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Radio / DVD / CD / MP3 / WMA


Las Vegas DVD35

7 645 650 310

Operating instructions


03.06.2005, 14:35 Uhr


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    Radio / DVD / CD / MP3 / WMA Las Vegas DVD35 7 645 650 310 Operating instructions http://www.blaupunkt.com 01LasVegasDVD35_d® 1 03.06.2005, 14:35 Uhr
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    2 1 3 4 11 5 9 10 8 7 6 12 11 1 35 34 13 14 6 15 33 32 16 31 18 17 30 19 28 21 29 20 27 22 26 25 10 24 3 23 RC 14 H 2 01LasVegasDVD35_d® 2 03.06.2005, 14:35 Uhr
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    CONTROLS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Button to switch the device on/ off and operate the volume mute feature. OFF button on the remote control for switching the device off. button to open the flip-release control panel. Volume control. BND•TS button. Short press: Selects the FM memory banks and the MW and LW
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    G H I J K Q R S button for up and down track selection in CD mode and to select the previous or next chapter in DVD mode, singleframe search in DVD mode. RETURN button to change back one level in the menu of a DVD. TITLE button to call up the title menu of a DVD. Numeric keys for direct selection
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    CONTENTS Road safety ................................. 73 Installation .................................... 73 Remote control RC 14 H ............. 73 Installations (not part of the scope of delivery) ... 74 Activating/deactivating demo mode .................................. 74 Time-out (time
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    CD mode ............................. 103 ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO DANSK Switching to CD mode ............... 103 Selecting tracks ......................... 103 Direct track selection with the remote control ............................ 104 Fast track selection .................... 104 Fast
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    CONTENTS CD-changer mode .............. 116 Equalizer ............................. 122 Switching to CD-changer mode . 116 Selecting CDs ........................... 116 Selecting tracks ......................... 116 Fast searching (audible) ............. 116 Changing the display .................
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    Road safety has absolute priority. Only operate your car sound system if the road and traffic conditions allow you to do so. Familiarise yourself with the device before setting off on your journey. You should always be able to hear police, fire and ambulance sirens in good time from inside your
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    NOTES AND ACCESSORIES Activating the remote control Point the remote control at the infrared receiver in the front of the device. Operating angle: Approx. 30° in each direction from the front side of the IR receiver in the front of the device. The accompanying remote control allows for operating
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    ENGLISH FRANÇAIS Notes: ● All the current settings are saved. ● Any inserted DVD/CD remains in the device. ● The device switches off automatically after approx. one minute. DANSK PORTUGUÊS ESPAÑOL Notes: ● Never drop the control panel. ● Never expose the control panel to direct sunlight or other
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    CONTROL PANEL SWITCHING ON/OFF Attaching the control panel ➮ Hold the control panel at approximately right angles to the device. ➮ Slide the control panel into the device’s guides that are positioned on the left and right at the lower edge of the housing. Push the control panel carefully into the
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    Setting the power-on volume You can set the default volume level at which the device plays when it is switched on. ➮ Press the MENU•OK button 7. ➮ Press the or button 6 repeatedly until “VOLUME MENU” appears on the display. 77 02LasVegasDVD35_gb 77 08.07.2005, 14:16 Uhr DEUTSCH ENGLISH FRANÇAIS
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    ADJUSTING THE VOLUME ➮ Press the MENU•OK button 7 to display the volume menu. “ON VOLUME” and the currently set value are displayed or “LAST VOLUME” is displayed. ➮ Adjust the power-on volume using the buttons 6. To help you adjust the setting more easily, the device will increase or decrease the
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    ADJUSTING THE VOLUME ITALIANO NEDERLANDS SVENSKA ESPAÑOL The system will output a confirmation beep for some functions if you keep a button pressed down for longer than approx. two seconds, for instance, when assigning a radio station to a station preset button. You can adjust the volume of this
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    ADJUSTING THE VOLUME RADIO MODE Automatic sound Radio mode This feature automatically adjusts the volume of the car sound system to suit the speed at which the vehicle is travelling. In order for this to work, your car sound system must be connected as described in the installation instructions.
