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    202E2 202EL2 www.philips.com/welcome EN User manual 1 Customer care and warranty 28 Troubleshooting & FAQs 40
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    Table of Contents 1 1.1 1.2 1.3 Important Safety precautions and maintenance............... 1 . Notational Descriptions.......................................... 2 Disposal of product and packing material.... 3 2 2.1 2.2 2.3 Setting up the monitor
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    • • 1. Important This electronic user’s guide is intended for anyone who uses the Philips monitor. Take time to read this user manual before you use your monitor. It contains important information and notes regarding operating your monitor. Do not subject the monitor to severe vibration or high
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    • 1.2 Notational Descriptions IMPORTANT: Always activate a moving screen saver program when you leave your monitor unattended. Always activate a periodic screen refresh application if your monitor will display unchanging static content. Uninterrupted display of still or static images over an
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    Recycling Information for Customers There is currently a system of recycling up and running in the European countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In Asia Pacific, Taiwan, the products can be taken back by Environment Protection Administration (EPA) to follow the
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    2. Hold the monitor base stand with both hands and firmly insert the base stand into the base column. 2. Setting up the monitor 2.1 Installation 202E2/202EL2 Package contents CLICK! LCD Monitor Monitor LCD / Monitor LCD / LCD-Monitor / Moniteur LCD / LCD Monitor / LCD监视器 / LCD-монитором 202E/202EL
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    2.2 Operating the monitor Connecting to your PC 202E AC power input VGA input DVI-D input(Available for selected models) Kensington anti-thief lock Front view product description Connect to PC 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. : To access the OSD menu. : Return to previous OSD level. : Change to 4:3 display. : To
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    The OSD Menu Below is an overall view of the structure of the On-Screen Display. You can use this as a reference when you want to work your way around the different adjustments later on. Description of the On Screen Display What is On-Screen Display (OSD)? On-Screen Display (OSD) is a feature in
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    2.3 Remove Base Stand and Base Resolution notification Remove the Base Stand This monitor is designed for optimal performance at its native resolution, 1600×900@60Hz. When the monitor is powered on at a different resolution, an alert is displayed on screen: Use 1600×900@60Hz for best results.
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    Remove the base Note This monitor accepts a 100mm x 100mm VESACompliant mounting interface. Condition: • For VESA standard mounting applications 1. Remove the 4 screw covers.. 100mm 100mm 2. Remove the 4 screws and then remove the base from the monitor. 8
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    How to enable SmartImage Lite? 3. Product information 202E 3.1 Smartimage Lite What is it? SmartImage Lite provides presets that optimize display for different types of content, dynamically adjusting brightness, contrast, color and sharpness in real time. Whether you're working with text
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    There are three modes to be selected: Standard, Internet, Game. 3.2 SmartContrast What is it? Unique technology that dynamically analyzes displayed content and automatically optimizes a LCD monitor's contrast ratio for maximum visual clarity and viewing enjoyment, stepping up backlighting for
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    3.3 Philips SmartControl Lite First launch -Wizard • The first time after installation of SmartControl Lite, it will automatically go to Wizard for first time launch. • The wizard will guide you through adjustment your monitor performance step by step. • You can go to Plug-in menu to launch wizard
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    Start with Standard pane: Adjust menu: • Adjust Menu allow you to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Focus, Position and Resolution. • You can follow the instruction and do the adjustment. • Cancel prompts user if you want to cancel installation. 12
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    Color menu: • Color Menu allow you to adjust RGB, Black Level, White Point, Color Calibration, and SmartImage Lite (Please refer to SmartImage Lite section). • You can follow the instruction and do the adjustment. • Refer to below table for sub-menu item base on your input. • Example for Color
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    First color Calibration Screen: • • • • Previous button is disabled until the second color screen. Next goes to the succeeding target (6-targets). Final next goes File>Presets pane. Cancel closes the UI and returns to the plug in page. • • • • • • SmartImage Lite Allows user to change setting for
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    Options>Input - Will only be active when selecting Input from the drop-down Options menu. On a non-supported display capable of DDC/CI, only the Help and Options tabs are available. All other SmartControl Lite tabs are not available. • • Options>Audio - Will only be active when selecting Volume
