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4411 Instruction Manual

Оглавление инструкции
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    4411 Instruction Manual
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    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using an electrical appliance, basic safety should always be followed, including the following: Read all instructions before using this sewing machine. DANGER - To reduce the risk of electric shock: 1. An appliance should never be left unattended when plugged in.
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    Congratulations As the owner of a new Singer sewing machine, you are about to begin an exciting adventure in creativity. From the moment you first use your machine, you will know you are sewing on one of the easiest to use sewing machines ever made. May we recommend that, before you start to use
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    List of Contents Machine Basics Principle Parts of the Machine..............................................................................................................................................2/3 Connecting Machine to Power Source
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    Principal Parts of the Machine 1. Thread tension dial 2. Presser foot pressure adjustment 3. Thread take-up lever 4. Reverse sewing lever 1 9 6. Presser foot 2 7. Needle plate cover 3 10 11 5. Thread cutter 8. Removable extension table/ accessory storage 4 12 9. Three needle position dial 10.
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    Principal Parts of the Machine 14. Horizontal spool pin 15. Bobbin winding spindle 14 21 16. Hole for auxiliary spool pin 15 17. Handwheel 22 16 18. Buttonhole stitch balance adjustment slot 23 19. Power and light switch 17 20. Main plug socket 24 21. Bobbin thread guide 25 22. Upper thread guide
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    Connecting Machine to Power Source Connect the machine to a power source as illustrated. (1) This appliance is equipped with a polarized plug which must be used with the appropriate polarized outlet. (2) Attention: Unplug power cord when machine is not in use. A Foot control The foot control pedal
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    Two Step Presser Foot Lifter When sewing several layers or thick fabrics, the presser foot can be raised to a higher position for easy positioning of the work. (A) A Adjusting Presser Foot Pressure The presser foot pressure of the machine has been pre-set and requires no particular readjustment
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    Accessories 1 Standard accessories Standard accessories (1) a. All purpose foot b. Zipper foot c. Buttonhole foot d. Button sewing foot e. Seam ripper/ brush f. Edge/ quilting guide g. Pack of needles h. Spool holders i. Bobbin (3x) j. L-screwdriver k. Auxiliary Spool Pin l. Spool pin felt m. Soft
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    Winding the Bobbin - Place thread and corresponding spool holder on to spool pin. (1/2) - Snap thread into thread guide. (3) - Wind thread clockwise around bobbin winder tension discs. (4) - Thread bobbin as illustrated and place on spindle. (5) - Push bobbin spindle to right. (6) - Hold thread
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    Inserting the Bobbin When inserting or removing the bobbin, the needle must be fully raised. 1. Insert the bobbin in the bobbin case with the thread running counterclockwise direction (arrow). 2. Pull the thread through the slit (A). 3. Draw the thread clockwise until it slips into the notch (B).
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    Threading the Upper Thread This is a simple operation but it is important to carry out correctly as by not doing so several sewing problems could result. - Start by raising the needle to its highest point (1), and continue turning the handwheel counterclockwise until the needle just slightly begins
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    Raising the Bobbin Thread Hold the upper thread with the left hand. Turn the handwheel (1) towards you (counterclockwise) lowering, then raising needle. Note: If it is difficult to raise the bobbin thread, check to make sure the thread is not trapped by the hinged cover or the Removable Extension
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    Thread Tension Upper thread tension Basic thread tension setting: "4". (1) To increase the tension, turn the dial to the next number up. To reduce the tension, turn the dial to the next number down. A. Normal thread tension for straight stitch sewing. B. Thread tension too loose for straight stitch
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    How to Choose Your Pattern The diagram on this page display the stitch patterns available on the machine. a b c Turn the Pattern Selector Dial (e) to select the desired pattern. Use the Stitch Length Dial (d) to adjust the stitch length as desired for the project. Use the Stitch Width Dial (c) to
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    Three Needle Position Dial The needle position can be altered with the "Three needle position dial". For normal work, the needle position is middle. For edge stitching or sewing parallel lines of top stitch, select needle position left or right. For twin needle stitching, needle position is middle.