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    Automatic station seek tuning ➮ Press the or button 6. The radio tunes into the next receivable station. 81 ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO Tuning into stations manually You can also tune into stations manually. Note: You can only tune into stations manually if the RDS function is deactivated. ➮ Press
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    RADIO MODE Browsing through broadcasting networks (only FM) If a radio station provides several programmes, you have the option of browsing through its so-called “broadcasting network”. Note: The RDS function must be activated before you can use this feature. ➮ Press the or button 6 to switch to
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    Starting SCAN ➮ Press and hold down the MENU•OK button 7 for longer than two seconds. Scanning begins. “SCAN” appears briefly on the display followed by a display of the current station name or frequency. Cancelling SCAN and continuing listening to a station ➮ Press the MENU•OK button 7. Scanning
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    RADIO MODE You can use the PTY function to select stations of a particular programme type. PTY-EON If you specify the programme type and start seek tuning, the radio will switch from the current station to a station of the selected programme type. Notes: ● If the tuner does not find a station that
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    SHARX The SHARX function allows you to largely avoid interference caused by neighbouring radio stations (FM only). Switch on the SHARX function if the density of radio stations in your area is very high. In radio mode, you can choose between various display modes. 1. “NORMAL MODE” First line:
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    RADIO MODE TRAFFIC INFORMATION ➮ Briefly press the DIS•ESC button 5 to switch between the options. Activating/deactivating the radio text display Some stations use the RDS signal to broadcast scrolling texts known as radio texts. You can allow radio texts to be displayed or you can block them.
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    Note: Using the volume control 3, you can also adjust the volume during a traffic announcement for the duration of that announcement. Code Region 1 North America, incl. the US and Canada. 2 Japan, Europe (excl. Eastern Europe), Middle East, South Africa. 3 Korea and South-East Asia. 4 Oceania incl.
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    DVD OPERATION This device can be used to play the following data carriers/data formats: ● DVD video and DVD audio. DVDMP3/WMA ● Video CD (VCD). ● MP3/WMA CDs, see the chapter “MP3/WMA mode”. ● Audio CDs, see the chapter “CD mode”. License Manufactured under license of Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby”,
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    You can fast forward or reverse the DVD at 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x the speed (dependent upon the DVD; some DVDs can only be played up to 16x the speed). To fast forward or reverse search the DVD, ➮ press the or @ button on the remote control repeatedly until the desired speed is displayed. Stopping
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    DVD OPERATION Slow motion The DVD can be played forward or reverse at reduced speed. ➮ First, press the button A on the remote control. ➮ Press the SLOW button @ once or several times on the remote control for forward slow motion or ➮ the SLOW button @ for reverse slow motion. After pressing the
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    Cancelling repeat If you want to cancel the repeat function, ➮ press the PLAY MODE button J on the remote control repeatedly until the repeat symbol is no longer shown on the display. Repeated playback of a DVD title The remote control can also be used to directly select a chapter or a specific
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    DVD OPERATION Selecting the playing time You can directly select a specific position on the DVD by specifying the playing time of this position either in the chapter or in the title. To jump to a specific position, ➮ press the GOTO button B on the remote control. The external display shows the GOTO
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    Note: After setting the desired zoom, you can freely move the image area with the arrow buttons 6 of the remote control. Reducing the image area After the maximum zoom is reached, the image is reduced with each press of the ZOOM button F in increments of 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4. ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO
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    DVD OPERATION Deactivating zoom in/out To continue viewing the movie without zoom, ➮ press the ZOOM button F on the remote control repeatedly until the image is displayed without zoom in/out. Traffic announcements in DVD mode If you wish to receive traffic announcements in DVD mode, ➮ press the
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    When you make a corresponding selection in the DVD menu, e.g. the playback of the movie, you automatically leave the DVD menu and the playback starts. Displaying the title menu You can also call the title menu directly to conveniently select the individual titles/chapters: ➮ Press the TITLE button
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    DVD OPERATION Programming your favourite track with the remote control In DVD mode, you can use the remote control to program a playlist of up to 20 of your favourite tracks of the current DVD. The playlist is deleted when you remove the DVD or when you stop the playlist and exit the programming
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    General Setup - general settings In the general settings, you can define the type of connected display, display a symbol if more than one camera perspective is available, switching captions on and off, and set the priority for audio or video DVDs. Selecting the monitor setting The setting of the
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    DVD OPERATION ● WIDE: The DVD player is connected to a 16:9 monitor. The wide image is displayed on the screen at full size. Displaying the camera perspective You can specify that a camera symbol is shown if more than one camera perspective is available on the DVD. For this purpose, select the
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    Video Setup - image settings You can adjust the colour in increments from -9 to +9. The setting for colour is located in “Quality” under “Hue”. In the Video Setup, you can perform different settings for an optimal image playback on the connected display. You can adjust the colour saturation in
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    DVD OPERATION Preferences - preferred settings Under “Preferences”, you can set the television standard of the external display, switch PBC on and off, set the preferred playback language, select the preferred language for subtitles, set the parental control, set the region, and reset the device.
