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Getting Started 


Your Device at a Glance




Assembling the Power Adapter


Turning On/Off, Unlocking


Setting to Sleep and Waking Up 


Inserting and Removing a microSD Card 


Connecting to a Computer 



Navigating your Device


Screen Gestures


About the Screen Layers and Panels 


About the Application Screen


Navigation Buttons 


Icons on the Status Bar


Notification Panel 


Entering Text


Context Menus



Customizing the Panels


Changing the Wallpaper 


Adding an Item 


Moving an Item 


Customizing the Quick Launch Bar



Pure Android Audio





Using ZiiAcademy


Importing E-Books From Your Computer 


Deleting an E-Book 



Browsing the Internet 


Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network


Using the Browser



Videos, Music, and Photos


Transferring Files from Your Computer


Viewing Videos, Photos, and Listening to Music 


Deleting Media Files 



Exploring ZiiO’s Contents



Installing More Applications





Accessing the Settings Screen


Changing the Screen and Keyboard Language


Setting the Screen Brightness, Timeout, and Orientation


Customizing the Sounds


Setting the Date and Time 


Turning On/Off the Bluetooth® Wireless Feature

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    Contents Introduction Getting Started Your Device at a Glance Charging Assembling the Power Adapter Turning On/Off, Unlocking Setting to Sleep and Waking Up Inserting and Removing a microSD Card Connecting to a Computer Navigating your Device Screen Gestures About the Screen Layers and Panels About
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    More About Your Device Safety and Regulatory Information Licence and Copyright Introduction ZiiO is a portable entertainment center, an Internet access, a game station, an e-book reader, and much more. This versatile touchscreen tablet runs the Android™ operating system, enabling you to easily
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    2 3 4 5 6 7 9 9 10 11 12 Earphone Jack Microphone When recording audio, keep this close to the source. HDMI Port Connects to a HDMI-supported TV or monitor. USB Port Connects your device to a computer. microSD Card Slot See Inserting and Removing a microSD card. LED Turns on when charging. Turns
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    Power Adapter Information: Input Rating: 100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz 400mA Output Rating: 5 VDC, 2A Back to top Turning On/Off, Unlocking To turn on, press the Power button. Notice that the screen is locked every time your ZiiO tablet turns on, as denoted by the Lock icon . To unlock, touch and drag the
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    your device wakes up. To unlock the screen, touch and drag the Lock icon upwards. Back to top Inserting and Removing a microSD Card Inserting a Memory Card Ejecting a Memory Card Important: If your device is on, before you eject the microSD card, press & local storage > Unmount external SD card. ,
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    Tap / Touch Touch and hold Drag Swipe Double-tap Select an item Start an application Enter characters using the onscreen keyboard. "Lift" an item from the screen panels so that you can drag it somewhere else. Shows the context menu for certain items. Shows the context menu when you touch and hold
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    To show or hide the Application screen, tap or . To start an application, tap the application's icon. Function Buttons Home Press to return to the Home panel at any time. Press and hold to display recently opened applications. Menu Press to display the available menu for the current screen. Press
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    Wi-Fi feature is enabled Bluetooth wireless feature is enabled New e-mail message Connected via USB Cable Music is playing More notifications not displayed Upcoming event Uploading data Downloading data New notifications Finished downloading Memory card is full Connected to a VPN Disconnected from
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    example, touch and hold an empty area on the panels, and a context menu pops up. Note that not all items have context menus. Back to top Customizing the Panels Changing the Wallpaper 1. 2. 3. 4. Press to make sure you are on the Home panel. Press . Tap Wallpaper and select the wallpaper location.
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    appears at the bottom of the screen. Note: This procedure refers to removing items from the customizable panels only. To uninstall an application from your ZiiO, see Installing More Applications . Back to top Customizing the Quick Launch Bar You can customize the Quick Launch bar so that it
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    Note: Alternatively, you can access the Bluetooth wireless settings from the Settings menu. Refer toTurning On/Off the Bluetooth Wireless Feature. About X-Fi X-Fi (Xtreme Fidelity) is a new audio standard from Creative that enhances your music and movies. ZiiO's X-Fi enhancement consists of 2
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    and then proceed to safely disconnect the ZiiO disk drive. 6. Disconnect ZiiO from the USB port. 7. On ZiiO, start ZiiAcademy. 8. Tap followed by Import Books. The newly copied books are then added to ZiiAcademy's library. 9. Deleting an E-Book 1. Go to ZiiAcademy’s main window. 2. If you are in
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    1. Connect your device to your computer. Refer to the Connecting to a Computer instructions 2. Select media files from your computer, and copy the files to the ZiiO's internal memory or microSD card. You can organize your media files in any folder that you prefer. 3. When you are done, click the
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    Back to top Settings Accessing the Settings Screen You can enable/disable features and personalize your ZiiO from the Settings screen, which contains several menu items that are mostly typical of Android. 1. Press , followed by 2. Tap Settings. . Back to top Changing the Screen and Keyboard
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    Turning On/Off the Bluetooth® Wireless Feature 1. Press , followed by . 2. Tap Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings. 3. Tap Bluetooth to turn on/off the Bluetooth wireless feature. You will see on Status bar when this feature is on. Back to top More About Your Device 1. Press ,
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