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Our products are engineered to meet the 
highest standards of quality, functionality and 
design. We hope you enjoy your new Braun 

Notice: Remove the sole plate label, if any, 
before first use.


Important safeguards

Before using the iron, read the use instruc-
tions completely. Keep the use instructions 
during the entire life of the iron.

Make sure your voltage corresponds to the 
voltage printed on the iron. Connect the 
iron to alternating current only.

Always unplug the iron before filling with 
water and make sure the steam button is 
in its lower position (steam off). Always pull 
the plug, not the cord. The cord should 
never come in contact with hot objects or 
with the hot sole plate. 

Never immerse the iron in water or other 

During ironing pauses, always place the 
iron upright on its heel rest. Unplug it when 
leaving the room, even if only for a short 

Never pull out the steam button (3) during 

Keep the iron away from children. 
Electric irons combine high temperatures 
and hot steam that could lead to burns.  

Check the cord regularly for possible 

If the appliance (including cord) shows any 
defect, stop using it and take it to a Braun 
Service Centre for repair. 

Faulty or unqualified repair work may 
cause accidents or injury to the user.


A Description

1 Spray nozzle 
2 Water tank opening 
3 Steam button
3a Steam regulator
4 Spray button  
5 Power shot button
6 Temperature selector
7 Temperature pilot light

B Before starting off

This iron is designed for tap water. If you 
have extremely hard water, we recommend 
to use a mixture of 50% tap water and 
50% distilled water. Fill the water tank to 
«max» marking. Never use distilled water 
exclusively. Do not add any additives 
(e.g. starch). 

Keep the iron in the upright position and 
connect it to the mains. Select the tem-
perature according to the ironing guide on 
the heel rest of the iron or on the label in 
your garments.

The temperature pilot light (7) goes off, 
when the desired temperature is reached 
(after approx. 1 minute).

C Ironing 

 1  Steam on/off 

For steam ironing, the temperature selector 
(6) must be set within the red range. 
Press the steam button (3) to start the 
steam mode.

Steam on  


  Steam off

With the steam button in its upper position, 
turn the steam regulator (3a) to adjust the 
steam quantity.

 2  Power shot 

Prior to use, press the power shot button 
(5) 3 to 4 times to activate it. Press the 
power shot button in intervals of at least 
5 seconds. 
Power shot can be activated when dry 
ironing. However, the temperature selector 
has to be set in the range between «•••» 
and «max». 

 3 Spray function 

Press the spray button (4). 

 4 Dry ironing 

Turn the steam mode off by pressing the 
steam button (3) so that it catches in the 
lower position.

D After ironing

Unplug the iron and press the steam on/off 
button (3) so that it catches in its lower 
position (steam off). 

To prolong the life of the iron, empty the 
water tank. 

Store the cool iron in a dry place always 
standing on its heel rest.

E Maintenance and cleaning

To clean the sole plate, use steel wool.  
Then wipe the sole plate clean with a cloth. 
Never use a scouring pad, vinegar nor 
other chemicals. 

F Cleaning the anticalc valve

The iron’s anticalc valve is located at the 
lower end of the steam button (3). It has 
to be decalcified regularly (e.g. when the 
steam development is insufficient). 
Proceed as follows:

1) Unplug the iron and empty the water tank.

2) Press the steam button so it is lifted.

3) Remove carefully (some water may now 

leak from the sole plate).

4) Do not touch the anit-calc valve.

5) Immerse in vinegar (not vinegar essence) 

or lemon juice until the lime becomes soft.

6) Use a non-metallic brush until all openings 

are clean.

7) Rinse under running water.

8) Re-insert the steam button.          

9) Press to check the steam on/off function.

Note: the iron must never be used without 
the steam button.

G Decalcifying / anticalc system

When scale particles come out of the 
steam vents or when the steam 
development is insufficient even after 
cleaning the anticalc valve, you should 
clean the steam chamber as follows:

1) Make sure the steam button is in its lower 


2) – 3) Fill water into the tank, connect to the 

mains and select the «•••» temperature 

4) – 5) Wait until the pilot light turns off. 

Unplug the iron.

6) – 7) Hold the iron over a sink, then press the 

steam button so it is lifted, carefully pull it 
up, turn it and rest it in this position.

Caution: When the steam button is pulled 
up, hot water and steam will come out from 
the sole plate.

8) Push back the steam button until it catches 

in the lower position.

9) – 10) Fill water into the tank, connect to the 

mains and select the «•••» temperature 

11) – 13) When the pilot light goes off, press 

the power shot button 4 times to rinse the 
iron. Disconnect the iron and wait for the 
sole plate to cool off, then clean it as 
described above in section E.

Note: the iron must never be used without 
the steam button.

H Trouble-shooting guide




Turn the steam regulator 

coming out 

anti-clockwise to reduce 

of the steam

the steam or press the 


steam button to turn the 
steam off. 
Take longer intervals 
when pressing the power 
shot button.
Select a higher tempera-
ture setting.

No steam

Press the steam button 

at all

so that it is lifted.

Less steam

Clean the anticalc valve 

develops or no

(see F).

steam at all


Decalcify the steam 


chamber (see G).

coming through
the steam vents

Subject to change without notice.

This product conforms to the 
EMC-Requirements as laid down 
by the Council Directive 89/336/EEC 
and to the Low Voltage Regulation 
(73/23 EEC).



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