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Operating Instructions

Blu-ray Disc


Model No. 



Dear customer

Thank you for purchasing this product.
For optimum performance and safety, please read these instructions carefully.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. 
Please keep this manual for future reference.

Model number suffix “EB” denotes UK model

Region management information

This unit plays BD-Video marked with labels containing the 
region code “B”.

This unit plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the 
region number “2” or “ALL”.









The illustration shows the image of DMP-BDT310.

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Оглавление инструкции
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 1 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Operating Instructions Blu-ray Disc™ Player Model No. DMP-BDT310 DMP-BDT210 DMP-BDT110 The illustration shows the image of DMP-BDT310. Dear customer Thank you for purchasing this product. For optimum performance and safety, please read
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 2 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Features Table of contents ∫ 3D video playback ( 21) You can enjoy powerful videos with realistic sensations by connecting this unit with a High Speed HDMI Cable to a 3D compatible TV. ∫ Wireless connection ( 11, 13) DMP-BDT310, DMP-BDT210
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    3 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 AC mains lead ≥ To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or product damage, – Ensure that the power supply voltage corresponds to the voltage printed on this unit. – Insert the mains plug fully into the socket outlet. – Do not pull, bend, or place heavy items on the
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 4 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Accessories Unit and media care Check the supplied accessories before using this unit. ∫ Clean this unit with a soft, dry cloth 1 ≥ Never use alcohol, paint thinner or benzine to clean this unit. ≥ Before using chemically treated cloth,
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 5 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 1 2 Turn the unit on and off TV operation buttons ( 16) You can operate the TV through the unit’s remote control. [Í TV] : Turn the television on and off [AV] : Switch the input select [i j VOL] : Adjust the volume 3 Select title numbers,
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 6 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Playable discs/Cards/USB devices Device Disc markings Device types BD-Video BD-RE BD Contents format* Video Video JPEG/ MPO (3D still picture) BD-R Video DivX® MKV DVD-Video Video DVD-R DVD DVD-R DL DVD-RW — — Video AVCHD +R/+RW/+R DL Music
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    7 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 ∫ Discs that cannot be played by this unit ≥ DVD-RAM ≥ Super Audio CD ≥ Photo CD ≥ DVD-Audio ≥ Video CD and Super Video CD ≥ WMA discs ≥ DivX Plus HD discs ≥ HD DVD ∫ Region management information BD-Video This unit plays BD-Video marked with labels containing the
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 8 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 STEP 1 : Connecting to a TV Connections and settings ≥ Do not place the unit on amplifiers/receivers or equipment that may become hot. The heat can damage the unit. ≥ Before making any connections we suggest you temporarily disconnect all
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 9 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 STEP 2 : Connecting to an amplifier/receiver – [BDT310] : Use HDMI AV OUT MAIN terminal. – It is possible to playback 3D videos and 3D still pictures when the connected TV and amplifier/ receiver are 3D compatible. ∫ [BDT310] : Via an HDMI
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 10 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 ∫ Via an OPTICAL terminal Amplifier/receiver OPTICAL IN Optical cable OUT MAIN AV OUT SUB ≥ When connecting a TV ( 8) with HDMI AV OUT terminal, set “HDMI Audio Output” to “Off” ( 33). ≥ Set “Digital Audio Output” depending on the used
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 11 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 STEP 3 : Connecting to a broadband network The following services can be used when this unit is connected to broadband. – Firmware can be updated ( 15) – You can enjoy BD-Live ( 19) – You can enjoy VIERA CAST ( 24) – You can access other
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 12 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Precautions of Wireless LAN connection The following limits are in place regarding the usage of this unit or Wireless LAN adaptor. You must be aware of these limits before using these devices. Panasonic will in no way be responsible for
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    13 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 STEP 5 : Settings Easy Setting After connecting your new player for the first time and pressing [Í], a screen for the basic settings will appear. Preparation Turn on the television and select the appropriate video input on the television. 1 Press [Í]. Setup screen
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 14 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Search for wireless network: ≥ When you select “Search for wireless network”, the available wireless networks will be displayed. Select your network name and press [OK]. – If your network name is not displayed search again by pressing the
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    15 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 ≥ Refer to the operating instructions of the hub or router. ≥ You can perform this setup anytime by selecting “Network Easy Setting” in the Setup menu. ( 33) ≥ You can redo these settings individually using “Network Settings”. ( 33) ≥ Do not use this unit or Wireless
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 16 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 STEP 6 : Reprogramming the remote control Inserting or removing media Playback For other Panasonic products CALL If you have more than one Panasonic player/recorder and the remote control operates both products at once, you will need to
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    17 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 HOME menu Playing video contents Major functions of this unit can be operated from the HOME menu. BD DVD CD 1 Preparation USB Insert the media. When the contents menu is displayed, press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the item. Turn on the television and select the appropriate
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 18 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Other operations during play These functions may not work depending on the media and contents. Stop Press [∫STOP]. The stopped position is memorized. Resume play function Press [1PLAY] to restart from this position. ≥ The position is
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 19 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Enjoying BD-Live or picture-in-picture in BD-Video Enjoying BD-Live discs with Internet Playing picture-in-picture To turn on/off secondary video Press [PIP]. Secondary video BD-Live allows you to enjoy more functions such as subtitles,
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 20 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Regarding DivX ABOUT DIVX VIDEO: DivX® is a digital video format created by DivX, Inc. This is an official DivX Certified® device that plays DivX video. Visit divx.com for more information and software tools to convert your files into DivX
