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Network Media Player (NMP)


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    NMP-530 Network Media Player (NMP)
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    Copyright © ViewSonic Corporation, 2006. All rights reserved. ViewSonic and the three birds logo are registered trademarks of ViewSonic Corporation. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. E N G L I S H
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    This page is blank for dual-sided printing. E N G L I S H ii ViewSonic NMP-530
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    Contents INTRODUCTION E N G L I S H Packaged Contents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 System Requirements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 PC Requirements (for basic server) . .
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    ACTIONS Video UDP Multicast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Video RTP Multicast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Video HTTP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 E N G L I S H Video File . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    INTRODUCTION Thank you for buying the ViewSonic® Network Media Player. This section introduces you to the NMP-530. PACKAGED CONTENTS E N G L I S H Please check that all the following items are in the package: S-Video/YPbPr Adapter RS-232 Cable AC Power Adapter NMP-530 Remote Control and Two
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    REQUIREMENTS The NMP-530 requires the following: E N G L I S H SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS System requirements include a display, a network environment, and a PC with network capability. PC REQUIREMENTS (FOR BASIC SERVER) ® • Operating System: Any Windows or Linux OS capable of running a web server ® ® •
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    TWO MODES OF OPERATION STANDALONE Standalone setup allows the NMP-530 to act as an independent network device to display content on a Plasma Display Panel (PDP) or a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for digital signage or narrowcasting applications. Content can come from either the remote server or
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    FRONT VIEW E N G L I S H LED: Power Green LED: Activity BACK VIEW VIDEO AUDIO POWER-5V DC Ethernet 10/100 USB Reset HDMI* S-VIDEO/YPbPr CVBS RS232 AUDIO LEFT AUDIO RIGHT *If your monitor has a DVI input, use an HDMI-to-DVI cable. REMOTE CONTROL POWER button On/Standby 4 ViewSonic NMP-530
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    SETUP For the initial setup, you need the following: • A Router with DHCP services • A TV or Display with Composite or S-Video input for initial setup. During the setup, you can change the NMP-530 output to the final display being used. • A PC with Internet Browser 1. CONNECT TO A DISPLAY Connect
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    2. CONNECT TO A ROUTER Connect the supplied RJ-45 ethernet cable from the NMP-530 to a router with DHCP services. Refer to your router’s user guide or contact your network administrator for assistance. E N G L I S H Ethernet Cable Router 6 ViewSonic NMP-530
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    3. TURN POWER ON Connect the supplied DC Plug on the AC Power Adapter into the NMP-530. Turn the TV or the Display power on making sure that the Input is on the proper setting. Plug the AC Adapter to a wall outlet. E N G L I S H AC power (wall outlet) ViewSonic NMP-530 AC Power Adapter (supplied) 7
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    4. IP ADDRESS Wait a few seconds and the IP Address of the NMP-530 appears on the screen. Make a note of the IP information as this will be used to login to the NMP-530. E N G L I S H 5. LOGIN Open an Internet Browser, i.e., Internet Explorer on a PC in the same network. In the URL address field,
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    6. START URL Under Management click Startup. The screen shown below appears. In the Video field, enter a valid URL. Or, in the Browser field, enter a valid web page. E N G L I S H ViewSonic NMP-530 9
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    7. SET VIDEO OUTPUT OF NMP-530 By default, the video output is set to S-Video. But, you can choose any one of the following connections if you prefer, depending on the type of display input you want to use. HDMI: Connect a HDMI cable from the back of the NMP-530 to the HDMI interface on the back of
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    8. PUT BATTERIES IN REMOTE CONTROL Remove the back cover from the remote control as shown below. Put two AA batteries in the battery compartment. Be sure to match the positive end of the battery with the positive end in the compartment. Put the cover back on the remote control. E N G L I S H
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    MANAGEMENT STARTUP URLS/NETWORK CONFIGURATION E N G L I S H The Network Configuration screen allows you to select the video that appears on-screen when you boot up the NMP-530. To go to the Network Configuration screen after logging into the NMP-530, under Management click Startup. The Startup URLs
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    3. In the DHCP field of the Network Configuration screen, tap the down arrow for the pulldown menu and select Enabled to dynamically get network parameters. Make sure there are values in the IP address, Mask, Gateway, and DNS fields although DHCP assigns values to these fields automatically. If you
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    3. In the Browser Proxy field, select Enabled or Disabled from the pull-down menu. 4. In the Browser Proxy IP field, type an IP address if the Browser Proxy was Enabled. 5. In the Browser Proxy PORT field, type the port if the Browser Proxy was Enabled. E N G L I S H 6. In the Default transparency
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    VIDEO/AUDIO CONFIGURATION This screen is used to adjust the display and audio parameters. Under Management click Video/ Audio. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H 1. In the TV Mode field, click the down arrow for the pull-down menu and select one of the options. 2. Move the Brightness
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    TAS CONFIGURATION This screen works in conjunction with TAS. (TAS software can be purchased through Tivella at www.tivella.com or through an authorized Tivella dealer/reseller.) Under Management click TAS. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H 1. In the Timeout (sec) field, type the number
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    FTP SERVER Uploading content to local storage using FTP: 1. To enable FTP Server under Management click System Services. The System Services Configuration screen appears as shown on the next page. In the FTP Server field, select YES > click Apply. To save your settings on the NMP-530, under
