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    Copyright © 2010 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. This user’s guide is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Samsung Electronics is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to
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    Contents ABOUT THIS INSTALLATION GUIDE Convention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Finding more information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 SETTING UP THE
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    About this installation guide 1 . This installation guide provides information about the installation of the machine as well as detailed explanation on how to install with step-by-step instructions. This installation guide is valuable for both novice and professional users. You can refer to this as
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    Finding more information You can find information for setting up and using your machine from the following resources, either as a print-out or on screen. MATERIAL NAME DESCRIPTION Installation Guide This guide provides information on setting up your machine. Follow the instructions in the guide to
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    Setting up the hardware 1. We recommend you leave to setting up the hardware to the installation engineer from Samsung or the dealership where you bought the machine. This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions for setting up the hardware. We recommend you set up the hardware following the
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    The body of this machine weighs about 113.4 Kg (250.00 lbs) to the maximum including the trays. Use safe lifting and handling techniques. If you need to move this machine, you need at least four people. Use the lifting handles, as shown. If less than four people attempt to lift the machine, you can
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    Installation environment Make sure to have the below recommended environment before you install the machine. • Range of temperature - Operation: 10 and 32 °C (50 and 90 °F) - Storage: -20 and 40°C (-4 and 104 °F) • Range of humidity - Operation: 20 and 80% RH - Storage: 10 and 90% RH • Select a
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    Machine configuration Setting up the hardware_ 8
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    Optional goods by models The machine is designed to support all of your document needs from printing and copying to more advanced networking solutions for your business. Some optional goods may not be available depending on models or countries. Optional goods by models include: OPTIONAL GOODS
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    Installation flow of the hardware We recommend you refer to the below installation flow to install the hardware. Set installation location and check included items in the package. Remove all the packing pads and tapes. Install the machine with the one of the purchased items : Cabinet Stand, Dual
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    Unpacking and placing the hardware Follow the steps below: 1. Select a stable location. 2. Unpack the machine and check all the enclosed items. Included items may differ depending on the country TONER CARTRIDGE IMAGING UNIT POWER CORD & USB CABLE INSTALLATION GUIDE & WARRANTY CARD SOFTWARE CD &
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    Installing the cabinet stand, optional dual cassette feeder or optional high capacity feeder When you purchased this machine, you would have chosen one of the below items. To install the item, refer to its installation guide. CABINET STAND DUAL CASSETTE FEEDER HIGH CAPACITY FEEDER Installing the
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    4. Remove the protecting sheet and tape. 5. Loosen the two handle hinges from the machine. The two handle hinges are used after put the DADF on the machine. Setting up the hardware_ 13
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    6. Put the DADF on the machine as shown below. 7. Fix the DADF using the two handle hinges that you loosened in the step 5. Loosely tighten the two handle hinges. Setting up the hardware_ 14
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    8. Fix the steel plate on the longest scale mark using the handle hinge. You can place the scale mark by handling it back and forth while tightening or loosening the screw at the backside. Setting up the hardware_ 15
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    9. Tighten the two handle hinges for fixing the DADF. 10. Close the DADF. Setting up the hardware_ 16
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    11. Loosen the three screws. 12. Push up the steel frames, and tighten the three screws. Setting up the hardware_ 17
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    13. Make sure the two rubber pads (left side) and two plastic projections (right side) on the bottom of the DADF on both sides touch the top of the machine as shown below. • If you skip this step, it could cause originals to jam. • If the gap is more than 0.5 mm (0.02 inch), adjust the screw on
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    15. Remove the screw and open the DADF cable cover. 16. Plug the DADF interface cable into the connector. Setting up the hardware_ 19
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    17. Tighten the screw to ground the ground wire. 18. Put the supporting rubber into the DADF cable cover. Setting up the hardware_ 20
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    19. Replace the DADF cable cover and tighten the screw . 20. Open the DADF and place the sheet inside. The white side should face down toward the scanner glass. Then remove all protective pieces of paper from the white sheet’s Velcro fastener. Setting up the hardware_ 21
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    21. Align the white sheet with the registration guide at the top left coner of the glass. 22. Close the DADF carefully. The white sheet will be attached to the DADF. If the white sheet is not attached properly, stick the white sheet on the DADF properly using the stickers when the DADF is opened.