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    Help>User Manual - Will only be active when selecting User Manual from the drop-down Help menu. On a non-supported display capable of DDC/CI, only the Help and Options tabs are available. Context Sensitive menu The Context Sensitive menu is Enabled by default. If Enable Context Menu has been
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    Task Tray Menu Enabled The task tray menu can be displayed by rightclicking on the SmartControl Lite icon from the task tray. Left Click will launch the application. Task Tray Menu Disabled When the Task Tray is disabled in the preference folder, only the EXIT selection is available. To completely
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    3.4 Philips' Flat Panel Monitors Pixel Defect Policy Types of Pixel Defects Pixel and sub pixel defects appear on the screen in different ways. There are two categories of pixel defects and several types of sub pixel defects within each category. Philips strives to deliver the highest quality
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    Note A red or blue bright dot must be more than 50 percent brighter than neighboring dots while a green bright dot is 30 percent brighter than neighboring dots. Black Dot Defects Black dot defects appear as pixels or sub pixels that are always dark or 'off'. That is, a dark dot is a sub-pixel that
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    4 Technical Specifications 202E2/202EL2 Picture/Display LCD panel type Backlight Panel size Aspect ratio Pixel Pitch Brightness SmartContrast Contrast ratio (typ.) Response time (typical) Optimum Resolution Viewing angle Picture Enhancement Display colors Vertical refresh rate Horizontal Frequency
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    Power (202E2) On mode Energy Consumption (EnergyStar 5.0 test method) Normal Operation (typcial) Sleep Off Heat Dissipation* Normal Operation Sleep Off Power (202EL2) On mode Energy Consumption (EnergyStar 5.0 test method) Normal Operation (typcial) Sleep Off Heat Dissipation* Normal Operation
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    Dimension Product with stand (WxHxD) 494x386x199mm Product without stand 494x316x49mm (WxHxD) Box dimension (WxHxD) 565x446x143mm Weight 3.96kg Product with stand Product without stand 3.8kg Product with packaging 5.28kg Operating Condition Temperature range (operation) 0°C to 40 °C Temperature
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    4.2 Automatic PowerSaving 4.1 Resolution & Preset Modes Maximum Resolution For 202E2/202EL2 1600 x 900 at 60 Hz (analog input) 1600 x 900 at 60 Hz (digital input) Recommended Resolution For 202E2/202EL2 1600 x 900 at 60 Hz (digital input) H. freq (kHz) 31.47 31.47 35.00 37.86 37.50 37.88 46.88
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    5 Regulatory Information Electrical Safety • Product fulfills rigorous safety standards Emissions • Low alternating electric and magnetic fields emissions • Low acoustic noise emissions Some of the Environmental features of the TCO Displays 5.0 requirements: • The brand owner demonstrates corporate
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    EPEAT (www.epeat.net) “The EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) program evaluates computer desktops, laptops, and monitors based on 51 environmental criteria developed through an extensive stakeholder consensus process supported by US EPA. EPEAT system helps purchasers in the
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    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Notice (U.S. Only) FCC Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Conformity for Products Marked with FCC Logo, This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits
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    CET APPAREIL NUMERIQUE DE LA CLASSE B RESPECTE TOUTES LES EXIGENCES DU REGLEMENT SUR LE MATERIEL BROUILLEUR DU CANADA. EN 55022 Compliance (Czech Republic Only) Commission Federale de la Communication (FCC Declaration) • • • • Cet équipement a été testé et déclaré conforme auxlimites des appareils
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    Polish Center for Testing and Certification Notice North Europe (Nordic Countries) Information Placering/Ventilation VARNING: FÖRSÄKRA DIG OM ATT HUVUDBRYTARE OCH UTTAG ÄR LÄTÅTKOMLIGA, NÄR DU STÄLLER DIN UTRUSTNING PÅPLATS. The equipment should draw power from a socket with an attached protection
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    Ergonomie Hinweis (nur Deutschland) China RoHS Der von uns gelieferte Farbmonitor entspricht den in der "Verordnung über den Schutz vor Schäden durch Röntgenstrahlen" festgelegten Vorschriften. The People's Republic of China released a regulation called "Management Methods for Controlling Pollution
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    Your Philips F1rst Choice Warranty 6 Customer care and warranty Thank you for purchasing this Philips monitor. All Philips monitors are designed and manufactured to high standards and deliver high-quality performance, ease of use and ease of installation. Should you encounter any difficulties while
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    What is excluded? The Philips F1rst Choice Warranty applies provided the product is handled properly for its intended use, in accordance with its operating instructions and upon presentation of the original invoice or cash receipt, indicating the date of purchase, dealer's name and model and
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    F1rst Choice Contact Information Country Austria Belgium Denmark Finland Luxembourg The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Code +43 +32 +45 +358 +352 +31 +47 +48 +351 +34 +46 +41 +44 Telephone number 0810 000206 078 250851 3525 8761 840 320 041 26 84 30 00
