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    GB RU OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS РУКОВОДСТВО ПО ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИИ Dear customer! Thank you for purchasing the appliance from our new range of gas cookers. The following information will help you understand the features of the appliance and use it safely. We hope the appliance will serve you
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    input. • Never use naked light to detect gas leakage! • If you detect any defects on the gas installation of the appliance, never attempt to repair it by yourself. Switch the appliance off, cut the gas supply and call authorized personnel to make the repair. • If you plan an absence exceeding 3
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    Different models are equipped with different accessories. Any additional accessories (grids, baking trays, grill pans, adjustable feet) are available in authorized shops or our service outlets. Различные модели имеют разлчные принадлежности. Другие принадлежности (противень, решётка, принадлежност
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    The manufacturer declines responsibility for any injuries to persons or damages to the appliance resulting from improper usage of the appliance. OPERATION CAUTION: • The appliance is not a toy and may be operated only by adult persons in accordance with these instructions. Do not leave small
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    appears to allow the flame sensor scanner to heat up. Release the knob and check whether the burner is on. If the flame dies after releasing the knob, repeat the ignition procedure. After that set the knob to the desired position. термоэлектрическое напряжение, которое придержит магнит
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    INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE GLASS LID ATTENTION! Glass lid may crack if it is heated. Before closing the lid switch off all burners. To avoid damage to the glass lid follow these instructions: • Do not operate hob burners when the lid is closed. • Do not use closed lid as worktop or storage area. •
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    IGNITION OF THE OVEN BURNER • Open the oven door. • Set the oven temperature selector knob to the position “8" and press it slightly towards the panel to a limit position. At the same time approach the match to the burner in the oven bottom opening. • After firing the burner hold the knob pressed
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    BAKING / ROASTING FOOD ВЫПЕЧКА Preheat the oven for a period of 10 - 15 min before putting yeast dough to bake. Перед тем, как начать выпекать, при необходимости, прогрейте духовку в течение 10-15 минут. Ручку термостата установите в положение 8. При необходимости, через определённое время выпечки
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    GRILL ГРИЛЬ GRILL BURNER OPERATION ЗАЖИГАНИЕ ГОРЕЛКИ ГРИЛЯ IMPORTANT: ВНИМАНИЕ! If the burner is not on after 10 seconds, open the oven door and wait for 5 minutes before the next try. Если же через 10 секунд газ не загорится, то перед следующей попыткой подождите 5 минут, оставив дверцу духовки
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    GRILLING WITH ROASTING SPIT ГРИЛЬ НА ПОВОРОТНОМ ВЕРТЕЛЕ Roasting spit set consists of : 1. Spit support - 1 pcs 2. Handle - 1 pcs 3. Fixing forks - 2 pcs 4. Roasting spit - 1 pcs Комплект принадлежностей поворотного вертела состоит из следующих частей: 1. подставка для вертела - 1 шт. 2. рукоятка -
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    TELESCOPIC RAILS ТЕЛЕСКОПИЧЕСКИХ НАПРАВЛЯЮЩИХ CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE УХОД ЗА ПЛИТОЙ Before attempting any cleaning or maintenance set all gas control knobs and temperature selectors to “OFF” position and let the cooker cool down completely. При любой манипуляции с плитой, помимо повседневного
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    NOTICE: Since the burner distributor caps are made of aluminum alloy, we discourage you from cleaning them in a washing machine. ПРЕДУПРЕЖДАЕМ , что рассекатели пламени изготовлены из алюминиевого сплава, и поэтому не рекомендуем их мыть в моечной машине. OVEN ОЧИСТКА ДУХОВКИ BULB REPLACEMENT
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    WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS РЕКЛАМАЦИЯ In case of any defects to the appliance during the warranty period, do not attempt to repair it by yourself. Make a claim to the nearest authorized dealer or place of purchase, and make sure you can produce the endorsed Certificate of Warranty. In the
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    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND SETTINGS РУКОВОДСТВО ПО МОНТАЖУ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКОМУ ОБСЛУЖИВАНИЮ The appliance must be installed in accordance with valid local regulations, and shall be placed only in well vented spaces. Плита должна быть установлена и подключена в соответствии с нормами и правилами,
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    • When placing the cooker against the walls with combustibility degrees: B - low combustibility, C1 - minimum, C2 - medium, and C3 - easily combustible, maintain safe distances from the appliance to the wall. • If the back wall is incombustible (Class A) no gap is required. • The cooker may be set
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    1 - Connection ending 2 - Knee 3 - Connection hose (connection from the right) 4 - Connection hose (connection from the left) 5 - Fixing clamp 6 - Back cover of the cooker 1 - наконечник подвода газа 2 – колено 3 - шланг газовый (подвод с правой стороны) 4 - шланг газовый (подвод с левой стороны) 5
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    OVEN BURNER SETTINGS PRIMARY AIR ADJUSTMENT To access the primary air adjusting screw (5), open or remove oven door and remove oven bottom (2). By unscrewing the adjusting screw the quantity of primary air is increase, by tightening it is reduced. The air/gas mixture is correct when the flame has
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    Flame sensor position 1 – Flame sensor 2 – Electrode 3 - Grill Расположение датчика предохранителя пламени 1 – датчик предохранителя пламени 2 - электрода 3 – грил GRILL BURNER SETTINGS РЕГУЛИРОВКА ГОРЕЛКИ ГРИЛЯ PRIMARY AIR ADJUSTMENT РЕГУЛИРОВКА КОЛИЧЕСТВА ПОДСАСЫВАЕМОГО ВОЗДУХА To access the
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    CONNECTION TO THE MAINS POWER ЭЛЕКТРОПОДКЛЮЧЕНИЕ ПЛИТЫ The appliance is fitted with power cord plug for connection to the mains. Power socket to which the appliance is connected must be accessible at all times. Faulty power cord must be immediately replaced with a new one. Электроподключение плиты
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    NOTICE The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes in these instructions for use resulting from technological changes which have no impact on the functioning of the appliance. ЗАМЕЧАНИЕ : Производитель оставляет за собой право небольших изменений инструкции, исходящих из инновационных
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    ACCESSORIESG TO ORDER cover - lid Burner Горелка RU 21 ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ПРИНАДЛЕЖНОСТИ -254190 – white – metal - painted -254702 – glass Small Малая Natural gas / Природный газ G 20 – 1,3 кПа 0,83 Nozzle diameter Дiаметр форсунки (мм) Adjustment „X“ Установкака „X“ (мм) Natural gas / Природный газ G
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    GB RU Technical data Gas cooker Технические данные Плита газовая Dimensions: height / width / depth (mm) Размеры плиты: высота / ширина / глубина (мм) Burner power Горелки input Left front (kW) Left rear (kW) Right rear (kW) Right front (kW) Oven Oven burner (kW) Grill burner (kW) Oven light (W)
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    Total power input – gas (kW) Total power input – electric (W) Gas type Gas connection standard Class / Category Мощность – газ (кВт) Мощность электрическaя (Вт) Вид и давление газа Подключение газа Категория 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,5 10,5 31 27 27 27 27 27 31 Natural gas / природный газG 20 –
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