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    Stitch Width Dial & Stitch Length Dial Function of stitch width dial The maximum zigzag stitch width for zigzag stitching is 5mm; however, the width can be reduced on any patterns. The width increases as you move zigzag dial from "0" - "6". (1) The Stitch Width Dial is also the control for the
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    Sewing Straight Stitch To begin sewing, set the machine for straight stitch. (1) Place the fabric under the presser foot with the fabric edge lined up with the desired seam guide line on the needle plate. (2) Lower the presser foot lifter, and then step on the foot controller to start sewing. (3) 1
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    Reverse Sewing To secure the beginning and the end of a seam, press down the reverse sewing lever (A). Sew a few reverse stitches. Release the lever and the machine will sew forward again. (1) A Removing the Work Turn the handwheel toward you (counterclockwise) to bring the thread take up lever to
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    Blind Hem For hems on curtains, trousers, skirts, etc. Blind hem for stretch fabrics. Blind hem for firm fabrics. M Set the Stitch Length Dial with the range shown on the diagram at the right. Blind hems, however, are normally sewn with a longer stitch length setting. Set the Stitch Width Dial at a
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    Buttonholes Prepare 1. Take off the all purpose foot and attach the buttonhole foot. 2. Measure diameter and thickness of button and add 0.3 cm (1/8") for bar tacks to obtain correct buttonhole length; mark buttonhole length on fabric (a). 3. Place fabric under the foot, so that marking on the
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    Left and Right Side Balance for Buttonhole Stitch density on right and left sides of buttonhole can be adjusted by buttonhole balance control dial. This dial should usually be in a neutral position (between "+" and "–") If the stitches on the left side of buttonhole are too close together, turn the
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    Sewing on Buttons Move the drop feed control to right side to lower the feed dogs. (1) L Change the all purpose foot to the button sewing foot. (2) Set the stitch length to "0". Place the button and fabric under the Button Sewing foot, as illustrated in (3). Set the machine for zig-zag stitch, then
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    Installing the Removable Extension Table Hold the removable extension table horizontally, and push it in the direction of the arrow. (1) To remove the extension table, pull it toward the left. 1 The inside of the removable extension table can be utilized as an accessory box. To open, flip cover
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    Attaching the Presser Foot Shank Raise the presser bar (a) with the presser foot lifter. Attach the presser foot shank (b) as illustrated. (1) a a Attaching the presser foot Lower the presser foot shank (b) using the presser foot lifter, until the cut-out (c) is directly above the pin (d). (2) The
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    Needle/ Fabric/ Thread Chart NEEDLE, FABRIC, THREAD SELECTION GUIDE NEEDLE SIZE FABRICS Lightweight fabrics-thin cottons, voile, silk, muslin, 9-11 (70-80) interlocks, cotton knits, tricots, jerseys, crepes, woven polyester, shirt & blouse fabrics. 11-14 (80-90) 14 (90) 16 (100) 18 (110) Medium
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    How To Drop Feed Dog For ordinary sewing, keep the feed dog up, for freehand embroidery, sewing on buttons and darning, drop the feed dog. To raise (a) and lower (b) feed dog. (2) 1 a b 2 24 a b
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    Inserting & Changing Needles Change the needle regularly, especially if it is showing signs of wear and causing problems. For best sewing results ® always use SINGER Brand Needles. D A Insert the needle as illustrated as follows: A. Loosen the needle clamp screw and tighten again after inserting
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    Changing the Bulb Disconnect the machine from the power supply by removing the plug from the main socket! Replace bulb with same type rated 15 watts (110-120V area / 220-240V area). - Loosen screw (A) as illustrated. (1) Remove the face plate (B). Unscrew the bulb and install a new one (C). (2)
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    Troubleshooting Guide Problem Cause Correction Upper thread breaks 1. The machine is not threaded correctly. 2. The thread tension is too tight. 3. The thread is too thick for the needle. 4. The needle is not inserted correctly. 5. The thread is wound around the spool holder pin. 6. The needle is
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    Please note that on disposal, this product must be safely recycled in accordance with relevant National legislation relating to electrical/electronic products. If in doubt please contact your retailer for guidance.
