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    EN USER’S GUIDE CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACTS Suunto Oy Suunto USA Canada European Call Center Phone +358 9 875870 Fax +358 9 87587301 Phone 1 (800) 543-9124 Phone 1 (800) 267-7506 Phone +358 2 284 11 60 Suunto Website www.suunto.com 
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    Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 Introduction............................................................ 6 1.1 General Information............................................................................................................................6 1.2 Main Functions
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    2.6 Stopwatch Sub Mode..........................................................................................................................17 2.6.1 How to Use the Stopwatch ........................................................................................................17 2.7 Interval
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    5.2 4-Day memory Sub Mode.....................................................................................................................37 . 5.3 Sea Level Pressure Sub Mode.........................................................................................................38 5.3.1 Setting
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    7.4.5 What is the maximum capacity of total vertical ascent or descent feet/meters in the logbook history? .........................................................................................46 7.4.6 If hiking from a level of 5,000 ft down hill to 3,000 ft and then back up to 8,000 feet, how
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    CHAPTER 1 Introduction 1.1 General Information The Wristop Computer is a reliable high precision electronic instrument, intended for recreational use. The outdoor enthusiast who enjoys venturing out into sports like skiing, kayaking, mountain climbing, hiking and biking can rely on the Vector HR’s
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    1.3 Button Functions Four buttons are used to operate the Wristop Computer: [Mode], [+] (ON/OFF), [-] (Fast Cumulative), and [Select]. 1.3.1 The [Mode] Button Is located on the top right of the Wristop Computer. • In the main mode level, pressing the [Mode] button allows the user to select or move
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    1.3.4 The [Select] Button Is located on the top left of the Wristop Computer. • In the main mode level, pressing the [Select] button allows the user to enter into the sub modes of the particular function or return to the main mode the user is in. • In the main mode or sub mode, pressing and holding
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    1.5 Measurements and Units The Wristop Computer supplies two units of measure: metric or imperial. Metric Unit of Measure Imperial Unit of Measure m ft m/min ft/min o C mbar o F InHg 
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    1.5.1 Selecting the Units of Measurement To change the units of measure displayed: 1. Check the mode indicator. If the mode arrow is not on TIME, PRESS the [Mode] button until the arrow is directly below TIME. 2. PRESS the [Mode] and [Select] buttons simultaneously and hold for 3 seconds. Field 1
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    1.6 Pressure Sensor Calibration WARNING: This is a FACTORY CALIBRATION SETTING. Do not enter this mode. If you enter this mode in error, exit immediately by pressing the [MODE] button to return to the “UNI” setting mode. Normally there is no need to alter the calibration. If the Pressure Setting
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    6. place the new cell into the battery compartment (negative side down, positive side up); 7. ensure that the O-ring is in place to keep the Wristop Computer waterproof and place the battery compartment cover back onto the backside of the Wristop Computer; 8. insert a coin back into the coin slot;
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    CHAPTER 2 Heart Rate Monitor 2.1 SUUNTO Wristop Computer AND TRANSMITTER IN A WATER ENVIRONMENT Suunto Wristop Computer is water proof to a depth of 30m/100ft. To maintain the water resistance, it is strongly recommended to have all service done by authorised Suunto service personnel. Heart rate
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    2.3 Activating the Heart Rate Monitor 1. Adjust the strap length to fit snugly and comfortably. Secure the strap around your chest, below the chest muscles. Lock the buckle. 2. Raise the transmitter a little off your chest and wet the grooved electrode areas on the back of it. It is important that
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    2.4 warnings • Persons who have a pacemaker, defibrillator or other implanted electronic device use the Heart Rate Monitor at their own risk. Before starting the initial use of the Heart Rate Monitor, we highly recommend an exercise test under a doctor’s supervision. This will ensure the safety and
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    In the HRM mode (Fig. 2): • Field 1 displays the text “HR” (HR = heart rate). • Field 2 displays the current heart rate. • Field 3 displays the current time. Note: In order to activate this feature, the transmitter belt must be worn around the chest area. The middle row will show zero until there
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    Limits “On” means that the Wristop Computer will audibly alert the user that a chosen upper or lower limit has been exceeded. Limits “OFF” means that the Wristop Computer will not alert the user, but the limits will however be used to calculate time spent in, above and below the target heart rate
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    2. PRESS the [-] button to reset the stopwatch to zero once the stopwatch has stopped. In the split time mode: 1. PRESS the [+] button to start the stopwatch. 2. PRESS the [-] button once to stop the stopwatch and to display a split time. This split time and the momentaneous heart rate reading will
