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To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to 

rain or moisture.
To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the ventilation of the apparatus with 

newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc. And do not place lighted candles on the 


To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to 

dripping or splashing, and do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, 

on the apparatus.

Do not install the appliance in a confined space, such as a bookcase or built-in 


As the main plug is used to disconnect the unit from the mains, connect the unit 

to an easily accessible AC outlet. Should you notice an abnormality in the unit, 

disconnect the main plug from the AC outlet immediately.

The unit is not disconnected from the AC power source (mains) as long as it is 

connected to the wall outlet, even if the unit itself has been turned off.

The nameplate and important information concerning safety are located on the 

bottom exterior.
Notice for customers: the following information is only applicable to 

equipment sold in countries applying EU directives

The manufacturer of this product is Sony Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan Minato-ku 

Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan. The Authorized Representative for EMC and product 

safety is Sony Deutschland GmbH, Hedelfinger Strasse 61, 70327 Stuttgart, 

Germany. For any service or guarantee matters please refer to the addresses given 

in separate service or guarantee documents.


• DAB (Band-III)/FM 2-band digital clock radio

• Large clock display and 16 × 2 lines character dot display for text information

• Brightness control

• 4 alarms with various alarm mode; weekdays, weekends, daily and once

• 20 memory presets (10 DAB, 10 FM)

• Current time and Summer time adjustment synchronized with DAB data

• Sleep timer

Initial setting for the clock radio

When the first time after purchase, do the following.


  Plug in the unit.

“Setting clock...” appears in the display, and DAB data adjust the clock as it is 

received. When finished, the current time appears in the display.


  Press RADIO ON/OFF•ALARM RESET to turn on the radio.

The unit will automatically scan and create a list of receivable DAB 





•  If the clock is not set within 3 minutes, the following message appears in the 

display (see “Setting the clock”).

Model for United Kingdom and Australia: “AM 12:03 clock not set…”

Model for other countries/regions: “0:03 clock not set…”

•  If no broadcasts are found by the DAB scan, “No stations available” appears 

in the display.

Setting the clock

Do the following if DAB broadcast is not available (depending on area). The time 

setting mode by DAB becomes invalid.


  Press MENU and UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select the 

“Set clock,” and then press ENTER. 

The hour indication will be displayed as follows.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to set the hour, and then 

press ENTER.


  Repeat step 2 to set the minute, year, month and day.

After setting the time, the clock starts from 0 seconds.


•  If you do not operate within 7 seconds while setting the clock, the clock setting 

mode will be cancelled.

•  Setup time for this operation is adjusted automatically when the customer 

operates the set while receiving DAB service.

To change the clock display

You can choose the clock display 12-hour system and 24-hour system.


  Press MENU and UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to show the 

“Clock display” in the display, and then press ENTER.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select the desired clock 

display, and then press ENTER.

The clock display changes by turns (12-hour system:  

“AM 12:00” = midnight, 24-hour system: “0:00” = midnight).

Time adjustment about Summer 


This unit’s time adjustment will be done only when receiving DAB service.

Receive DAB service for at least one minute to renew the time into Summer time.

Setting the brightness of the 


Press and hold DISPLAYBRIGHTNESS for few seconds to change the brightness. 

Repeat this step, to select high, middle or low for the display according to your 


Improving the reception


Extend the wire antenna fully to increase reception sensitivity.

Operating the radio

The unit can receive DAB services and FM stations.


  Press RADIO ON/OFF•ALARM RESET to turn on the radio.

When the unit is turned on again, the last band you listened to is received.


  Press DAB/FM repeatedly to select the desired band.

Each press changes the band as follows:


  Press the UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to tune to the desired 

service or station.

If you are selecting DAB, press ENTER.


  Adjust the volume using VOL +/–.

Note in FM usage

The frequency step is set to 0.05 MHz on FM. 
Notes in DAB usage

•  If there are no services, you can choose only MANUAL mode.

•  “Station not available” appears when the ensemble for the selected service 

cannot be received. 

About the SC (Secondary Component)

If the selected primary component has a secondary component, “” appears in 

the display. 

Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT and ENTER to receive the desired 

secondary component. “” appears while the secondary component is received.


When the selected secondary component is finished, the unit returns  

automatically to the primary component.

Presetting your favourite services or 


You can preset 10 services in DAB and 10 stations in FM. 

Presetting services or stations

  Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Operating the radio” and manually tune in to 

the broadcast you wish to preset.


  Press PRESET. 


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select the favourite 

number to preset, then press and hold PRESET. 

“Preset saved” appears for 7 seconds in the display and the service or station is 

stored. (DAB services are stored with a service label.)

•  To preset another service or station, repeat these steps.

•  To change the preset service or station, tune in to the desired service or 

station and repeat steps 2 and 3. The new service or station will replace the 

previous service or station.