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    Ïðè ïîäêëþ÷åíèè ýòîãî ïðîäóêòà íåîáõîäèìî âíèìàòåëüíî îçíàêîìèòüñÿ ñ ïðàâèëàìè ïî òåõíèêå áåçîïàñíîñòè, â ñîîòâåòñòâèè ñ äåéñòâóþùèì çàêîíîäàòåëüñòâîì â âàøåé ñòðàíå. Ïîæàëóéñòà, ó÷òèòå, ÷òî ïî îêîí÷àíèè ñðîêà ñëóæáû ýòîò ïðîäóêò äîëæåí áûòü óòèëèçèðîâàí â ñîîòâåòñòâèè ñ äåéñòâóþùèì Íàöèîíàëüíûì
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    Íåïîëàäêè è èõ óñòðàíåíèå Çàïóòûâàíèå íèòè â ÷åëíîêå Òÿæåëûé õîä ìàøèíû 1.  ÷åëíî÷íîì ìåõàíèçìå ñêîïèëîñü ìíîãî âîðñà è ïûëè 2. Ïîâðåæäåíà èãëà Ìàøèíà øóìíî ðàáîòàåò 1. Ïëîõîå êà÷åñòâî íèòîê 2. Íåïðàâèëüíî çàïðàâëåíà íèæíÿÿ íèòü 3. Òÿíåòå òêàíü âî âðåìÿ øèòüÿ Íåðîâíûå ñòåæêè, íåðàâíîìåðíîå
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    Çàìåíà ëàìïî÷êè Îòêëþ÷èòå ìàøèíó îò ñåòè ýëåêòðîïèòàíèÿ, âûíóâ ñåòåâîé øíóð èç ðîçåòêè! Èñïîëüçóéòå ëàìïî÷êè òàêîãî æå òèïà 10W (110-120V) èëè 15W (220-240V). - Âûêðóòèòå âèíò (À) êàê ïîêàçàíî íà ðèñóíêå (1). B - Ñíèìèòå êðûøêó êîðïóñà (Â). - Âûêðóòèòå ëàìïî÷êó è âñòàâüòå íîâóþ (Ñ). (2) A -
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    Óñòàíîâêà è ñìåíà èãëû Ìåíÿéòå èãëû ðåãóëÿðíî ïîñëå øèòüÿ êàæäîãî ïðîåêòà èëè ïðè âîçíèêíîâåíèè êàêèõ-ëèáî ïðîáëåì. ® Èñïîëüçóéòå èãëû SINGER äëÿ ëó÷øåãî êà÷åñòâà øèòüÿ. Âñòàâüòå èãëó, êàê ïîêàçàíî íà ðèñóíêå. D A A. Îñëàáüòå âèíò èãëû è çàòåì çàòÿíèòå åãî ñíîâà, ïîñëå òîãî, êàê âñòàâèòå íîâóþ èãëó
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    Êàê îïóñòèòü çóáöû òðàíñïîðòåðà Äëÿ øèòüÿ â îáû÷íîì ðåæèìå, íóæíî, ÷òîáû çóáöû òðàíñïîðòåðà áûëè ïîäíÿòû. Äëÿ âûøèâàíèÿ â òåõíèêå «ñâîáîäíîãî ïåðåäâèæåíèÿ», ïðèøèâàíèÿ ïóãîâèö èëè øòîïêè îïóñòèòå çóáöû. 1 ×òîáû ïîäíÿòü (à) è îïóñòèòü (b) çóáöû òðàíñïîðòåðà. (2) a b a b 2 24
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    Òàáëèöà ñîîòâåòñòâèÿ òèïîâ Èãëû/Òêàíè/Íèòåé Ðóêîâîäñòâî ïî âûáîðó òêàíè, íèòåé, èãë Ðàçìåð èãëû 9-11 (70-80) 11-14 (80-90) Òîíêàÿ íèòü - õëîïêîâàÿ, íåéëîíîâàÿ, ïîëèýñòðîâàÿ èëè àðìèðîâàííûé õëîïêîì ïîëèýñòð. Áîëüøèíñòâî ïðîäàâàåìûõ òèïîâ íèòåé ïðèìåíèìû äëÿ ýòèõ âèäîâ òêàíåé è èãë. Èñïîëüçóéòå
