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    GB RU OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS РУКОВОДСТВО ПО ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИИ Dear customer! Thank you for purchasing the appliance from our new range of gas cookers. The following information will help you understand the features of the appliance and use it safely. We hope the appliance will serve you
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    input. • Never use naked light to detect gas leakage! • If you detect any defects on the gas installation of the appliance, never attempt to repair it by yourself. Switch the appliance off, cut the gas supply and call authorized personnel to make the repair. • If you plan an absence exceeding 3
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    Different models are equipped with different accessories. Any additional accessories (grids, baking trays, grill pans, adjustable feet) are available in authorized shops or our service outlets. Различные модели имеют разлчные принадлежности. Другие принадлежности (противень, решётка, принадлежност
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    OPERATION OБСЛУЖИВАНИЕ ПЛИТЫ CAUTION: ПРЕДУПРЕЖДАЕМ! • The appliance is not a toy and may be operated only by adult persons in accordance with these instructions. Do not leave small children without supervision in a room where the appliance is installed. • Gas cooker is an appliance whose operation
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    COOKING ВАРКА • Use low and wide cookware for preparing food on gas burners. Make sure the burner flames heat the dish bottom and do not go beyond its rim. • The appliance is fitted with different size burners. For optimum (economical) consumption of gas use the recommended cookware bottom
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    OVEN OPERATION ПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ ДУХОВКОЙ The gas supply to the oven burner is controlled by a tap protected with a thermoelectric flame sensor. The power input of the oven burner as well as the temperature of the oven space can be controlled by setting the knob to the positions „MAXIMUM POWER“ and
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    LIGHTING THE BURNERS WITH FFD HIGH VOLTAGE IGNITION KNOB ЗАЖИГАНИЕ ГОРЕЛКИ ДУХОВКИ C ПОМОЩЬЮ ЭЛЕКТРОРОЗЖИГА Press the appropriate oven burner control knob slightly towards the appliance and turn it anti-clockwise to the „MAXIMUM POWER“ position. Now use another hand and press the knob high voltage
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    TEMPERATURE INDIKATOR ИНДИКАТОР ТЕМПЕРАТУРЫ The cooker is equipped with oven temperature indicator (°C). Temperature is only informative. Соответствие температуры внутри духовки показаниям индикатора (в °C) изображено на рисунке. Температура только информативная . CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE УХОД ЗА
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    • Wash the oven utensils with a sponge and detergent or put them in the dishwasher (grid, pan, etc.). You can also use special detergents to remove rough stains or burns. • После очистки стенки духовки тщательно вытрите. • Никогда не используйте абразивные чистящие средства, которыми можно
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    WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS РЕКЛАМАЦИЯ In case of any defects to the appliance during the warranty period, do not attempt to repair it by yourself. Make a claim to the nearest authorized dealer or place of purchase, and make sure you can produce the endorsed Certificate of Warranty. In the
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    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS AND SETTINGS РУКОВОДСТВО ПО МОНТАЖУ И ТЕХНИЧЕСКОМУ ОБСЛУЖИВАНИЮ The appliance must be installed in accordance with valid local regulations, and shall be placed only in well vented spaces. Плита должна быть установлена и подключена в соответствии с нормами и правилами,
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    under the condition that the furniture wall is made of or covered with heat-resistant material (e.g. aluminum foil) securing a heat resistance of 100° C for the box (a portion of the range under the hob). CONNECTION TO GAS SUPPLY • Плита может быть установлена вплотную к стенам со степенью
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    IMPORTANT PRECAUTION: ВНИМАНИЕ! In case of left side connection (seen from the front) the hose must be connected by means of a clamp fixed in the back cover opening. You will find the fixing clamp in the accessory kit. При подводе газа шланг нужно обязательно прочно закрепить крепёжной пряжкой,
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    ADJUSTMENT OF OVEN BURNER MINIMUM POWER On completion of this operation, proceed as follows: Remove the oven bottom. Oven control knob Lift off the oven control knob. For propane/butane fully tighten screw G and for natural gas unscrew screw G by a ½ or ¾ turn for natural gas Oven temperature
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    CONVERSION TO ANOTHER TYPE OF GAS ПЕРЕНАЛАДКА ПЛИТЫ НА ДРУГОЙ ВИД ГАЗА Conversion of cooker to another type of gas can be performed only by qualified technician. Adhere to the following procedure: • Change nozzles of all hob burners. • Adjust or change gas pressure regulator if installed. • Adjust
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    NOTICE The manufacturer reserves the right to make minor changes in these instructions for use resulting from technological changes which have no impact on the functioning of the appliance. ACCESSORIES Wire self Backing try Grill pan Grill accessories Vzpour catch Set of adjustable feets Nozzles
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    ACCESSORIESG TO ORDER - FOR MODEL 51101 I cover - lid Burner Конфорка GB RU BY ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНЫЕ ПРИНАДЛЕЖНОСТИ - ДЛЯ МОДЕЛИ G 51101 I -254190 – white – metal - painted -254702 – glass крышка - 254190 – белый – металла- окрашенный -254702 – белый – стекло Small Малая Medium Cредняя Rapid Большая Oven
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    GB RU / BY TECHNICAL DATA ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ ДАННЫЕ GAS COOKER ПЛИТА ГАЗОВАЯ Dimensions: height / width / depth Размеры плиты: высота / ширина / глубина Burner input power Горелки Left front (kW) Left rear (kW) Right rear (kW) Right front (kW) левая передняя (малая) (кВт) левая задняя (средняя) (кВт)
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