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    21 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Enjoying 3D video You can enjoy powerful 3D videos with realistic sensations by connecting this unit with a High Speed HDMI Cable to a 3D compatible TV. Useful functions 1 While playing Press [ 2 ]. Select an item, then press [OK]. Original When playing back a disc
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 22 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Playing still pictures BD DVD CD SD USB Useful functions (BD-RE, DVD-R/-R DL, CD-R/RW, SD Card, USB device) 1 2 In order to play back 3D still pictures (MPO), this unit should be connected to a Full HD 3D compatible TV via an HDMI
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 23 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Playing music DVD CD USB (DVD-R/-R DL, music CD, CD-R/RW, USB device) 1 Insert the media. When the contents menu is displayed, press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the item. ( 17) 2 Press [3, 4] to select the track and press [OK]. Music list
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 24 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Enjoying VIERA CAST You can access a selection of Internet services from the Home screen with VIERA CAST, for example YouTube, Picasa Web Albums. (Current as of December 2010) Preparation ≥ Network connection ( 11) ≥ Network setting ( 13)
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 25 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Playing contents saved on other equipment Playing back contents on the DLNA server (DLNA) You can enjoy viewing a content saved on other equipment (Windows 7 operating system, smartphone, etc.) connected to the home network with this unit.
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 6 26 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Press [3, 4, 2, 1] to select the item to playback (folder), and press [OK]. ≥ You may be able to use convenient functions depending on the disc or content by pressing [OPTION] or [DISPLAY]. ≥ Control Panel is displayed once the playback
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    27 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Linked operations with the TV (VIERA Link “HDAVI Control ”) ™ What is VIERA Link “HDAVI Control”? VIERA Link “HDAVI Control” is a convenient function that offers linked operations of this unit, and a Panasonic TV (VIERA) or other device under “HDAVI Control”. You can
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 28 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Playback menu Settings 1 Disc Signal Type Press [DISPLAY]. Disc Play Picture Sound Menus Primary Video Signal Type Subtitle Subtitle Style Items Off - Main 1ENG Angle Video The recording method of original video appears. Soundtrack Select
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 29 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Progressive Play Select the method of conversion for progressive output to suit the type of material being played. Repeat Play (Only when the elapsed time is being displayed on the unit’s display.) Select the item which you want to repeat.
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 30 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Setup menu Change the unit’s settings if necessary. The settings remain intact even if you switch the unit to standby. 1 2 3 Disc DVD-Video Ratings Press [OK] to select “Setup”. Set a ratings level to limit DVD-Video play. ≥ Follow the
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 31 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Picture Still Mode Select the type of picture shown when you pause playback. Automatic Automatically selects the type of picture shown. Field Select if jittering occurs when “Automatic” is selected. Frame Select if small text or fine
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 32 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Display On-Screen Messages Choose whether to show status messages automatically. On-Screen Language Choose the language for menus and on-screen messages. TV Aspect Set to match the type of television connected. When connected to a 4:3
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 33 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 HDMI Audio Output IP Address / DNS Settings This setting selects whether or not to output audio from HDMI. ≥ Select “Off” when the TV is connected to this unit via an HDMI terminal, and this unit is also connected to other devices, such as
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 34 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Remote Device Settings ( 26) Press [OK] to show the following settings: Others Remote Device Operation Enable to operate by DMC. ≥ If “On” is selected, “Quick Start” is fixed to “On”. Remote Control Device Name Entry Set the name of this
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    35 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Before requesting service, please perform the following checks. If the problem remains unresolved, consult your dealer for instructions. Do you have the latest firmware installed? Firmware updates may be released to correct operating irregularities that are discovered
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 36 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Picture The images from this unit do not appear on the television. Picture is distorted. An incorrect resolution is selected in “HDMI Video Format”. Reset the setting as follows: 1 While the unit is on, press and hold [OK], the yellow
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    37 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Playback Network I can’t connect to the network. Disc cannot be played. The disc is dirty. ( 4) Check the region code. ( 7) Still pictures (JPEG) do not playback normally. The images that were edited on the PC, such as Progressive JPEG, etc., may not playback. I can’t
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 38 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Messages The following messages or service numbers appear on the television or unit’s display when something unusual is detected during startup and use. On the television Cannot play. You inserted an incompatible disc. Cannot play on this
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    39 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Specifications Signal system: Operating temperature range: File format PAL/NTSC File format i5 oC to i35 oC Operating humidity range: 10 % to 80 % RH (no condensation) Video output: 1.0 Vp-p (75 ≠)/Pin jack:1 system Audio output: 2 Vrms (1 kHz, 0 dB)/Pin jack Number of
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 41 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. DLNA, the DLNA Logo and DLNA CERTIFIED are trademarks, service marks, or certification
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 42 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Hereby, “Panasonic Corporation” declares that this product is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. Customers can download a copy of the original
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 43 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Information for Users on Collection and Disposal of Old Equipment and used Batteries These symbols on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents mean that used electrical and electronic products and batteries should not be
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    DMP-BDT310_110EB-VQT3B75.book 44 ページ 2011年2月21日 月曜日 午後5時17分 Sales and Support Information Customer Care Centre ≥ For customers within the UK: 0844 844 3852 ≥ For customers within Ireland: 01 289 8333 ≥ Visit our website for product information www.panasonic.co.uk ≥ E-mail:
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