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    Installing the accessory box You can keep the cleaning cloth, scanner locking screw, etc. in the accessory box. You can also keep the screws, rubber packing, etc. that are left after optional item installation. Follow the steps below: • The accessory box is provided for user’s convenience. There
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    Removing the scanner locking screw You need to remove the screw locking the scanner. If you do not remove it, you cannot use the copy and scan functions. We recommend you keep the screw in the accessory box. You need to lock the scanner when moving the machine or when the machine is not in use for
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    Installing the right tray (face up) Right tray is optional for CLX-9250 series. The right tray is recommended for printing or copying on media that require a straight-through paper path, such as thick paper, envelopes, labels, and transparencies. The right tray can hold up to 150 sheets of print
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    3. Locate the right tray on the holes of the machine where the right tray will be inserted. Then put the right tray into the holes on the machine. 4. Pull out the right tray extension, if necessary. Setting up the hardware_ 26
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    Installing the toner cartridges Follow the steps below: 1. Open the front cover. 2. Take the new toner cartridges out from their packages. 3. Thoroughly shake the new toner cartridge side to side five or six times to distribute the toner evenly inside the toner cartridge. 4. Pull the sealed tape
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    5. Hold the new toner cartridge by the handle and slide it into its corresponding positions until it locks into place. Leave the front cover opened. Installing the imaging units Follow the steps below: 1. Squeeze the left/right locking levers and push outward at the same time. Then remove the waste
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    2. Squeeze and push down the lever, and open the inner cover. 3. Take the new imaging units out from their packages. Do not use sharp objects, such as a knife or scissors, to open the imaging unit package. You could damage the surface of the imaging unit. 4. Remove the paper protecting the surface
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    5. Remove the tape on the handle. 6. Hold the shutter, and pull the rubber stopper out of the developer. 7. Remove the tape wrapped around the developer. 8. Remove the tape on the imaging uint. Setting up the hardware_ 30
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    9. Pull out the OPC protecting pad. If toner gets on your clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash clothing in cold water. Hot water sets toner into fabric. • • Be careful not to scratch the surface of the imaging unit. To prevent damage, do not expose the imaging unit to light for more than
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    11. Close the inner cover. 12. Insert the waste toner container until it locks in place. Setting up the hardware_ 32
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    13. Close the front cover. If the front cover is not completely closed, the machine will not operate. Installing other options This machine is a full-featured multi function printer that has been optimized to meet most of the users needs. Recognizing that each user may have different requirements,
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    Loading paper Standard tray Load the print media you use for the majority of your print jobs into standard tray. You can also purchase an optional dual cassette feeder or optional high capacity feeder, and attach it below the standard tray. Refer to Supplies and Accessories guide on the User’s
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    3. Remove the plastic bag which has two screws. Keep the two screws, it could use to be fixed the paper legnth guides completely, if necessary. 4. Squeeze the paper length guide, and slide it to the end of the tray. 1 Paper length guide Setting up the hardware_ 35
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    5. Squeeze the paper width guide, and slide it to the end of the tray. 1 Paper width guide 6. Flex or fan the edge of the paper stack to separate the pages before loading papers. When handling the paper, be careful not to get a paper cut. Setting up the hardware_ 36
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    7. Load paper with the print side facing up. 8. Adjust the paper legnth guide to the desired paper length. Setting up the hardware_ 37
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    9. After loading paper into the tray, pinch the paper width guide and move it toward the stack of paper until it lightly touches the side of the stack. Do not press the guide too tightly to the edge of the paper; the guide may bend the paper. • • Do not push the paper width guide too far causing
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    10. Fix the paper length guide using the locking switch. Release the locking switch to load a different sized paper 1 Locking switch If you use only one size of paper or you want to fix the paper length guides completely, fix the paper length guides using the two screws which are enclosed in the
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    Connecting a printer cable Using a network cable This machine has a bulit-in network interface card. You can connect your machine to a network using a network cable. Connect your machine to the network with a network cable: Setting up the hardware_ 40
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    Turning the machine on Keep in mind that you should use the power cord supplied with the machine. Otherwise, it can cause damage or fire to the machine. 1. Plug the power cord into the power receptacle. 2. Plug another side into a properly grounded AC outlet. Setting up the hardware_ 41
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    3. Turn on the power switch. • • Some parts inside of the machine may be hot when power is on, or after printing. Be careful not to burn yourself when working inside the machine. Do not disassemble the machine when it is turned on or plugged in. Doing so may give you an electric shock. If you need
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    Initial settings and testing of the machine 2. After hardware installation is completed, initial settings and some tests are necessary before using the machine. This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions for initial settings and tests. For detailed information about setting up the machine,
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    3. Press the Device name input area. The pop-up keyboard appears. Remove the existing device name and enter the device name you want to use and then press OK. Then press Next. Keep in mind to enter the device name to be used on the network. • • If necessary, enter the location of the machine in the
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    5. Press Static and enter the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway in each input area using the pop-up keyboard or the numeric keypad on the control panel. Then press Next. • If a new IP address is assigned automatically by a DHCP or BOOTP, press DHCP or BOOTP. • If you are not sure about your
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    7. Set the time on the machine. You can set the time manually or use SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) to set time automatically using the time server. When you press Manual: a. Set the date, time and time offset using the left/right and up/down arrows. Example for selecting the time offset: If
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    8. Select a unit, numeric separation, and standard paper size to be used on the display screen. Then press Next. 9. Select an altitude level where the machine is installed. The print quality is affected by atmospheric pressure, which is determined by the height of the machine above sea level. Then
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    10. Press Community Name input area. The pop-up keyboard appears, and then enter a SNMP Community name and press OK. Then set access permission using Read Access or Write Access. If you do not know SNMP Community, contact your network administrator. Then press Finish. If you want to skip this step,
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    Print adjustment (Dual cassette feeder or High capacity feeder) If you have installed the dual cassette feeder or high capacity feeder on the machine, you have to print adjustment before using the machine. The procedure of print adjustment for the dual cassette feeder and the high capacity feeder
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    7. Press Adjustment > Print Adjustment > Paper Supply > Tray 3. 8. Press Paper Size > A3 > Print. 9. The machine prints the print test chart. Press Next. Initial settings and testing of the machine_ 50
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    10. Place the front of the print test chart face down on the scanner glass. The print test chart has A (Front Side) on the front page. 11. Press Start from the control panel. If you select Apply to all trays, the trays that are not selected also have the print adjustment results appllied. We
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    DADF skew test and adjustment After initial setting is completed, you need to conduct the DADF skew test and adjustment using the DADF test chart which supplied with DADF. Skew test 1. Load the A4 (or LTR) DADF test chart face up into the DADF. 2. Adjust the document width guides to the paper size.