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    101 02LasVegasDVD35_gb 101 ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO NEDERLANDS Notes: Some blocked DVDs can be released directly at the start with YES (ENTER) and the password. Others require you to change the rating level in the setup before the playback of the DVD. This action is dependent upon the DVD. ● If
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    DVD OPERATION Resetting the device You can reset the device, thereby deleting all, personal setting (including the self-defined password) and re-establish the basic factory settings. Resetting the device is performed in the “Default” menu item. Setting password protection Assigning a password You
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    Risk of severe damage to the DVD/CD drive! CD singles with a diameter of 8 cm and non-circular contoured CDs (shape CDs) must not be used. We accept no responsibility for any damage to the DVD/CD drive that may occur as a result of the use of unsuitable DVDs/CDs. Selecting tracks ➮ Press one of the
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    CD MODE Direct track selection with the remote control After entering the time, the playback is continued at the desired position. In CD mode, you can directly select tracks with the remote control or select a specific playing time on the CD or in the current track. Note: This function is operable
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    “MIX CD OFF” appears briefly on the display and the MIX symbol disappears. Scanning tracks (SCAN) You can scan (briefly play) all the tracks on the CD. ➮ Press and hold down the MENU•OK button 7 for longer than two seconds. The next track will then be scanned. Note: You can set the scanning time.
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    CD MODE Repeated playback of a defined section of a title You can use the remote control to define a section of a title and repeat it endlessly in a loop. Note: This function is operable only if an external display is connected. To define the starting point of the section, ➮ listen to a title and
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    or the remaining playing time of the CD (Total Remain) To select one of the different time display options, ➮ press the DISPLAY button C on the remote control repeatedly until the desired information is shown on the external display. ● Displaying CD text Some CDs include CD text. The CD text might
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    CD MODE Note: After you have programmed a playlist and exited the menu with “EXIT”, the playlist is not saved. Stopping the playlist To end a running playlist, ➮ Press the PROGRAM button K on the remote control. The programming mode is displayed. The selection mark is positioned on “STOP”. To end
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    D04 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T006 T001 T002 T003 T004 T005 T006 T007 T008 T009 T010 T011 ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO D03 T r a c k s • F i l e s You can name each directory using a PC. The device is capable of displaying the directory name. Name the directories and
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    MP3/WMA MODE Note: When naming directories and tracks/files you should avoid using accents and special characters. You can use a maximum of 32 characters (including the “.MP3” or “.WMA” file extension) for track names and directory names. If you like your files to be in the correct order, you
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    ENGLISH FRANÇAIS DANSK Note: The system can display MP3-ID tags (version 1) if they have been saved with the MP3 files (for further information, please read the instructions that came with your PC’s MP3 software or burner software). 3. “MP3 BROWSE MODE”: First line: Name of current track Second
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    MP3/WMA MODE ➮ Press the or button 6 repeatedly until the first line of the display shows the desired track. ➮ Press the button 6. The playback starts, the browse mode is automatically ended after approx. 10 seconds. Selecting a track on the device Selecting tracks/files using the arrow buttons