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    Óñòàíîâêà äåðæàòåëÿ ëàïêè Ïîäíèìèòå äåðæàòåëü ëàïêè (à). Íàäåíüòå äåðæàòåëü ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêè (b), êàê ïîêàçàíî íà ðèñóíêå (1). a a Óñòàíîâêà ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêè Îïóñòèòå äåðæàòåëü ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêè (b), ïîêà âûåìêà (ñ) íå ñîâïàäåò ñ îñüþ (d). (2) Îïóñòèòå äåðæàòåëü ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêè è ëàïêà (f)
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    Óñòàíîâêà ñúåìíîé ðàáî÷åé ïîâåðõíîñòè Äåðæèòå ñúåìíóþ ðàáî÷óþ ïîâåðõíîñòü ãîðèçîíòàëüíî è çàäâèíüòå åå ïî íàïðàâëåíèþ ñòðåëîê (1). 1 Âíóòðåííÿÿ ÷àñòü ñúåìíîé ðàáî÷åé ïîâåðõíîñòè ìîæåò èñïîëüçîâàòüñÿ äëÿ õðàíåíèÿ àêñåññóàðîâ. Îòêðîéòå êðûøêó ñúåìíîãî îòñåêà êàê ïîêàçàíî íà ðèñóíêå (2). 2 21
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    Ïðèøèâàíèå ïóãîâèöû Ïåðåâåäèòå ðû÷àã, ðåãóëèðóþùèé ïîëîæåíèå çóáöîâ òðàíñïîðòåðà, âïðàâî, ÷òîáû îïóñòèòü çóáöû. (1) Ñìåíèòå óíèâåðñàëüíóþ ëàïêó íà ëàïêó äëÿ ïðèøèâàíèÿ ïóãîâèöû (2). Óñòàíîâèòå äëèíó ñòåæêà "0". L R Ðàñïîëîæèòå ïóãîâèöó è òêàíü ïîä ëàïêîé äëÿ ïðèøèâàíèÿ ïóãîâèö êàê ïîêàçàíî íà
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    Áàëàíñ ïðàâîé è ëåâîé ñòîðîí ïåòëè Âû ìîæåòå ñáàëàíñèðîâàòü ïëîòíîñòü çàñòèëà ïðàâîé è ëåâîé ñòîðîí ïåòëè ñ ïîìîùüþ Ðåãóëÿòîðà áàëàíñà ïåòëè. Îáû÷íî ðåãóëÿòîð äîëæåí íàõîäèòüñÿ â íåéòðàëüíîì ïîëîæåíèè (ìåæäó "+" è "-"). Åñëè ñòåæêè ëåâîé ñòîðîíû ïåòëè íàëîæåíû ñëèøêîì ïëîòíî, ïîâåðíèòå ðåãóëÿòîð
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    Âûìåòûâàíèå ïåòëè Ïîäãîòîâêà: 1. Ñíèìèòå óíèâåðñàëüíóþ ëàïêó è óñòàíîâèòå ïðèæèìíóþ ëàïêó äëÿ âûìåòûâàíèÿ ïåòëè. 2. Îïðåäåëèòå äèàìåòð è òîëùèíó ïóãîâèöû, äîáàâüòå 0.3ñì íà çàêðåïêè, ñäåëàéòå ìåòêè äëÿ ðàçìåùåíèÿ ïåòëè íà èçäåëèè (à). 3. Ðàñïîëîæèòå òêàíü ïîä ëàïêîé òàê, ÷òîáû îòìå÷åííàÿ ëèíèÿ
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    Ïîòàéíàÿ ïîäðóáî÷íàÿ ñòðî÷êà Ïîòàéíàÿ ïîäðóáî÷íàÿ ñòðî÷êà èäåàëüíî ïîäõîäèò äëÿ îáðàáîòêè êðàÿ íà øòîðàõ, áðþêàõ, þáêàõ è ò.ä. Ïîòàéíàÿ ïîäðóáî÷íàÿ ñòðî÷êà äëÿ ñòàíäàðòíûõ òêàíåé M Ïîòàéíàÿ ïîäðóáî÷íàÿ ñòðî÷êà äëÿ ýëàñòè÷íûõ òêàíåé Ïîâåðíèòå Ðåãóëÿòîð äëèíû ñòåæêà âïðàâî. Äëÿ òàêîãî âèäà ñòðî÷åê