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    2.7 Interval Countdown Timer SUB Mode In the HRM mode, PRESS the [Select] button twice to enter this sub mode. In the interval countdown timer mode (Fig. 5): • Field 1 displays the seconds, • Field 2 displays the current heart rate, and • Field 3 displays the hour and minutes with the text “timer”
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    5. At the minutes desired, PRESS the [Select] button to move to the next setting. Located in the center of Field 3, the hour will begin to flash. 6. PRESS the [+] button to scroll the hour upward or PRESS the [-] button to scroll the hour downward. 7. At the hour value desired, PRESS the [Select]
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    2.7.2 How to Start the Countdown Timer During the training interval, the set heart rate limits are in use and the heart rate information is calculated and stored in the HRM memory. When the time has been counted down, a beep is heard, and simultaneously a new interval will begin. If the recovery
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    2. In the second display (duration of the event) (Fig. 9): • Field 1 displays the seconds of training time; • Field 2 displays the hours and minutes of the training time; and • Field 3 displays the text “dUr” (dUr = duration of the event). 3. In the third display (duration of the training
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    Note: The HRM memory is for one event only. This feature is automatically activated when starting the stopwatch or countdown timer and will cause the previous event’s information to be erased. To view the split times and heart rate readings stored in the memory when using the stopwatch, hold the
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    3.1 How to Set the Time To set the Time: 1. PRESS the [Select] button and hold in for 2 seconds. Located in Field 3, the seconds will begin to flash (Fig. 17). 2. PRESS the [+] button to scroll the seconds upward or PRESS the [-] button to reset the seconds to zero. 3. At the seconds desired, PRESS
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    15. At the desired day, PRESS the [Mode] button to accept the changes and return to the main mode. Note: If the user does not press any button for 1 minute in the setup mode, the display will automatically exit setup. Setting the time is now complete. 3.2 Daily Alarm SUB Mode The Daily Alarm sub
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    3.3 Dual time SUB Mode The Dual Time sub mode allows you to set the watch to display a time other than the main one. In the TIME mode, PRESS the [Select] button twice to enter this sub mode. In the dual time mode (Fig. 20): • Field 1 displays “dUA” indicating “dual time”, • Field 2 displays the
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    CHAPTER 4 Altimeter Mode The Suunto Wristop Computer Altimeter function provides the user with: • an adjustable unit of measure either meter or feet: meter ranging from -500 to 9,000; ft ranging -1,600 to 29,500; • a resolution of 5m or 10ft; • a display update on the rate of vertical movement in
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    Details regarding the effect of air temperature on altitude measurement are shown on page 51 of this guide. If the Altitude is not known, the user can set the SEA LEVEL PRESSURE in the Barometer mode (refer to page 40, Setting the Sea Level Pressure). SETTING THE SEA LEVEL PRESSURE WILL ADJUST THE
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    Recommended interval to use: ACTIVITY INTERVAL Skiing 20 sec or 1 minute Biking 20 sec or 1 minute Hiking 10 minute Mountaineering 10 minute or 60 minute Note: In selecting the interval, the user chooses a) the time period for recording the altitude, the vertical ascent/descent rate as well as the
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    Note: A 10 minute recording interval means that the Wristop Computer records data every 10 minutes. 4.2 Altitude difference Measurement SUB Mode In the Altimeter mode, PRESS the [Select] button once to enter this sub mode. In the Altitude Difference measurement mode (Fig. 25): • Field 1 displays
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    4.3 24-hour Memory SUB Mode In the Altimeter mode, PRESS the [Select] button twice to enter this sub mode. In the 24-hour memory mode (Fig. 27): • Field 1 displays the vertical ascent or descent rate; • Field 2 displays the current altitude in increments of 5 meters or 10 feet, depending on the
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    • Field 1 displays the average vertical ascent rate during the event; • Field 2 displays the total vertical ascent ; and • Field 3 displays the text “ASC” along with the text “Log Book” to the left. The third display shows the descent information for the particular logbook that is being viewed
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    • Field 2 displays the time spent in the target HR zone; and • Field 3 displays the text “In” (In=within target zone) along with the one segment highlighted under “HRM”. The ninth display shows the time spent below the target HR zone selected (Fig. 36). • Field 1 displays the seconds; • Field 2
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    4.4.2 How to Start and Stop a Logbook In the Altimeter main mode or the difference measurement sub mode, PRESS the [+] button twice within two seconds. A beep will be heard and the flashing text “ Log Book” will appear in Field 3 to indicate the start of the recording. The recording can be stopped
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    In the fourth display (Fig. 43): • Field 1 displays the text “dSC”; • Field 2 and 3 show up to a 8 digit accumulative vertical descent since the last reset. Field 2 is activated when the value of the vertical descent is beyond the 3 digit value displayed in Field 3. 4.5.1 Clearing the Logbook
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    CHAPTER 5 Barometer Mode The Suunto Wristop Computer Barometer function provides the user with: • an adjustable unit of measure mbar or inHg; mbar range 300 to 1,100 mbar, inHg range 8.90 to 32.40; • an adjustable sea level pressure function ranging from 27.25‑30.80 inHg / 921‑1,080 mbar • a
