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Radio / CD / MP3


Calgary MP35

7 645 170 310

San Diego MP35

7 645 190 310

Operating instructions

01Calg/SanDiego CD35 d

09.02.2005, 8:56 Uhr


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    Radio / CD / MP3 Calgary MP35 San Diego MP35 7 645 170 310 7 645 190 310 Operating instructions http://www.blaupunkt.com 01Calg/SanDiego CD35 d 1 09.02.2005, 8:56 Uhr
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    2 3 4 13 1 6 12 5 11 10 7 9 8 2 01Calg/SanDiego CD35 d 2 09.02.2005, 8:56 Uhr
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    CONTROLS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; Button to switch the device on/ off and operate the volume mute function. button for detaching the control panel (release panel). button to eject a CD from the device. Volume control CD compartment AUDIO button to adjust the bass, treble, balance and fader. To select
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    Switching to CD mode .................... 43 Selecting tracks ............................... 43 Fast track selection .......................... 43 Fast searching (audible) .................. 43 Random track play (MIX) ................. 44 Scanning tracks (SCAN) ................. 44 Repeating
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    NOTES AND ACCESSORIES Notes and accessories Thank you for choosing a Blaupunkt product. We hope you enjoy using this new piece of equipment. Please read these operating instructions before using the equipment for the first time. The Blaupunkt editors are constantly working on making the operating
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    Removing the control panel 2 ➮ Press the the control panel until it clicks into place. Note: ● When attaching the control panel, make sure you do not press the display. If the device was still switched on when you removed the control panel, it will automatically switch on again with the last
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    SWITCHING ON/OFF Switching on/off You can switch the device on/off in the following ways: Switching on/off using the vehicle ignition If the device is correctly connected to the vehicle’s ignition and it was not switched off using button 1, it will switch on/off simultaneously with the ignition.
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    Note: ● The device is equipped with a timeout function. If, for instance, you press the MENU button 7 and select a menu item, the device will switch back approx. 8 seconds after the last button was pressed. Any changes to the settings that you have made will be saved. You can set the power-on
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    ADJUSTING THE VOLUME Switching the confirmation beep on/off The system will play a confirmation beep for some functions if you keep a button pressed down for longer than two seconds, for instance, when you assign a radio station to a station button. You can switch the beep on/off. ➮ Press the MENU
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    Switching REGIONAL on/off ➮ Press the MENU button 7. ➮ Press the or button 8 repeatedly until “REG” appears in the display. “OFF” or “ON” is displayed alongside “REG”. ➮ To switch REGIONAL on/off, press or button 8. NEDERLANDS the ➮ Press the MENU button 7. Selecting the waveband / memory bank You
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    RADIO MODE Tuning into a station There are various ways of tuning into a station. Automatic station seek tuning ➮ Press the or button 8. Setting the sensitivity of station seek tuning You can choose whether the radio should only tune into stations providing good reception or whether it can also
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    Listening to stored stations ➮ Select the memory bank or waveband. ➮ Press the station button 1 - 6 ; that corresponds to the station that you want to listen to. Scanning receivable stations (SCAN) You can use the scan function to listen to all the receivable stations briefly. You can set the
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    RADIO MODE You can use the PTY function to select stations of a particular programme type. PTY-EON If you specify the programme type and start seek tuning, the radio will switch from the current station to a station of the selected programme type. Notes: ● If the tuner does not find a station that
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    The HICUT function improves reception during poor radio reception (only FM). If interference occurs, the interference level is cut automatically. Switching HICUT on/off ➮ Press the MENU button 7. ➮ Press the or button 8 repeat- edly until “TUN DISP” appears in the display. or button 8 to switch
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    TRAFFIC INFORMATION Traffic information if you retune the radio from a traffic information station to a station that does not broadcast traffic information. If you hear the warning beep, you can either switch off traffic information priority or tune into a station that broadcasts traffic
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    Switching to CD mode If there is no CD inserted in the drive, ➮ gently push the CD with the printed side uppermost into the CD compartment 5 until you feel some resistance. The drive draws in the CD automatically. You must not assist or hinder the drive as it draws in the CD. The CD starts playing.
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    CD MODE Random track play (MIX) ➮ Press the 5 MIX button ;. track is repeated continuously until you deactivate RPT. “MIX CD” appears briefly in the display and the MIX symbol lights up. The next randomly selected track will then be played. If you want to cancel the repeat function, Cancelling MIX
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    Switching CD text on/off ➮ Press the MENU button 7. ➮ Press the or button 8 repeat- ➮ Remove the CD. Notes: ● If a CD is ejected, the drive will automatically draw it back in again after approx. 10 seconds. ● You can also eject CDs whilst the device is switched off or whilst another audio source is
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    MP3 MODE MP3 mode You can also use this car sound system to play CD-Rs and CD-RWs that contain MP3 music files. D01 D02 Preparing an MP3-CD The various combinations of CD burners, CD burning software and CD blanks may lead to problems arising with the device’s ability to play certain CDs. If
