury Burner Fig. 41 ³ | Fig. 42 1. Using
  • Страница 47 из 53
    MVX10 Attaching the Lamp Housing @ 1. Using the Allen screwdriver, loosen the two clamping screws @ on the lamp housing mount hole. 2. Fit the lamp housing all the way as shown in Fig. 43. 3. Tighten the clamping screws @ using the Allen screwdriver. # The surroundings of the lamp housing become
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    11-3 Centration of the Mercury (Xenon) Burner and Field Iris Diaphragm }For centering of the xenon burner, use the same procedure as the mercury burner. 1 | ƒ @ ³ ² Fig. 46 A B Centering the Mercury Burner (Figs. 46 & 47) }Set the main switch to “ ” (ON) and wait until the arc image stabilizes (for
  • Страница 49 из 53
    MVX10 Precise Centering of the Mirror }The position of the mirror has been adjusted and locked before shipment. Only if you want more precise adjustment of the mirror position, proceed to the following steps immediately after the procedure in the previous paragraphs. Note that, once the following
  • Страница 50 из 53
    PROPER SELECTION OF THE POWER SUPPLY CORD If no power supply cord is provided, please select the proper power supply cord for the equipment by referring to “Specifications” and “Certified Cord” below: CAUTION: In case you use a non-approved power supply cord for Olympus products, Olympus can no
  • Страница 51 из 53
    MVX10 Table 2 HAR Flexible Cord APPROVAL ORGANIZATIONS AND CORDAGE HARMONIZATION MARKING METHODS Approval Organization Alternative Marking Utilizing Printed or Embossed Harmonization Black-Red-Yellow Thread (Length Marking (May be located on jacket of color section in mm) or insulation of internal
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    Shinjuku Monolith, 3-1, Nishi Shinjuku 2-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan EC REP Wendenstraße 14-18, 20097 Hamburg, Germany 3500 Corporate Parkway, P.O. Box 610, Center Valley, PA 18034-0610, U.S.A. One Corporate Drive, Orangeburg, NY 10962, U.S.A. 491B River Valley Road, #12-01/04 Valley Point
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