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Modules described in this manual





This instruction manual is for the Olympus SZX16 Research High-Class Stereo Microscope System.
To ensure the safety, obtain optimum performance and to familiarize yourself full with the use of this
microscope, we recommend that you study this manual thoroughly before operating the microscope.
Retain this instruction manual in an easily accessible place near the work desk for future reference.

Оглавление инструкции
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    Modules described in this manual SZX16 SZX-R/SZH-P400/SZH-P600 SZX-2-2RE16 SZX-STAD1 SZX2-AN SZX-PO SZX-STAD2 SZH-STAD1 INSTRUCTIONS SZX16 RESEARCH HIGH-CLASS STEREO MICROSCOPE This instruction manual is for the Olympus SZX16 Research High-Class Stereo Microscope System. To ensure the safety,
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    This device complies with the requirements of directive 98/79/EC concerning in vitro diagnostic medical devices. CE marking means the conformity to the directive.
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    SZX16 CONTENTS IMPORTANT 1-3 — Be sure to read this section for safe use of the equipment. — 1 NOMENCLATURE 4 2 CONTROLS 5 3 SUMMARY OF OBSERVATION PROCEDURE 6 4 USING THE CONTROLS 7-13 4-1 Base
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    8 ASSEMBLY 18-21 9 OPERATION OF OTHER MODULES 22-30 9-1 Drop Prevention Collar SZX-R and Auxiliary Pillar SZH-P400/SZH-P600 ........ 22 9-2 Revolving Nosepiece SZX2-2RE16 .......................................................................................................... 23-25 9-3 BX Stage
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    SZX16 IMPORTANT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1. After the equipment has been used in an observation of a specimen that is accompanied with a potential of infection, clean the parts coming in contact with the specimen to prevent infection. · Moving this microscope is accompanied with the risk of dropping the
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    1 Getting Ready 1. A microscope is a precision instrument. Handle it with care and avoid subjecting it to sudden or severe impact. 2. Do not use the microscope where it is subjected to direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, or vibration. (For the operating environment, see Chapter 6,
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    SZX16 2 Maintenance and Storage 1. To clean the lenses and other glass components, simply blow dirty away using a commercially available blower and wipe gently using a piece of cleaning paper (or clean gauze). If a lens is stained with fingerprints or oil smudges, wipe it gauze slightly moistened
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    1 NOMENCLATURE }The following illustration shows a typical system composed of modules marked with “{” in the list of each module, and other modules may also be used in place of them. For the modules that are not shown in the module lists below, please contact Olympus or the latest catalogues.
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    SZX16 CONTROLS }If the microscope is not yet assembled, see Chapter 8, “ASSEMBLY” (pages 18 to 21) before the following. Light path selector knob (P. 12) Zooming knob 0.7X to 11.5X Focusing assembly clamping knob Diopter adjustment ring (P.10) ±5m-1 (per meter) Coarse focus adjustment knob tension
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    SUMMARY OF OBSERVATION PROCEDURE 3-1 Preparation Ref. Page 1. Check and tighten the connection of each component, especially the observation tube. .................................................. (Page 20) 2. Check that the angled formed by the microscope body with respect to the base is less
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    SZX16 USING THE CONTROLS 4-1 Base 1 Using the Stage Plate In reflected light observation, the stage plate can be placed either the white or black side facing up. # Win transmitted light observation, use the transparent glass stage plate (SP-C). 2 Placing the Specimen 1. Place the specimen on the
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    2 Engaging and Disengaging the Zooming Knob Click Stop Function (Fig. 5) }When the click stop knob is set to ON, the click stop function is engaged for each magnification indicated with the zooming knob. When the knob is set to OFF, the zoom magnification can be varied continuously and finely near
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    SZX16 4 Zoom Magnification Indication (Fig. 7) The body zoom magnification is indicated on the zooming knob on the right side. The total magnification of observation can be calculated with the following formula: Objective x magnification @ Body zoom x magnification Eyepiece magnification Fig. 7 5 @
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    4-3 Observation Tube 1 @ Adjusting the Interpupillary Distance (Fig. 9) # Be sure to hold the binocular assembly @ with both hands to make this adjustment. To prevent damaging the mechanism, do not apply an excessive force beyond the stop position. While looking through the eyepieces, hold the left
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    SZX16 3 Using the Eye Shades (Fig. 11) When Wearing Eyeglasses Use with eye shades in their normal folded-down position. (This will prevent eyeglasses from being scratched by the eyepiece.) When Not Wearing Eyeglasses Extend the folded eyeshades in the direction of the arrow. This makes observation
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    @ 5 Selecting the Light Path (Fig. 13) }Pull out the light path selector knob @ to set the light path for the right eyepiece to the TV/photomicrography light path. (The following table shows the intensity ratio of each light path in %.) Light Path Selector Knob SZX2-TR30 SZX2-TTR ( Fig. 13
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    SZX16 4-4 TV Observation and Photomicrography A TV camera and/or digital camera unit can be mounted on the straight tube mount of the trinocular tube by means of the TV adapter and/or camera mount adapter*. * The camera mount adapter is not necessary if a TV adapter equipped with a camera mount is
