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  Modules described in this manual

WHSZ Series Eyepieces

This instruction manual is for the Olympus stereomicroscope system. To ensure the safety,
obtain optimum performance and to familiarize yourself fully with the use of this microscope,
we recommend that you study this manual thoroughly before operating the microscope.
Retain this instruction manual in an easily accessible place near the work desk for future

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    Modules described in this manual SZ2-ST WHSZ Series Eyepieces Objectives SZX-EPA SZX-AS SZX-STAD1 SZH-STAD1 SZ2-FO SZH-SG SZH-SC INSTRUCTIONS SZX7 STEREOMICROSCOPE SYSTEM This instruction manual is for the Olympus stereomicroscope system. To ensure the safety, obtain optimum performance and to
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    SZX7 CONTENTS Correct assembly and adjustments are critical for the microscope to manifest its full performance. If you are going to assemble the microscope by yourself, please read Chapter 8, “ASSEMBLY” (pages 16 to 18). For the assemblies of the modules for which instruction manuals are
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    IMPORTANT The SZX7 stereomicroscope is provided with the ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection specifications. It is provided with electroconductive coating in the external finish to reduce the surface resistance and grounding lead wires in their standard stand or system to eliminate static
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    SZX7 2 Maintenance and Storage 1. To clean the lenses and other glass components, simply blow dirty away using a commercially available blower and wipe gently using a piece of cleaning paper (or clean gauze). If a lens is stained with fingerprints or oil smudges, wipe it gauze slightly moistened
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    NOMENCLATURE * Modules marked * are given the ESD specifications. (Note) The modules shown in the following diagram are merely the typical examples. For the modules that are not shown below, please consult Olympus or the latest catalogues. Observation Tube Eyepiece · Binocular Tube: SZX-BI45* ·
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    SZX7 CONTROLS Zoom magnification indication (Page 10) Indicates 0.8, 1, 1.25, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5 and 5.6 Eye shades (Page 8) Click stop ON-OFF screw (Page 10) Zoom adjustment knobs (Page 7) 0.8X to 5.6X Eyepiece clamping knobs Focus adjustment knob (Page 6) Stroke: 120 mm Body clamping knob
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    OBSERVATION PROCEDURE }If you have not assembled the microscope yet, please read Chapter 8, “ASSEMBLY” (pages 16 to 18). 3-1 Preparation (Page) ................................................................................................................... (P. 16 - 18) 1. Confirm the mounting,
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    SZX7 OPERATION 4-1 Stand 1 Using the Stage 1. When reflected light illumination is used, the stage plate can be placed either the white or black surface facing up depending on the specimen. However, when the ESD performance is required, always use the black surface of the stage plate. 2. When
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    2 Adjusting the Diopter (Zoom Confocality Adjustment) (Fig. 3) # Confirm that the eyepiece clamping knobs @ are tightened firmly before proceeding to the adjustment. ³ ² | 1 Eyepieces without eyepiece micrometer disk 1. Turn the diopter adjustment rings ² of the left and right eyepieces to
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    SZX7 3 Using the Eye Shades (Fig. 4) # The eye shades are not provided with ESD protection performance. When ESD protection is required, do not use the eye shades. When Wearing Eyeglasses Use with the eye shades in the normal, folded-down position. This will prevent the eyeglasses from being
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    5 Selecting the Light Path (SZX-TR30) (Fig. 7) Slide the light path selector knob @ to select the desired light path. 1 Light Path Selector Knob Indication Pushed-in position Pulled-out position Light Path Ratio Binocular 100% Binocular 20% TV & Photo 80% Fig. 7 6 Adjusting the Tilt (SZX-TBI) (Fig.
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    SZX7 4-3 Microscope Body 1 1 Zoom Magnification Indication (Figs. 9 & 10) | The body zoom magnification is indicated on zoom adjustment knob (right) @. The total magnification can be calculated with the following formula. Total Objective Body zoom Eyepiece = X X magnification magnification
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    3 Microscope body Auxiliary sleeve Standard stand Fig. 11 11 Using Auxiliary Sleeve SZ2-ET (Fig. 11) As the 0.5X objective has a long working distance, it cannot be used in combination with the standard stand unless the auxiliary sleeve is used. # When the auxiliary sleeve is used, the microscope
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    SZX7 4-4 TV Observation and Photomicrography }When TV observation or photomicrography is required, use the SZX-TR30 trinocular tube. A TV camera and/or digital camera unit can be mounted on the SZX-TR30 trinocular tube by means of the TV adapter and/or camera mount adapter*. * The camera mount