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    Fast search To fast search backwards or forwards, ➮ press and hold down the or button 6 until fast searching backwards/forwards begins. To play the tracks in the current directory in random order, ➮ briefly press the 1 MIX button 9. “MIX ON” and the MIX symbol appear on the display. Cancelling MIX
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    MP3/WMA MODE Scanning tracks – SCAN You can scan (briefly play) all the tracks on the CD. ➮ Press and hold down the MENU•OK button 7 for longer than two seconds. The next track will then be scanned. “SCAN” briefly appears on the display. Notes: ● You can set the scanning time. For further
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    Selecting MP3 info If you want to select the “MP3 INFO” display mode, you first have to activate this function in the menu. In order for the system to be able to display MP3 information, the information must be stored on the CD in the form of ID tags together with the MP3 files. Note: The
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    CD CHANGER MODE CD-changer mode Fast searching (audible) Note: Information on handling CDs, inserting CDs and operating the CD changer can be found in the operating instructions supplied with your CD changer. To fast search backwards or forwards, ➮ hold one of the buttons 6 pressed on the device or
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    Cancelling REPEAT Scanning all tracks on all CDs (SCAN) To scan (briefly play) all the tracks on all the inserted CDs in ascending order, ➮ press and hold down the MENU•OK button 7 for longer than two seconds. “SCAN” and the selected display mode appear alternately on the display. Note: You can set
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    CD CHANGER MODE Stopping SCAN To stop scanning, ➮ press and hold down the MENU•OK button 7 for longer than two seconds. The currently scanned track will then continue to be played normally. Naming CDs The car sound system allows you to assign names for up to 30 CDs so that you can recognise them
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    Setting the clock manually To set the clock time manually, ➮ Press the MENU•OK button 7. ➮ Press the or button 6 repeatedly until “CLOCK MENU” appears on the display. ➮ Press the MENU•OK button 7. 119 02LasVegasDVD35_gb 119 08.07.2005, 14:16 Uhr DEUTSCH ENGLISH FRANÇAIS You can configure the system
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    CLOCK TIME ➮ Press the or button 6 repeatedly until “CLOCK SET” appears on the display. ➮ Press the MENU•OK button 7. The time appears on the display. The hours flash and can be adjusted. ➮ Set the hours using the / buttons 6. Once the hours are set, ➮ press the button 6. The minutes flash. ➮ Set
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    Adjusting the treble ➮ Press the AUD•DEQ : button. ➮ Press the or button 6 To adjust the front/rear volume distribution (fader), ➮ press the AUD•DEQ : button. ➮ Press the or button 6 repeatedly until “FADER” appears on the display. ➮ Press the or button 6 to adjust the fader (front/rear). ➮ Press
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    X-BASS EQUALIZER X-BASS Equalizer The X-BASS feature can be used to boost the bass at low volume levels. The device features a digital equalizer DEQ. This means you have three 5-band equalizers, six sound presets and seven vehicle presets at your disposal. You can configure the EQ1 - EQ3 equalizers
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    ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO NEDERLANDS SVENSKA DANSK You can select sound presets for the following music types. ● POP ● ROCK ● TECHNO ● JAZZ ● CLASSIC ● SPEECH The settings for these music styles have already been programmed. ➮ Hold the AUD•DEQ button : or the 3D button : on the remote control
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    EQUALIZER ➮ Press the Manually adjusting the equalizer Notes on adjusting the settings We recommend you use a CD that you are familiar with for making changes to the settings. Before adjusting the equalizer, set the sound and volume distribution settings to zero and deactivate X-BASS. For further
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    EQUALIZER DEUTSCH Help adjusting the equalizer Increase bass with Frequency: 32 to 160 Hz Gain: +4 to +6 Reduce the lower mid level with Frequency: 400 Hz Gain: approx. -4 Reduce the mid level with Frequency: 1,000 to 2,500 Hz Gain: -4 to -6 Dull sound Little clarity No brilliance to the