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    Ðåæèì øèòüÿ â îáðàòíîì íàïðàâëåíèè Äëÿ çàêðåïëåíèÿ øâà â íà÷àëå è êîíöå ñòðî÷êè, íàæèìàéòå íà ðû÷àã øèòüÿ â îáðàòíîì íàïðàâëåíèè (À). Ñäåëàéòå íåñêîëüêî ñòåæêîâ â îáðàòíîì íàïðàâëåíèè. Îòïóñòèòå ðû÷àã, è ìàøèíà ñíîâà áóäåò øèòü âïåðåä (1). A Îêîí÷àíèå øèòüÿ Ïîâåðíèòå ìàõîâîå êîëåñî ïðîòèâ ÷àñîâîé
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    Ïðÿìàÿ ñòðî÷êà Äëÿ íà÷àëà, óñòàíîâèòå Ðåãóëÿòîð âûáîðà ñòðî÷åê íà ïðÿìóþ ñòðî÷êó (1). Ðàçìåñòèòå òêàíü ïîä ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêîé òàê, ÷òîáû êðàé òêàíè ñîâïàäàë ñ îäíîé èç âûáðàííûõ îòìåòîê íà èãîëüíîé ïëàñòèíå (2). Îïóñòèòå ïðèæèìíóþ ëàïêó, íàæìèòå íà ïåäàëü óïðàâëåíèÿ, ÷òîáû íà÷àòü øèòü (3). 1 2 3 15
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    Ðåãóëÿòîð øèðèíû ñòåæêà è Ðåãóëÿòîð äëèíû ñòåæêà Èñïîëüçîâàíèå ðåãóëÿòîðà øèðèíû ñòåæêà Ìàêñèìàëüíàÿ øèðèíà ñòåæêà äëÿ ñòðî÷êè çèã-çàã 6ìì; äëÿ ìíîãèõ ñòðî÷åê øèðèíà ñòåæêà ìîæåò áûòü óìåíüøåíà. Øèðèíà ñòåæêà óâåëè÷èâàåòñÿ, êîãäà âû ïîâîðà÷èâàåòå ðåãóëÿòîð îò "0" äî "6" (1). Ñ ïîìîùüþ ðåãóëÿòîðà
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    Òðè ïîëîæåíèÿ èãëû Âû ìîæåòå óñòàíàâëèâàòü èãëó â íóæíîå ïîëîæåíèå ñ ïîìîùüþ ðåãóëÿòîðà "Òðè ïîëîæåíèÿ èãëû". Äëÿ îáû÷íûõ âèäîâ ðàáîò èñïîëüçóéòå öåíòðàëüíîå ïîëîæåíèå èãëû. Äëÿ îáðàáîòêè êðàÿ èëè äëÿ ñîçäàíèÿ ïàðàëëåëüíûõ ñòðî÷åê äëÿ îòñòðî÷êè èçäåëèÿ, óñòàíàâëèâàéòå ïðàâîå èëè ëåâîå ïîëîæåíèå
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    Âûáîð ñòðî÷êè Íà ðèñóíêå âû óâèäèòå èçîáðàæåíèÿ âñåõ âèäîâ ñòðî÷åê, êîòîðûå äîñòóïíû íà âàøåé ìàøèíå. a b c Ñòðî÷êè, èçîáðàæåííûå â âåðõíåì ðÿäó íà ðèñóíêå, íà ðåãóëÿòîðå âûáîðà ñòðî÷åê èçîáðàæåíû ñåðûì öâåòîì. Âðàùàÿ ðåãóëÿòîð, âû ìîæåòå âûáðàòü îäíó èç ñòðî÷åê, èçîáðàæåííûõ â ñåðîì öâåòå. Ñ
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    Íàòÿæåíèå íèòè Íàòÿæåíèå âåðõíåé íèòè Ñòàíäàðòíîå íàòÿæåíèå íèòè - ïîëîæåíèå: "4". (1) Äëÿ óâåëè÷åíèÿ íàòÿæåíèÿ íèòè ïîâåðíèòå ðåãóëÿòîð íà áîëüøåå çíà÷åíèå. Äëÿ óìåíüøåíèÿ íàòÿæåíèÿ ïåðåâåäèòå ðåãóëÿòîð íà ìåíüøåå çíà÷åíèå. À. Íîðìàëüíîå íàòÿæåíèå íèòè äëÿ ïðÿìîé ñòðî÷êè. Â. Íåäîñòàòî÷íîå