•  When the service or station is not registered, “Empty preset” appears in the 


•  If you do not operate within 7 seconds during the above steps, the current 

mode will be cancelled.

Tuning in to a preset service or station

  Press PRESET.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select the desired preset 

station and then press ENTER.


•  When the service or station is not registered, “Empty preset” appears in the 


•  If you do not operate within 7 seconds during the above steps, the current 

mode will be cancelled.

Scan tuning (for FM)

The unit will automatically scan FM station.


  Press RADIO ON/OFF•ALARM RESET to turn on the radio. 


  Press DAB/FM to select the FM band.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to choose the direction, 

and then press ENTER•FM SCAN. 

UP(): Scans to the higher frequency. 

DOWN(): Scans to the lower frequency.

Scanning starts from the frequency being tuned in. When a station is received, 

scanning stops.


  If necessary, press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to tune in to 

the station more precisely.


  Adjust the volume using VOL +/–.

Setting the alarm

This unit allows you to set four alarm programmes (ALARM 1-4).

The alarm time can be set for every programme and the alarm sound is selectable 

from radio or buzzer.

The alarm will come on at the same time everyday. Before setting the alarm, make 

sure to set the clock (see “Setting the Clock”).

To set the alarm time

  Press MENU and UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select 

“Alarm settings,” and then press ENTER.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select the desired alarm 

(1 - 4) and then press ENTER.

When the alarm is not set up, “Not in use” appears in the display.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select the alarm mode 

(DAB, FM and buzzer) and then press ENTER.

  “Set alarm” appears in the display.

If you select DAB or FM, “Set volume” appears in the display. In this case, 

repeat this step and adjust the volume.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to select “ON,” and then 

press ENTER.

The alarm time appears in the bottom of the display, and the arrow appears in 

both sides of the hour indicator.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE/SELECT to set the hour, and then 

press ENTER. 

The arrow appears in both sides of the minute indicator.


  Repeat step 5 to set the minute and the alarm mode.

The alarm mode as follows:

“Weekdays”: Every Monday to Friday

“Weekends”: Every Saturday and Sunday

“Daily”: Everyday from Sunday to Saturday

“Once”: Once only
If you select “Once” repeat step 5 to set the year, month and day.


  Press ENTER.

The setting is complete.


You can set the alarm using ALARM button on the unit.

Press ALARM and follow after steps 2.

•  The default alarm time for radio and buzzer is the current time of the clock.

•  If you quit during the alarm setting, after about 7 seconds the previous display 

will return.

•  If a second alarm sounds during a first (or the snooze function is active), the 

second alarm takes priority.

•  If the alarm sounds at the same time (or the snooze function is active), the large 

alarm number takes priority.

•  When Summer time begins, it is necessary to adjust the current time by 

manually (see “Time adjustment about Summer time” ). 

•  While setting the alarm or the alarm is active, “ALARM (1-4)” will flash.

To set the alarm on/off

  Follow steps 1 to 4 in “To set the alarm time.”

  “Set alarm” appears in the display.


  Press UP()/DOWN()•TUNE SELECT to set the alarm “ON” or 

“OFF,” and then press ENTER. 

“ON”:  “ALARM (1-4)” appears in the display when the alarm setting is 


“OFF”: “ALARM (1-4)” turn off from the display.

Follow after step 5 in “To set the alarm time.”

The setting is complete.

To doze for a few more minutes


The radio or buzzer turns off, but will automatically come on again after about 

5 minutes. (While the snooze function is active, the selected alarm setting and 

“Snooze” flash in the display.)

To stop the alarm 

Press RADIO ON/OFF ALARM RESET to turn off the alarm. 

The alarm will come on again at the same time the next day. 

Setting the Sleep Timer

You can enjoy falling asleep to the radio using the built-in sleep timer that turns 

off the radio automatically after a preset duration.


  Press SLEEP while the unit is turned on.

“Sleep” appears in the display.

Press SLEEP to set the sleep timer duration.

Each time you press SLEEP, the duration changes as follows:

The unit automatically turns off when the duration time is passed. 

Press ENTER or 7 seconds after you have finished setting the duration setting and 

released SLEEP, “Sleep activated” appears in the display and then the sleep timer 

starts. The unit will play for the duration you set, and then shut off.

To change the Sleep Timer setting

Repeat step 2 to select the desired sleep timer setting even after the sleep timer 

has been activated.

To deactivate the Sleep Timer

•  Press SNOOZE/SLEEP OFF, the unit will turn off.

•  Press SLEEP to set the sleep timer “Off,” only the sleep timer will be cancelled 

(the radio keeps on).

Wire antenna

There is a tactile dot beside VOL +.

AC power 


Display window (24-hour system)

The display differs depending on your country/region.



Operating Instructions


2010  Sony Corporation

      Printed in China


Dream Machine is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

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