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    Note: The absolute pressure is depending on current altitude and weather. 5.1 Pressure Difference Measurement SUB Mode The pressure difference is not referring to the sea level pressure, but to the current barometric pressure measured by the watch. In the Barometer mode, PRESS the [Select] button
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    • Field 2 displays the atmospheric pressure; and • Field 3 displays the time and to the left the text “Memory”. • The Outer Circumference graphically displays the atmospheric pressure where one full circle equals 100 mbars or 1 inHg. To view the information compiled in the 4-day memory: PRESS the
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    Note: Information on the current sea level pressure can be obtained through newspapers, local news and radio weather reports, the local airport facility or through the Internet under local weather. Note: If the user does not press any button for 1 minute in the setup mode, the display will
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    CHAPTER 6 Compass Mode The Suunto Wristop Computer compass function provides the user with: • a bearing display in degrees and cardinal or half‑cardinal point; • a North-South arrow; • a bearing tracking mode showing locked bearing, actual bearing and the difference between them; • a declination
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    6.1 Bearing Tracking SUB Mode The user can select to change from the cardinal point mode to the bearing tracking mode (Fig. 52). In the compass main mode: 1. PRESS the [Select] button and hold in for 2 seconds. Located in Field 1, “OFF” will begin to flash (Fig. 53). 2. PRESS either the [+] or the
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    6.2.1 Setting the Local Declination 1. PRESS the [Select] button and hold for 2 seconds. Located in Field 1, “OFF” will begin to flash. 2. PRESS either the [+] or the [-] button to change the declination direction in Field 1. 3. At the direction desired, PRESS the [Select] button to move to the
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    Note: During calibration, it is not necessary that all peripheral segments light up or turn off. Note: If the text “FAIL” appears in Field 2 (Fig. 60), the battery should be removed and put back in before trying to proceed with the calibration process. The removal of the battery will “reset” the
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    If you have set the compass to track a certain bearing, the segments on the circumference indicate the difference between the direction in which you want to go and your actual bearing. 7.1.4 Why do the segments on the circumference go to the left (counterclockwise)? You are in the difference
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    7.3 Time 7.3.1 Why do the segments on the circumference increase and decrease when I am in the Watch mode? The main function of the segments is related to the Compass mode, where a division into 36 segments is necessary due to the 360degree scale of a compass. In the Watch mode, the segments show
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    7.4.4 What is the duration readout? The duration readout tells you how many hours and/or minutes the event recorded into the logbook lasted. For example, if you’re hiking from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and the logbook is on during this time, the readout would show a duration of 05:00 hours. 7.4.5 What is
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    is to ALWAYS set the known reference altitude into the Wristop Computer. This is the only way to get accurate altitude readings. 7.4.7 Why does the vertical ascent/descent measurement show different readings even though I am inside and staying in the same room? The resolution of the vertical
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    7.5.4 What is temperature compensation? When the unit is temperature compensated, the altitude measurement of the unit is not affected by the temperature of the unit itself. The unit can be worn on your wrist or placed on a table – it will in either case give you the proper altitude reading
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    Altitude (m) Altitude (ft) Temperature (C) Temperature (F) Above sea level above sea level 0 0 15.0 59.0 200 656 13.7 56.7 400 1312 12.4 54.3 600 1969 11.1 52.0 800 2625 9.8 49.6 1000 3281 8.5 47.3 1200 3937 7.2 45.0 1400 4593 5.9 42.6 1600 5250 4.6 40.3 1800 5906 3.3 37.9 2000 6562 2.0 35.6 2400
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    Now the altitude measurement error caused by an abnormal temperature gradient can be approximated as follows. If the sum of the temperature offsets from the normal temperatures determined at two different altitudes is 1 ºC, the altitude difference calculated by Wristop Computer is 0.2% off the real
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    Table 3 shows an example in which the temperature offsets are negative. This time imperial units are used. The reference altitude is set at 3280 feet. At 9840 feet the altitude difference is 6560 feet and Wristop Computer shows 100 feet too much (-14 ºF * 6560 ft * 0.0011/ºF = -100 ft). Your actual
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    9. ABBREVIATIONS dEF – default factory setting of pressure sensor, corresponds to standard (1013 mbar or 29,90 inHg) airpressure at sea level SNR – sensor (used in pressure sensor calibration) RE – reference altitude CLR – clear ASC – ascent dSC – descent AbO – above target heart rate bEL – below
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    11. CE Compliance All Suunto Wristop Computers conform within the required European Union EMC directives 89/336/TEC. 12. Limits of Liability and ISO 9001 Compliance If this product should fail due to defects in materials or workmanship, Suunto Oy will, at its sole option, repair or replace it with
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    www.suunto.com Suunto Oy 9/2009
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