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    DISPLAY Adjusting the display settings Adjusting the display brightness If your car sound system is connected as described in the installation instructions, the display brightness of the internal display switches with the headlights. You can adjust the display brightness separately for night and
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    ENGLISH FRANÇAIS Note: If the AUX input is switched on, you can select it by pressing the SRC button ;. ITALIANO In addition to the CD changer, you can also connect another external audio source equipped with a line output. If no CD changer is connected to the device, you can connect two external
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    AMPLIFIER/SUB-OUT Amplifier/sub-out Switching the dual zone on/off The car sound system provides connections that allow you to connect external amplifiers. You can also connect an amplifier to the device's integrated low-pass filter to drive a subwoofer. The amplifiers must be connected as
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    TMC for dynamic navigation systems Specifications Amplifier Output power: 4 x 26 watt sine according to DIN 45 324 at 14.4 V 4 x 50 watt max. power Tuner ITALIANO FRANÇAIS Wavebands in Europe: FM : 87.5 - 108 MHz MW : 531 - 1 602 kHz LW : 153 - 279 kHz FM frequency response: 35 - 16,000 Hz DVD
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    DEUTSCH ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ITALIANO NEDERLANDS Bitte den ausgefüllten Gerätepass sicher aufbewahren! Please keep the filled-in radio pass in a safe place! Prière de conserver soigneusement la carte d’autoradio remplie ! Tenete per favore il libretto di apparecchio, debitamente riempito, in un posto
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    Country: Germany Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Great Britain Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Czech. Rep. Hungary Poland Turkey USA Brasil (Mercosur) Malaysia (Asia Pacific) Phone: Fax: WWW: (D) (A) (B) (DK) (FIN) (F) (GB) (GR) (IRL) (I)
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    (DE) Hinweis zum PTY-EON-Empfang Wenn Ihr Blaupunkt-Gerät von einem gehörten Radioprogramm zu einem anderen Radioprogramm oder von einer gewählten Quelle (CD oder CD-Wechsler) zu einem Radioprogramm umschaltet, so überprüfen Sie bitte, ob Sie PTY (Programm-Typ) eingeschaltet haben. Möchten Sie
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    Se volete evitare queste commutazioni PTY-EON, selezionate nel menu la funzione "PTY off". Prima di fare ciò premete uno dei tasti AUDIO, SRC o BND. Leggete per favore a tale proposito quanto riportato nelle istruzioni d’uso nella sezione "Esercizio Radio" al punto "Tipo di programma (PTY)". (NL)
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    (PT) Informação sobre a recepção no modo PTY-EON Se o seu aparelho mudar de um programa para outro programa ou de uma fonte que está a ouvir actualmente (CD ou CDC) para um programa radiofónico, verifique se a função PTY (tipo de programa) está activada. Se não desejar usar a função PTY-EON,
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    (CZ) Upozornûní k pfiíjmu s funkcí PTY-EON Pokud se vበpfiístroj pfiepne ze stanice, kterou právû posloucháte, na jinou rozhlasovou stanici, nebo ze zvoleného zdroje (CD nebo mûniã CD) na jiné rozhlasové vysílání, zkontrolujte, jestli není zapnutá funkce PTY (typ programu). Pokud si nepfiejete, aby
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    (SK) Pokyny pre príjem PTY-EON Ak Vበprístroj Blaupunkt prepína z poãúvaného rádioprogramu na in˘ rádioprogram alebo z niektorého zvoleného zdroja (CD alebo meniãa CD) na in˘ rádioprogram, tak prosím skontrolujte, ãi ste zapnuli PTY (Program Type). Ak nechcete toto prepínanie PTY-EON, vypnite ho v
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    (RU) Указание по приему PTY-EON При переключении тюнера аппарата Blaupunkt на другую радиостанцию или переключении с радиоприема на другой источник звука (проигрыватель CD или CD-чейнджер) проверьте, пожалуйста, включена ли функция PTY (тип программы). Eсли Вы хотите отключить автоматический выбор
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