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    The serial number of this product may be found on the bottom of the unit. You should note this serial number in the space provided below and retain this manual as a permanent record of your purchase to aid identification in the event of theft. Model No. Serial No. DD-9 Entsorgung leerer Batterien
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    Welcome Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a powerful new musical instrument capable of inspiring and fueling your musical creativity. This is not just another digital percussion instrument. The DD-9 is the result of passion, vision, and commitment from people who want you to enjoy
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    The DD-9 At a Glance LED display LED display shows, the selected Style, Volume, Percussion Set, Tempo, Sound Effect, Auto Roll, and other settings. Front View STYLE LIST 57-60 FUNK 84 BEGUINE 00-06 DANCE 36-39 16 BEAT 61-65 SWING 85 RHUMBA 06-09 HOUSE 40-43 ROCK SHUFFLE 66-67 JAZZ BALLAD 86 MAMBO
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    Setting Up Supplying Power Percussion Pads Striking two percussion pads at the same time produces simultaneous sounds according to the voices assigned to the respective pads. The DD-9 will operate on either an optional power adaptor or optional batteries. w To connect a power adaptor: 1. Connect
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    Playing the Demo Percussion Set To give you an idea of the DD-9’s sophisticated capabilities, it comes with a demonstration song. w To play back the demonstration song: 1. Press the DEMO button. DEMO The DD-9 allows you to choose from ten different Percussion Sets quickly and easily. Nine
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    Pad Assign The DD-9 contains a total of 55 high quality voices that can be assigned to each of the four percussion pads. The Custom Set pad assignment allows any combinations of the 55 voices. w To assign a voice to a percussion pad: 1. Strike the percussion pad to which you want to assign a voice.
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    Tap Start Tempo The tempo can be adjusted in 35 steps, from 40 to 280 beats per minute (bpm). The steps are shown in the LED display as values from 01 to 35. The default tempo varies according to Auto Rhythm Style. w To adjust the tempo: 1. Press the TEMPO button to enter the Tempo mode. TEMPO The
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    Auto Roll The DD-9 is equipped with three Auto Roll effects that help enhance your playing. The effects include ECHO, FLAM and ROLL. Each of these effects varies according to the selected tempo so that the initial strike starts the effect and the DD-9 keeps the beat throughout the effect’s
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    Troubleshooting Specifications In many cases, seemingly big problems or malfunctions can be remedied easily. Please check the following list before deciding that your DD-9 is broken. If the problem is not listed here or the suggested remedy is ineffective, take the DD-9 to an authorized Yamaha
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