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    3. Press Copy from the display screen. 4. Press Start from the control panel to begin copying. 5. Compare the condition of the printout with the DADF test chart. For example, the length of scale marks in the circles is equivalent (acceptable range by less or more than 0.5 mm), it means the DADF was
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    Otherwise, adjust the DADF using the screw at the backside and handle hinge as shown by the examples below. For example, the length of scale on the left side is 1mm shorter than that of right side, move the steel plate toward the rear side by two scale marks using the screw at the backside and
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    DADF adjustment 1. Load the A4 (or LTR) DADF test chart face up into the DADF. 2. Adjust the document width guides to the paper size. Initial settings and testing of the machine_ 55
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    3. Press Machine Setup from the display screen. 4. Press Machine Setup > General Settings > Machine Test. 5. Press ID’s input area. The pop-up keyboard appears. Enter the name which is entered in the initial setting step 6 (See "Press the Name input area." on page 45). Then press OK on the pop-up
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    9. Press Adjustment > DADF Adjustment > OK. The machine adjusts the DADF automatically. After the DADF skew test and adjustment, the pop-up window appears on the display screen. Remove the the A4 (or LTR) DADF test chart from the DADF. Initial settings and testing of the machine_ 57
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    Initial settings and testing of the machine_ 58
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    Installing the supplied software 3. This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions for installing the supplied software. For the detailed information about supplied software, refer to the User’s Guide or Administrator’s Guide on the User’s Guide CD. This chapter includes: • • • Supplied software
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    System requirements Before you begin, ensure that your system meets the following requirements: Windows Your machine supports the following Windows operating systems. REQUIREMENT (RECOMMENDED) OPERATING SYSTEM CPU RAM FREE HDD SPACE Windows 2000 Pentium II 400 MHz (Pentium III 933 MHz) 64 MB (128
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    UNIX ITEM REQUIREMENTS Operating system Sun Solaris 8, 9, 10 (x86, SPARC) IBM AIX 5.x HP-UX 11i (PA-RISC, Itanium) Free HDD space Up to 100 MB Installing a network connected machine’s driver If you are a Macintosh or Linux OS user, refer to the Administrator’s Guide on the User’s Guide CD for
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    4. Read License Agreement, and select I accept the terms of the License Agreement. Then, click Next. The program searches the machine. If your machine is not found in the network or locally, the following window will appear. • Check if you want to install the software without connecting the printer
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    7. After the installation is finished, a window asking you to print a test page appears. If you want to print a test page, click Print a test page. Otherwise, just click Next and go to step 9. 8. If the test page prints out correctly, click Yes. If not, click No to reprint it. 9. If you want to
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    Contact SAMSUNG worldwide If you have any comments or questions regarding Samsung products, contact the Samsung customer care center. COUNTRY/REGION CUSTOMER CARE CENTER WEB SITE ARGENTINE 0800-333-3733 www.samsung.com ARMENIA 0-800-05-555 AUSTRALIA 1300 362 603 www.samsung.com AUSTRIA 0810-SAMSUNG
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    COUNTRY/REGION CUSTOMER CARE CENTER WEB SITE INDONESIA 0800-112-8888 021-5699-7777 www.samsung.com ITALIA 800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) www.samsung.com JAMAICA 1-800-234-7267 www.samsung.com JAPAN 0120-327-527 www.samsung.com KSA 9200-21230 www.samsung.com BAHRAIN 8000-4726 LATVIA 8000-7267 LITHUANIA
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    COUNTRY/REGION CUSTOMER CARE CENTER WEB SITE UKRAINE 8-800-502-000 www.samsung.ua www.samsung.com/ua_ru UZBEKISTAN 8-10-800-500-55-500 www.samsung.com/kz_ru VENEZUELA 0-800-100-5303 www.samsung.com VIETNAM 1 800 588 889 www.samsung.com Contact SAMSUNG worldwide_ 66
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    Index C service contact numbers 64 connect network cable 40 printer cable 40 convention 3 T test DADF skew 52 turn on F machine 41 features supplied software 59 U Unix I initial setting 43 install duplex automatic document feeder 12 imaging unit 28 optional high capacity feeder 12 optional tray 12
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