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    Ïîäúåì íèæíåé íèòè Ïðèäåðæèâàéòå âåðõíþþ íèòü ëåâîé ðóêîé. Ïîâåðíèòå ìàõîâîå êîëåñî (1) íà ñåáÿ (ïðîòèâ ÷àñîâîé ñòðåëêè), îïóñòèòå è çàòåì ïîäíèìèòå èãëó. Âàæíî: Åñëè âîçíèêëè ñëîæíîñòè ñ ïîäíÿòèåì íèæíåé íèòè, ïðîâåðüòå, âîçìîæíî, îíà çàñòðÿëà â ñúåìíîé ðàáî÷åé ïîâåðõíîñòè. 1 Ìÿãêî ïîòÿíèòå çà
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    Çàïðàâêà âåðõíåé íèòè Ýòî ïðîñòàÿ îïåðàöèÿ, íî î÷åíü âàæíî âûïîëíèòü åå ïðàâèëüíî, ÷òîáû èçáåæàòü ïîÿâëåíèÿ ïðîáëåì ïðè øèòüå. - Ïîäíèìèòå èãëó â íàèâûñøåå ïîëîæåíèåì (1) è ïðîäîëæàéòå ïîâîðà÷èâàòü ìàõîâîå êîëåñî íà ñåáÿ, ïðîòèâ ÷àñîâîé ñòðåëêè, ïîêà èãëà ñëåãêà íå îïóñòèòñÿ. Ïîäíèìèòå ïðèæèìíóþ
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    Óñòàíîâêà øïóëüêè Ïðè óñòàíîâêå èëè èçúÿòèè øïóëüêè èãëà äîëæíà íàõîäèòüñÿ â íàèâûñøåì ïîëîæåíèè. 1. Óñòàíîâèòå øïóëüêó â øïóëüíîå ãíåçäî, òàê ÷òîáû íèòü ðàçìàòûâàëàñü ïðîòèâ ÷àñîâîé ñòðåëêè. 2. Ïðîòÿíèòå íèòü ÷åðåç ïðîðåçü (À). 3. Ïîòÿíèòå íèòü â íàïðàâëåíèè ïî õîäó ÷àñîâîé ñòðåëêè ïîêà îíà íå
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    Íàìîòêà íèòè íà øïóëüêó - Íàäåíüòå êàòóøêó íà ãîðèçîíòàëüíûé äåðæàòåëü è çàêðåïèòå ïðè ïîìîùè áîëüøîé èëè ìàëîé êàòóøå÷íîé ïëàñòèíû (1/2). - Ïðîâåäèòå íèòü â íèòåíàïðàâèòåëü (3). - Îáâåäèòå íèòü âîêðóã äèñêà ðåãóëèðóþùåãî íàòÿæåíèå íèòè ïî ÷àñîâîé ñòðåëêå (4). - Çàïðàâüòå íèòü â øïóëüêó è
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    Àêñåññóàðû Ñòàíäàðòíûå àêñåññóàðû (1) a. Óíèâåðñàëüíàÿ ëàïêà b. Ëàïêà äëÿ âøèâàíèÿ ìîëíèè c. Ëàïêà äëÿ âûìåòûâàíèÿ ïåòëè d. Ëàïêà äëÿ ïðèøèâàíèÿ ïóãîâèö e. Ðàñïàðûâàòåëü/êèñòî÷êà f. Íàïðàâëÿþùàÿ ëèíåéêà äëÿ êðàåîáìåòî÷íîãî/ñòåãàëüíîãî øâà Íàáîð èãë Êàòóøå÷íûå ïëàñòèíû Øïóëüêè (3øò.) Îòâåðòêà
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    Äâóõ-øàãîâûé ïîäúåì ëàïêè Ïðè øèòüå ìíîãîñëîéíûõ èëè îáúåìíûõ òêàíåé ïðèæèìíàÿ ëàïêà äîëæíà áûòü ïîäíÿòà â ñàìîå âåðõíåå ïîëîæåíèå äëÿ îáëåã÷åíèÿ ïðîõîæäåíèÿ òêàíè ïîä ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêîé (À). A Ðåãóëèðîâàíèå äàâëåíèÿ ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêè Äàâëåíèå ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêè áûëî îòðåãóëèðîâàíî ïðè ñáîðêå ìàøèíû è íå