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    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Under certain conditions, performance of this unit may be adversely affected by factors other than defects. If a problem occurs, please review the following list and take remedial action as needed. If you cannot solve the problem after checking the entire list, contact
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    SZX16 SPECIFICATIONS Item 1. Zoom microscope body · SZX2-ZB16 Specifications Left/right zoom magnification system. Zoom drive system: Horizontal knob. Click stop ON-OFF switchable per zoom magnification. Zoom ratio: 16.4 (0.7X to 11.5X) Magnification indications: 14 indications. 0.7, 0.8, 1, 1.25,
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    Item Specifications SDFPLFL0.3X SDFPLAPO0.5XPF SDFPLAPO0.8X SDFPLAPO1XPF SDFPLAPO1.6XPF SDFPLAPO2XPFC 6. Objectives WD: Working distance PF: Parfocal lens * Auxiliary pillar is required when the SZX2-ST is used. **WHN10X-H **WHSZ15X-H ** 24 mm dia., 15 mm thick eyepiece **WHSZ20X-H micrometer disk
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    SZX16 OBSERVATION MAGNIFICATIONS AND OBSERVATION AREAS · Observation magnification = Objective magnification x Zoom magnification x Eyepiece magnification · Observation area = Eyepiece FN / (Objective magnification x Zoom magnification) (mm) Eyepieces WHN10X-H FN 22 Objective WHSZ15X-H FN 16
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    ASSEMBLY 8-1 Assembly Diagram The diagram below shows how to assemble the various modules. The numbers indicate the order of assembly. # When assembling the microscope, make sure that all parts are free of dust and dirt, and avoid scratching any part. Eyepieces WHN10X-H WHSZ15X-H/20X-H/30X-H
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    SZX16 8-2 Detailed Assembly Procedure 1 ³ Installing the Pillar (Fig. 16) 1. Using the Allen wrench provided with the base, loosen the two clamping screws @ on the pillar support sleeve completely. 2. Hold the pillar ² so that the Allen screwdriver storage hole comes cap at the top, and insert the
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    3 @ (Fig. 19) 1. Remove the cap @ on the focusing assembly by inserting a thin object into the notch. 2. Using the provided Allen wrench, loosen the dovetail mount clamping screw inside the cap on the focusing assembly by rotating it by 2 or 3 turns (counterclockwise). 3. Gently insert the dovetail
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    SZX16 6 @ ³ Mounting the Eyepiece (Fig. 22) }When using the micrometer eyepiece disk, insert it in the right eyepiece. (It may be inserted in the left eyepiece but the description in this manual assumes that it is inserted in the right eyepiece.) 1. Remove the eyepiece dust caps @ and loosen the
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    OPERATION OF OTHER MODULES 9-1 Drop Prevention Collar SZX-R and Auxiliary Pillar SZH-P400/SZH-P600 }The auxiliary pillar is to be used when observing a large specimen or when it is required to move the microscope body upward for using a low-magnification objective with long WD. }The drop prevention
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    SZX16 9-2 Revolving Nosepiece SZX2-2RE16 }The revolving nosepiece allows two objectives to be mounted (deviation in focusing due to switching between the objectives can be minimized provided that both of them are of the PF series). This makes objective switching easy by simply rotating the
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    … ƒ | ³ Fig. 28 3 4. Place the revolving nosepiece mount ³ (with its objective mounts | facing upward) where the objective mount has been by aligning the screw holes. Using the Allen wrench (for M3 screws), clamp the revolver mount with the provided three clamping screws (M3, 6 mm long) ƒ. (Fig.
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    SZX16 ² 2. Return the microscope body to the illumination light path by loosening the focusing module clamping knob ², rotating the microscope body gently in the direction of the arrow, aligning visually the objective with the illumination light path and tightening the clamping knob ² again. (Fig.
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    9-3 BX Stage Adapter Type 1 SZX-STAD1 }This adapter is for installation of a U-SRG or U-SRP rotary stage on the SZX2 standard base or a SZX2/SZX series illumination base. When the U-SRP rotary stage is used together with the U-FMP mechanical stage, X-Y directional movement becomes possible, which
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    SZX16 2 Assembly Mechanical stage U-FMP Rotary stage U-SRG Rotary stage U-SRP Clamping screws Allen screwdriver (provided with the microscope body) BX stage adapter type 1 SZX-STAD1 Clamping screw Mounting holes x2 Mounting threaded holes x2 Base Mounting the Polarizer (SZX-PO) When simplified
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    Simplified Transmitted Polarized Light Observation ² }The SZX2-AN analyzer is required additionally. The SDPlApo1.6XPF/2XPFC objectives cannot be used in the polarized light observation. @ ³ Fig. 32 28 1. Loosen the two analyzer clamping knobs @, fit the analyzer into the objective tip ² and
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    SZX16 9-4 BX Stage Adapter Type 2 SZX-STAD2 }This adapter is for installing the U-SIC4R2/SIC4L2 large stage* on the SZX2-STL/SZX-STL large stand**. When this stage adapter is used, the SZH-P400 auxiliary pillar should be used to cover the height of the stage adapter (about 125 mm). In addition,
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    2 Simplified Transmitted Light Observation Microscope body Objective Frosted filter Stage Mirror Base Fig. 33 3 External light source (Fig. 33) 1. Illuminate the specimen with an external light source (LSD illuminator, light guide illuminator, etc.). Light the external light source as shown in the
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