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    Note: ● After you switch tracks, the device first displays the MP3 scrolling text once and then it displays the information continuously. To switch between the different display options, ➮ press the MENU button 7. ➮ Press the or button 8 repeatedly until “CD DISP” appears in the display. Switching
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    MP3 MODE Configuring the MP3 scrolling text One of the following scrolling texts is displayed once every time the track is changed. Afterwards, the configured default display is shown. The available scrolling texts are: ● Directory name (“DIR NAME”) ● Track name (“SONG NAME”) ● Album name (“ALBM
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    MP3 MODE button 7 for longer than two seconds. The next track will then be scanned. “TRK SCAN” appears in the display alongside the flashing track numbers. The tracks on the CD are briefly played in ascending order. DEUTSCH ➮ press and hold down the 4 RPT button ; for longer than two seconds. “RPT
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    CD-CHANGER MODE CD-changer mode Configuring the display Note: ● Information on handling CDs, inserting CDs and operating the CD changer can be found in the operating instructions supplied with your CD changer. There are five display options available for CD-changer mode: ● Track number and playing
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    ➮ briefly press the 5 MIX button ;. “MIX CD” appears briefly in the display and MIX is displayed. To play the tracks on all the inserted CDs in random order, ➮ press and hold down the 5 MIX button ; for longer than two seconds. “MIX ALL” appears briefly in the display and MIX is displayed.
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    REMOTE CONTROL CLOCK TIME Remote control CLOCK time Calgary MP35 Displaying the clock time Your car radio is equipped with an integrated infrared remote-control receiver. The receiver is built into the detachable control panel. You can safely and conveniently control the majority of the device’s
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    ➮ press the MENU button 7. “MENU” appears in the display. or button 8 repeatedly until “CLOCK OFF” or “CLOCK ON” appears in the display. ➮ Press the or button 8 to switch between the ON/OFF settings. When you have finished adjusting the setting, ➮ Press the Adjusting the bass ➮ Press the AUDIO
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    SOUND Setting the left/right volume distribution (balance) To adjust the left/right volume distribution (balance), ➮ press the AUDIO button 6. “BASS” appears in the display. button 8 repeatedly until “BAL” appears in the display. ➮ Press the or button 8 to adjust the balance (right/left). When you
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    ➮ Press the X-BASS button 9. ➮ Press the or button 8 repeatedly until the setting that you want appears in the display. When you have finished adjusting the setting, ➮ press the X-BASS button 9. ➮ Press the MENU button 7. “MENU” appears in the display. or button 8 repeatedly until “PEAK LVL”
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    EXTERNAL AUDIO SOURCES SPECIFICATIONS External audio sources Specifications Instead of connecting a CD changer, you can connect another audio source equipped with a line output. Audio sources can, for example, be portable CD players, MiniDisc players or MP3 players. If you want to connect an
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    DEUTSCH ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO NEDERLANDS SVENSKA DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL Bitte den ausgefüllten Gerätepass sicher aufbewahren! Please keep the filled-in radio pass in a safe place! Prière de conserver soigneusement la carte d’autoradio remplie ! Tenete per favore il libretto di apparecchio,
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    Country: Germany Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Great Britain Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Czech. Rep. Hungary Poland Turkey USA Brasil (Mercosur) Malaysia (Asia Pacific) Phone: Fax: WWW: (D) (A) (B) (DK) (FIN) (F) (GB) (GR) (IRL) (I)
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    (DE) Hinweis zum PTY-EON-Empfang Wenn Ihr Blaupunkt-Gerät von einem gehörten Radioprogramm zu einem anderen Radioprogramm oder von einer gewählten Quelle (CD oder CD-Wechsler) zu einem Radioprogramm umschaltet, so überprüfen Sie bitte, ob Sie PTY (Programm-Typ) eingeschaltet haben. Möchten Sie
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    Se volete evitare queste commutazioni PTY-EON, selezionate nel menu la funzione "PTY off". Prima di fare ciò premete uno dei tasti AUDIO, SRC o BND. Leggete per favore a tale proposito quanto riportato nelle istruzioni d’uso nella sezione "Esercizio Radio" al punto "Tipo di programma (PTY)". (NL)
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    (PT) Informação sobre a recepção no modo PTY-EON Se o seu aparelho mudar de um programa para outro programa ou de uma fonte que está a ouvir actualmente (CD ou CDC) para um programa radiofónico, verifique se a função PTY (tipo de programa) está activada. Se não desejar usar a função PTY-EON,
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    (CZ) Upozornûní k pfiíjmu s funkcí PTY-EON Pokud se vበpfiístroj pfiepne ze stanice, kterou právû posloucháte, na jinou rozhlasovou stanici, nebo ze zvoleného zdroje (CD nebo mûniã CD) na jiné rozhlasové vysílání, zkontrolujte, jestli není zapnutá funkce PTY (typ programu). Pokud si nepfiejete, aby
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    (SK) Pokyny pre príjem PTY-EON Ak Vበprístroj Blaupunkt prepína z poãúvaného rádioprogramu na in˘ rádioprogram alebo z niektorého zvoleného zdroja (CD alebo meniãa CD) na in˘ rádioprogram, tak prosím skontrolujte, ãi ste zapnuli PTY (Program Type). Ak nechcete toto prepínanie PTY-EON, vypnite ho v
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    (RU) Указание по приему PTY-EON При переключении тюнера аппарата Blaupunkt на другую радиостанцию или переключении с радиоприема на другой источник звука (проигрыватель CD или CD-чейнджер) проверьте, пожалуйста, включена ли функция PTY (тип программы). Eсли Вы хотите отключить автоматический выбор
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