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    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Under certain conditions, performance of the microscope may be adversely affected by factors other than defects. If problems occur, please review the following list and take remedial action as needed. If you cannot solve the problem after checking the entire list, please
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    SZX7 SPECIFICATIONS Item 1. Zoom microscope body. · SZX-ZB7 Specifications Zoom magnification variation: Left/right optical axis parallel method. Zoom drive: Horizontal knob system. Click stop for each zoom magnification: ON-OFF switching possible. Zoom ratio values: 7 values (0.8X to 5.6X) Zoom
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    OPTICAL PERFORMANCE Eyepieces Objective WHSZ10X/10X-H WHSZ15X-H WHSZ20X/20X-H WHSZ30X-H Actual Total Actual Total Actual Total Actual Total Magnification Field (mm) Magnification Field (mm) Magnification Field (mm) Magnification Field (mm) DFPL 0.5X-4 55 - 7.8 6X - 42X 40 - 5.7 8X - 56X 31.3 - 4.5
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    SZX7 ASSEMBLY 8-1 Assembly Diagram The diagram below shows the sequence of assembly of the various modules. The numbers indicate the order of assembly. Assembly steps enclosed in will be detailed on the subsequent pages. # When assembling the microscope, make sure that all parts are free of dust
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    8-2 Detailed Assembly Procedures 1 (Fig. 13) 1. Loosen the body clamping knob @ and insert the microscope body ² gently into the mounting hole of the standard stand. }The body clamping knob @ can be attached to any of the accessory mounting screw holes ³ around the mounting hole. It may be
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    SZX7 Mounting 5 1 ² ³ Mounting the Stage Plate (Figs. 16 & 17) 1. While applying the stage plate @ to the stage plate holder spring ², fit the stage plate into the stage plate mounting hole ³. }The stage plate has the milky white and black surfaces. Select the side facing up according to the
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    9 OPTIONAL MODULES 9-1 Eye Point Adjuster SZX-EPA 1 External View and Nomenclature Observation tube mount Observation tube clamping screw 2 Installation (Fig. 18) 1 ² 1. Remove the observation tube @ using the Allen screwdriver provided with the SZX microscope body. 2. Attach the eye point adjuster
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    SZX7 3 Using the Aperture Iris Diaphragm }Adjusting the aperture iris diaphragm makes it possible to improve the contrast of the observation image and increase the focal depth. However, the resolution is degraded when the aperture iris diaphragm is stopped down. · Slide the aperture iris diaphragm
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    3 Installation Mechanical stage U-FMP Rotary stage U-SRP Rotary stage U-SRG Clamping screw Allen wrench Clamping screw BX stage adapter type 1 SZX-STAD1 Mount hole Mounting screw hole Stand Mounting the polarizer (SZX-PO or SZ-POL-2) When simplified transmitted light polarized observation is
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    SZX7 9-4 Stage Adapter Type 1 SZH-STAD1 The SZH-STAD1 is an adapter providing the similar function to the BX stage adapter type 1 (SZX-STAD1). The difference is that the stage usable for the SZH-STAD1 is the BH2-SH horizontal knob stage. The installation and polarizer (SZX-PO or SZ-POL-2) mounting
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    2 External View and Nomenclature Focus adjustment knobs Stroke: Approx. 21 mm Rotation tension adjustable. Clamping screw holes Stage Load capacity: 1 kg Clamping knob 3 Installation 1. Using the provided screw and Allen wrench, attach the SZ2-FO up/down moving stage into the screw hole on the
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    SZX7 Adjusting the focus (Fig. 21) Bring to the center of the stroke. ² 1 1. Rotate the focus adjustment knob @ of the SZ2-FO up/down moving stage to bring the stage at the center of the focusing stroke. 2. Place a specimen on the stage and rotate the focus adjustment knob ² on the side of the
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    9-6 Gliding Stage SZH-SG 1 External View and Nomenclature Finger hook Stage plate Gliding stage Illumination field diameter: 40 mm Moving range diameter: 40 mm Seat 2 Installation Stage plate Use the one provided with the stand. Stage plate mount hole Gliding stage Note 1) Be sure to clean the
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    SZX7 9-7 Cup Stage SZH-SC 1 External View and Nomenclature # The SZH-SC can be used only with reflected light illumination. It cannot be used with transmitted light illumination. Tube Cup stage Tilting limit angle: 30° Finger hook Stage plate Specimen holder Seat Same size as the stage plate.
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    3 Operation (Figs. 22 & 23) Place a specimen on the stage plate, hold the cup stage by the edge, and tilt the cup stage slowly. (Fig. 22) }If the specimen slips on the stage plate, hold the specimen with the provided specimen holder. Fig. 22 }To fix a container such as a petri dish, insert the
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