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    SYSTEM SERVICES CONFIGURATION Configure System Services in the MIB (Management Information Base) to manage the following groups: Network, Browser, Video/Audio, TAS, and System Services. Under Management click System Services. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H 1. In the (port 6666)
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    ACTIONS This section mainly concerns video related activities. Video can be streamed and organized in Playlists. When you initiate a stream, you can see the video on your display. You can also change the Transparency of the screen or go to a specific URL on the fly. VIDEO UDP MULTICAST This screen
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    VIDEO RTP MULTICAST This screen allows you to play streams using the assorted protocols. Under Actions click Video RTP multicast. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H 1. In the IP address field, type the IP Address transmitting RTP based multicast stream (for example, 2. In the
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    VIDEO HTTP Video HTTP is used to play MPEG files residing on a web/HTTP server. The video is played once and is not looped. Under Actions click Video HTTP. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H 1. In the URL field, type the URL that corresponds to the HTTP stream that you want to appear on
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    VIDEO FILE The Video File screen allows you to play video files stored in the internal Hard Drive. Under Actions click Video File. The screen shown below appears. The video is played once and not looped. E N G L I S H Press Stop to end the video (not Pause) Press Start to start the video from the
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    VIDEO IPTV The Video IPTV screen allows you to play Split Stream files where the video and audio information being streamed is in two different addresses. This is similar to RTP multicast except the values for video and audio are entered separately. To get to the Video IPTV screen, under Actions
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    PLAYLIST Playlist is useful for playing multiple MPEG videos in succession and/or looping MPEG videos. To stream existing video Playlists on an HTTP server, under Actions click Playlist. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H TO CREATE A PLAYLIST A Playlist is a text file that can be created
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    TRANSPARENCY To change the transparency of the browser OSD (On-Screen Display) in relation to the video image in the background, under Actions click Transparency. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H 1. In the Transparency between OSD and video layer field, type a number between 0 to 255
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    GO TO URL This screen is used to display HTML-based content. Under Actions click Go to URL. The screen shown below appears. E N G L I S H 1. In the URL field, type the desired URL. 2. To redirect the browser to the URL that you entered, click Go. The web page appears on your display. NOTE: Check
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    ADMINISTRATION ADVANCED VIDEO CONFIGURATION To adjust the size and location of the video on the screen, under Administration click Advanced video. The screen shown below appears. 1. In the X of destination window, type the center point of the screen on the X axis. 2. In the Y of destination window,
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    SECURITY To change the User name and Password of the NMP-530, under Administration click Security. Current settings automatically appear in each field as shown below: default User name/Password is admin/admin. E N G L I S H 1. In the Password field, type a new password. 2. In the Repeat Password
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    SAVE CONFIGURATION To save your settings on the NMP-530, under Administration click Save Configuration. The screen shown below appears. Click Save. E N G L I S H DEFAULT SETTINGS To restore the NMP-530 back to factory settings, under Administration click Default Settings. The screen shown below
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    REBOOT To reboot the NMP-530, under Administration click Reboot. The screen shown below appears. Click Reboot. The NMP-530 reboots. E N G L I S H FIRMWARE UPGRADE To upgrade the firmware on the NMP-530, under Administration click Firmware. The screen shown below appears. Click Browse to open the
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    HELP STATUS Status refers to the log where you can track activity on a specific NMP-530. To show the Status log, under Help click Status. The screen shown below is for information only (no inputs). ViewSonic NMP-530 31 E N G L I S H
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    LICENSE To activate the license on the NMP-530, under Help click License. The License Key may appear automatically in the screen shown below (read-only). E N G L I S H ABOUT To show the current version of the product, under Help click About. The screen shown below appears (information only). 32
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    APPENDIX COMPLIANCE AND SAFETY NOTICES FCC CLASS B COMPLIANCE NOTICE (UNITED STATES) This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful
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    Canadian compliance notice English: This digital apparatus does not exceed the Canada ICES-003 Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the radio interference regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications. E N G L I S H French: Le present appareil
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    Certain components of products as stated above are exempted under the Annex of the RoHS Directives as noted below. Examples of exempted components are: 1. Mercury in compact fluorescent lamps not exceeding 5 mg per lamp and in other lamps not specifically mentioned in the Annex of RoHS Directive 2.
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     351  141  (3) :  ! 235 "#$%& 192  9 ' ViewSonic NMP-530 35 E N G L I S H
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    ACTIONS E N G L I S H ViewSonic NMP-530 37
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    CUSTOMER SUPPORT For the nearest ViewSonic service provider, see the table below or contact your reseller. You will need the product’s serial number on-hand when you call. ® Country/Region Website (may have email address also) Phone Fax United States viewsonic.com E N G L I S H Phone: 800-688-6688
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    SPECIFICATIONS Resolution Hz 60 75 60 75 60 75 60 75 60 75 60 75 640 x 480 800 x 600 E N G L I S H 1024 x 768 Resolution* 1280 x 1024 1280 x 768 1360 x 768 Screen Rotation Local Storage Connectivity Weight HDMI X X X X X X X X X CEA 480p CEA 720p CEA 1080i NTSC-M Landscape, Portrait (+90°, -90°)
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    LIMITED WARRANTY Please go to the Customer Support table in this guide for the ViewSonic website in your region to get warranty information. E N G L I S H ViewSonic NMP-530 41
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