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    Ïîäêëþ÷åíèå ìàøèíû ê ýëåêòðîñåòè Ïîäêëþ÷èòå ìàøèíó ê ýëåêòðîñåòè, êàê ïîêàçàíî íà ðèñóíêå (1). Âñòàâüòå âèëêó â ðîçåòêó (2). Âíèìàíèå: Îòêëþ÷àéòå ìàøèíó îò ñåòè, åñëè íå èñïîëüçóåòå åå äëèòåëüíîå âðåìÿ. A Ïåäàëü óïðàâëåíèÿ Ïðè ïîìîùè íîæíîé ïåäàëè âû ðåãóëèðóåòå ñêîðîñòü ìàøèíû (3). Âíèìàíèå:
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    Îñíîâíûå ÷àñòè ìàøèíû 14. Ãîðèçîíòàëüíûé äåðæàòåëü äëÿ êàòóøêè 15. Ðû÷àã íàìîòêè øïóëüíîé íèòè 16. Îòâåðñòèå äëÿ âòîðîãî äåðæàòåëÿ êàòóøêè 14 21 15 17. Ìàõîâîå êîëåñî 18. Ðåãóëèðîâêà áàëàíñà ïåòëè 16 22 23 19. Âêëþ÷åíèå ìàøèíû è îñâåùåíèÿ 20. Ãëàâíûé ðàçúåì äëÿ øíóðà 17 21. Íèòåíàïðàâèòåëü øïóëüíîé
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    Îñíîâíûå ÷àñòè ìàøèíû Òðè ïîëîæåíèÿ èãëû 9. Ñúåìíûé îòñåê äëÿ õðàíåíèÿ àêñåññóàðîâ 8. Çàäâèæíàÿ êðûøêà øïóëüíîãî îòñåêà 7. Ïðèæèìíàÿ ëàïêà 6. Íîæ äëÿ îáðåçàíèÿ íèòè 5. Ðû÷àã øèòüÿ â îáðàòíîì íàïðàâëåíèè 4. Ðû÷àã-íèòåïðèòÿãèâàòåëü 3. Ðåãóëèðîâàíèå äàâëåíèÿ ïðèæèìíîé ëàïêè 2. Ðåãóëÿòîð íàòÿæåíèÿ
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    Îãëàâëåíèå ÇÍÀÊÎÌÑÒÂÎ Ñ ÌÀØÈÍÎÉ Îñíîâíûå ÷àñòè ìàøèíû ...................................................................................................................................................2/3 Ïîäêëþ÷åíèå ìàøèíû ê
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    Ïîçäðàâëÿåì Âû ñòàëè îáëàäàòåëåì íîâîé øâåéíîé ìàøèíû è òåïåðü ìîæåòå íà÷àòü îòêðûâàòü íîâûå ïóòè â òâîð÷åñòâå. Ñ ýòîãî ìîìåíòà âû óçíàåòå íàñêîëüêî ëåãêî è óäîáíî ìîæíî øèòü íà ñîâðåìåííîé øâåéíîé ìàøèíå. Ïîæàëóéñòà, âíèìàòåëüíî ïðî÷èòàéòå èíñòðóêöèþ ïî ýêñïëóàòàöèè ìàøèíû - ýòî ñàìûé ëåãêèé ïóòü
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    Ïðàâèëà òåõíèêè áåçîïàñíîñòè Ïðåæäå ÷åì âêëþ÷èòü øâåéíóþ ìàøèíó, âíèìàòåëüíî ïðî÷èòàéòå ñëåäóþùèå ðåêîìåíäàöèè: ÎÏÀÑÍÎ - âî èçáåæàíèå ýëåêòðè÷åñêîãî øîêà: 1. Íåëüçÿ îñòàâëÿòü âêëþ÷åííóþ ìàøèíó áåç ïðèñìîòðà. 2. Íåîáõîäèìî îòêëþ÷àòü ìàøèíó îò ýëåêòðîñåòè, åñëè ñîáèðàåòåñü åå ÷èñòèòü. 3. Âñåãäà
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    4411 Èíñòðóêöèÿ ïî ýêñïëóàòàöèè 021Q2D0103( ) May/10 SINGER 4411(Q25DST)
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