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The Illuminator midranges and midwoofers are in every aspect unusual designs with 
the open construction, the extremely long linear excursion and patented under-hung 
SD-3 (Symmetrical Drive) neodymium motor system, which due to copper caps and its 
construction ensures very low distortion, adding the unique patented cones, low-loss 
linear suspension the result is: “The Very Best Money Can Buy”!











 Under-Hung Neodymium Motor Design 



 Patented Sandwich Paper Cone 



 Low-Loss linear suspension 






 Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-3) 



 Exceptionally Long Linear Excursion 



 Patented Design 







 IEC specs. refer to IEC 60268-5 third edition. 
 All Scan-Speak products are RoHS compliant. 
 Data are subject to change without notice. 
 Datasheet updated: February 22, 2011.


T-S Parameters


Resonance frequency [fs]

31 Hz 

Mechanical Q factor [Qms]


Electrical Q factor [Qes]


Total Q factor [Qts]


Force factor [Bl]

7.5 Tm 

Mechanical resistance [Rms]

1.00 kg/s 

Moving mass [Mms]

18 g 

Suspension compliance [Cms]

1.46 mm/N 

Effective diaph. diameter [D]

140 mm 

Effective piston area [Sd]

154 cm² 

Equivalent volume [Vas]

48.6 l 

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)

85.4 dB 

Ratio Bl/√Re

3.09 N/√W 

Ratio fs/Qts

93 Hz 




Electrical Data


Nominal impedance [Zn]

8 Ω 

Minimum impedance [Zmin]

7.5 Ω 

Maximum impedance [Zo]

61.9 Ω 

DC resistance [Re]

5.9 Ω 

Voice coil inductance [Le]

0.41 mH 

Power Handling


100h RMS noise test (IEC 17.1)

80 W 

Long-term max power (IEC 17.3)

150 W 

Voice Coil and Magnet Data


Voice coil diameter

42 mm 

Voice coil height

8 mm 

Voice coil layers

Height of gap

20 mm 

Linear excursion

± 9 mm 

Max mech. excursion

± 16 mm 

Unit weight

1.7 kg 


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    MIDWOOFER 18WU/8741T00 The Illuminator midranges and midwoofers are in every aspect unusual designs with the open construction, the extremely long linear excursion and patented under-hung SD-3 (Symmetrical Drive) neodymium motor system, which due to copper caps and its construction ensures very low
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    MIDWOOFER 18WU/8741T00 Advanced Parameters (Preliminary) Electrical data: Resistance [Re'] Free inductance [Leb] Mechanical Data 6.14 Ω 0.0790 mH Bound inductance [Le] 2.81 mH Semi-inductance [Ke] 0.122 SH Shunt resistance [Rss] 6.40 Ω Force Factor [Bl] Moving mass [Mms] Compliance [Cms] Mechanical
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