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    • • • Your Guarantee in Central and Eastern Europe Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Philips product, which has been designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. If, unfortunately, something should go wrong with this product Philips guarantees free of charge labor and
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    Consumer Information Centers CROATIA Renoprom d.o.o. Ljubljanska 4, Sv. Nedjelja,10431 Croatia Tel: +385 1 333 0974 Argentina / Australia / Brasil / Canada / New Zealand / Belarus / Bulgaria / Croatia / Czech Republic / Estonia / United Arab Emirates / Hong Kong / Hungary / India / Indonesia /
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    ROMANIA Blue Ridge Int'l Computers SRL 115, Mihai Eminescu St., Sector 2 RO - 020074 Bucharest Tel: +40 21 2101969 TURKEY Türk Philips Ticaret A.S. Yukari Dudullu Org.San.Bolgesi 2.Cadde No:22 34776-Umraniye/Istanbul Tel: (0800)-261 33 02 SERBIA & MONTENEGRO Kim Tec d.o.o. Viline vode bb, Slobodna
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    NEW ZEALAND Company: Visual Group Ltd. Address: 28 Walls Rd Penrose Auckland Phone: 0800 657447 Fax: 09 5809607 E-mail: vai.ravindran@visualgroup.co.nz Service Hours: Mon.~Fri. 8:30am~5:30pm Additional service points: 1. Philips Building Jl. Buncit Raya Kav 99. Jakarta Selatan. Phone: 021-7940040,
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    Singapore Company: Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd (Philips Consumer Care Center) Address: 620A Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, TP4 Building Level 1, Singapore 319762 Tel: (65) 6882 3999 Fax: (65) 62508037 E-mail: consumer.care.sg@philips.com Service hours: Mon.~Fri. 9:00am~6:00pm; Sat. 9:00am~1:00pm MDR
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    Israel Company: Eastronics LTD Address: 13 Rozanis St. P.O.B. 39300, Tel Aviv 61392 Israel Tel: 1-800-567000 call free in Israel; (972-508353722 after service hours until 20:00) Fax: 972-3-6458759 E-mail: eastronics@eastronics.co.il Service hours: Sun.~Thurs. 08:00 - 18:00 Your Philips F1rst Choice
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    WHO IS COVERED? You must have proof of purchase to receive warranty service. A sales receipt or other document showing that you purchased the product is considered proof of purchase. Attach it to this owner's manual and keep both nearby. a product that requires modification or adaptation to enable
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    Contact the Philips Customer Care Center phone number listed below for product assistance and procedures for servicing: following details so we can solve your problem quickly. . Philips type number . Philips serial number . Purchase date (copy of purchase may be required) . PC environment
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    Your International Guarantee Dear Customer, Please note that the product is not defective under this guarantee in the case where modifications become necessary in order for the product to comply with local or national technical standards which apply in countries for which the product was not
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    AUTO button doesn't function • The auto function is applicable only in VGA- Analog mode. If the result is not satisfactory, you can do manual adjustments via the OSD menu. 7 Troubleshooting & FAQs 7.1 Troubleshooting This page deals with problems that can be corrected by a user. If the problem
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    Horizontal flicker appears • • Green, red, blue, dark, and white dots appears on the screen • The remaining dots are normal characteristic of the liquid crystal used in today’s technology, Please refer the pixel policy for more detail. Adjust the image using the “Auto” function in OSD Main
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    7.2 SmartControl Lite FAQs Q1. I change the monitor on a PC to a different one and the SmartControl Lite becomes un-usable, what do I do? driver from corresponding companies’ web site. Install the driver. Remove SmartControl Lite, and re-install it once more. If it is still not working, we are
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    Ans.: These are the driver files for your monitor. Follow the instructions in your user manual to install the drivers. Your computer may Q1: When I install my monitor what should I do if the screen shows 'Cannot display this ask you for monitor drivers (.inf and .icm files) or a driver disk when
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    Q8: Can I change the color setting of my monitor? system. Please contact your Philips sales representative for more information. Ans.: Yes, you can change your color setting through OSD control as the following procedures, • Press "OK" to show the OSD (On Screen Display) menu • Press "Down Arrow"
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    "burn in", also known as "after-imaging" or "ghost imaging", on your screen. "Burn-in", "after-imaging", or "ghost imaging" is a well-known phenomenon in LCD panel technology. In most cases, the "burned in" or "atter-imaging" or "ghost imaging" will disappear gradually over a period of time after
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    2010 © Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. Philips and the Philips Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. and are used under license from Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Version:
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